The wife’s pregnancy and husband are happy, but when you enter the city, you can come back and come back.

The husband wants to be affectionate with his wife, but was told by his wife that she was pregnant for three months.

Husband asked her to eat sour or other things.

The wife said that she has been sour recently, and her husband is ecstatic and plays from the bed.

I kept thinking in my mouth: I have a son!After that, he trusted someone to find a private clinic,

He took his wife to check.As a result, the husband changed his face,

She even threw her wife halfway and let her go home by herself.Why is this?

The wife’s vanilla is a fruit farmer.

The two also had a cute and cute daughter Ying Yan.

One day on the market, the vanilla saw the young gardening technician stone who was looking for a job on the side of the road.

She applied for this college student with multiple certificates to go home to edit her fruit tree.

After the stone went to the orchard to investigate the situation, it was found that the fruit tree of the vanilla house has been seven or eight years.

He felt that a few trees should be cut off to increase light transmission and concentrate nutrition.

But cutting the tree will reduce yield. The loss in the next year will be less. It is normal in the future.

But three years after you want to increase production.But if it is not moved, the harvest of Apple must be reduced every year.

Is it long or short pain? The stone gave the right to decide to the master’s vanilla.

The vanilla at this time was a bit embarrassed, because this family was not the master herself,

She also needs to discuss with the Dad.But after the pillar dad knows it will reduce the production,

Resolutely disagree, because it will lose 10,000 yuan in two years.

He even doubted whether the professional level of the stone was qualified.

At night, at the dinner table, the family refused to speak.

Pillar dad had grievances in his heart, and the stone was just embarrassing and dare not squeak.

At this time, the vanilla daughter Ying Yan accidentally fell the buns on the ground, picked up the vanilla and peeled off the skin.

Pillar dad picked up these buns for eating. He was obviously insinuating vanilla and did not know how to cherish food.

It is also dissatisfied with the rectification of the orchard.

The next day, the stone did not want vanilla, and I planned to clean up my luggage.

The vanilla stopped him and decided to let him let go. As for the Dad, she came to find a way.

Vanilla calls her husband’s pillar back, and the two will join forces to persuade the old man to believe in science.

In the end, they successfully agreed to the rectification plan of the stone.

At night, Zhuzi wanted to get close to vanilla, but at this time, the vanilla told that the Zhuzi was pregnant for three months.

The pillar was excited to ask whether the vanilla wanted to eat sour or spicy, and he would buy it tomorrow.

Vanilla indicates that recently loves to eat sour.

He sat up from the bed, and kept thinking that he would have a son.

Then, he couldn’t care about the cold wind outside, and ran to his father next door in a jacket.

Excitedly shouted to the old father across the window: Vanilla is pregnant, boy?It’s a grandson who must be a boy

Under the leadership of stones, the orchard has established an environmental protection ecosystem.

Because of her baby, the pillar dad will take care of her to prevent her from working hard.

Everything is carried out in an orderly manner, but the arrival of a police car breaks the tranquility at this time.

A police officer took the pillars to the room to talk, and her heart of hermis was nervous.

When she thought that the pillar committed a criminal, the police told her that the rural couple was a daughter in accordance with the regulations.

Can’t get pregnant within six years.But they did not violate the regulations. Police officers were just coming.

It turns out that this is just a little joke opened by the police officers, and vanilla can’t help blame them.

The hanging heart finally let go.At night, the pillar also thoughtfully brought foot washing water to vanilla.

Saying vanilla is now the key protection object of this home.But the more this, the more uneasy the vanilla heart.

She proposed to go to the town hospital for examination.

You can do a B -ultrasound, you can quietly inquire about the gender of your child, and the town hospital will not say this.

But vanilla is still faintly disturbed. What if this fetus is still a daughter?

The pillar is firmly saying that there is no such thing in case of such a thing, but also let the vanilla do not say such unlucky words.

The next day, the vanilla followed the pillar to the private clinic, and it was checked quickly through the relationship.

But the doctor did not tell the results of the vanilla examination, but just called the pillar alone.

As a result, the pillar came out, and he was unhappy, even impatient.

On the road, the vanilla was also stunned from the motorcycle.

The heavy object was stuffed into the arms of the vanilla, but the vanilla had not had time to respond.

The heavy object fell to the ground,

Then, the pillar left the motorcycle directly, leaving only vanilla and secretly injured in place.

Does she understand how fast her husband’s face is so fast, isn’t the baby baby important?

Vanilla can only go home with things alone.The pillar dad came back when he saw vanilla,

It was also vaguely felt a little uneasy.

The vanilla knows that the daddy pillar has always hoped that the family can add a male Ding, in order not to disappoint him,

She lied that the hospital would not check the inspection according to regulations.Pillar Dad is also wondering,

Obviously I went to an acquaintance, how could I not check it?

He waited for the pillar to come back to explain, but the pillar did not return overnight.

The next day, the vanilla asked the stone to ask his fellow phone and address,

She was going to the county seat to buy biogas equipment, and the orchard would be transformed immediately.

Pillar Dad is still worried about the physical condition of vanilla and asked her to take care of the children in her belly.

But vanilla still left without hesitation.

At this time, the daddy decided to go to the town to find the pillar to ask clearly. He came to the song and ballroom,

The pillar explained to him the fact that the vanilla was pregnant.

The face of the Daddy was dull, and his face was disappointed.

But he still persuaded his son to go home because he did not find a good result.

Isn’t this a family who can’t live with his family?At this time, the pillar also complained that the vanilla is not capable,

His father also gave an idea at this time, saying that let Zhuzi go home to persuade the vanilla,

Let her get rid of the child in her belly and make it again.

The pillar smoked a sip of cigarettes, and felt that this idea was very good.

He followed his father back to the house.He prepared a rich dinner for the vanilla,

Apologically apologized to the vanilla with a low voice.The vanilla finally forgive him,

And promised to go to the hospital to remove the child.The next day, the two walked on the half,

Vanilla and uneasily asked the pillar. What should I do if the daughter is still pregnant next time?

The pillar did not say clearly, but just accused the vanilla of not being able to find it, and asked her,

Are you like this?Vanilla is also speechless, at which time the pillar was open to her,

He asked her to give a boy a boy, as long as she can give birth to a boy,

The vanilla is his baby, and he will definitely provide her like a bodhisattva in the future.

The vanilla can’t help but be disappointed. She questioned the pillar. If she couldn’t give birth to a boy, is it better to be a pig and dog?

No matter how much, this child is also a piece of meat on himself, so he can’t bear it.

The pillar was obviously a little impatient at this time. He asked the vanilla in anxiety and corrupted.

The vanilla sides no longer cares about him, she is too disappointed with the pillar, and her husband is so cruel.

Zhu Zizi threatened that it was impossible to pass on this day, so he left with a motorcycle.

The sad vanilla returned to the orchard, and the stone had already made the biogas.

At this time, the vanilla proposed that they drank some wine to celebrate. She took the beer and poured the stone.

The remaining half of the bottle of myself drank, but the grievances in my heart couldn’t hide it again.

Tears also burst into an eye.The Daddy’s eyes saw that his son ran away again, and he found the stone.

Want him to persuade his brother and sister -in -law.

After a few days, the stone also wanted to persuade the vanilla to be expensive.

But the vanilla is still on the air, and the pillar is not allowed to be the person.

At this time, the Daddy suddenly came and told the Cao Zhuzi.

Because he was involved in gambling in the town, he was arrested by the police and said that he would have to be released for two days.

Vanilla really hates iron and steel. Although she is qi, she still hopes that this family can last.

She followed the stone and took the money to the town to redeem people.

The backbone that can be redeemed is also squeezed vanilla, saying that this cost is given away.

It is useless to keep it by yourself, and there is no son.No accident, vanilla was furious again.

At this time, the stone could only persuade him from the pillar.

But the pillars said that if a woman wants to be respected, she has to have a boy,

Unexpectedly, stones, who had received good education, also consent this idea.

The stone recommends the pillar. If he wants to let the vanilla agrees to kill the child, he cannot hardly come.

She must respect her. Only when she is respected can she follow her own wishes.

The pillar is at this moment, and the meaning of the stone means to give the vanilla.

Only by coaxing her can she obediently obedient.

After that, Zhuzi returned home with the stone, and was scolded by his father with his head.

The pillar didn’t care, and he quickly coaxed the vanilla according to the meaning of the stone.

It’s about New Year’s Day, and the vanilla took the pillar to the hospital.

In the ward, a pair of centuries Double Thousand Gold was born, and the people around them were unable to conceal the joy.

Vanilla watched this scene and felt extremely warm and happy, and he rose along the corner of his mouth.

Instead, Chuzi pursed his mouth helplessly, and then withdrew from the ward.

The vanilla asked him what he felt, but the pillar asked her directly, did you not want to kill the child?

He couldn’t beat vanilla, and in the end he could only decide to respect the choice of vanilla and leave the child.

But turned to hide in the corner and crying.

The concept of raising male baby is already engraved in his bones. He thinks that there is no filial piety, and there is no great afterwards.

This has become his lifetime wish.

On New Year’s Day, the family was waiting for the pillar to come back, but it was dark,

He called and said he regretted it. If the vanilla did not agree to kill the child,

He won’t come back.Vanilla was also disappointed by his swing, but helpless.

Soon it was the birthday of the pillar dad, and the vanilla asked the stone to go to the city to call the pillar back.

Even if he is unwilling to face himself, his father has to come back to host his birthday!

The stone entered the city also persuaded Zhuzi to go home quickly, but the pillar refused to go back.

He wants to see, without him, how can his birthday vanilla be given to him!

After that, he bought the cake, asked the stone to go back, and then left with an excuse.

The vanilla here is busy, killing fish and chickens, and pillar dad will talk at this time. Don’t celebrate your birthday this year.

The pillar did not come back, and the vanilla was pregnant, he didn’t want vanilla too tired.

But vanilla believes that this year is 2000, a new year across the century, and this birthday must be extraordinary.

He also told the old man that he was a Chitose Shouxing crossing the century.

Pillar Dad is also very happy, saying that as long as this family can reunite, it will be harmonious.

The vanilla knows that the pillar dad is worried about the pillar, fearing that he will not come back.

Then comforted him, the pillar was just awkward with her, but not to his elderly, and he would definitely come back.

Then, the vanilla brought the festive festive ocean at home, and replaced the pillar dad into new clothes.

The rich dishes are also full of tables.Vanilla also intends to spend this birthday in the name of Yingzhang,

One is to get the old people’s likes.

In the future, it will be Yingzhang.She said she would slowly cultivate Ying’s protagonist status.

Seeing that the table on the wall moved from five o’clock to eight o’clock, the sky gradually became dark,

The stone came back with the cake, and she also covered the pillar that there was an urgent matter for the singing hall, and he returned in a while.

Pillar dad also knew that his son was gambling.

He patted the table angrily and said he didn’t wait for him. They started this birthday now.

He has to be happy.He apologized to vanilla, saying that Zhu Zi married a capable daughter -in -law,

He is in the blessing.After listening to the vanilla, the tears were full of tears, she wiped her tears,

Qiang crowded with a smile and said that the birthday will start now.As a host, he held the manuscript in his hand,

It looks like a little adult.The first item will be performed on the birthday,

The vanilla is brought to the red silk to the pillar dad on the neck.

The second item is placed by the stone.

The third item is singed by Yingzhang.

Just after the song was sung, the pillar returned, and his father would inevitably scold him.

Zhuzi did not expect that he would not come back, and this birthday would go so smoothly.

He also made a smile on her face. Although the vanilla was ignored by him, the vanilla was ignored.

But he was still happy that he could come back.

After that, the pillar also let go of his obsession and agreed to leave the child in his belly.

The orchards also started to take shape under the management of stones, and the stones have to go home.

They agreed to wait for the beginning of the spring, and he would come back to help look at the orchard.

Then, the stone left his feelings of Hexi with his mood.

This film tells that a rural woman was disgusted by her husband because she was pregnant with a girl.

Finally, through his own hard work, kindness and reasoning, change the story of other people’s thoughts.

In fact, the feudal history of thousands of years has thought that men are the master.

Although it has been open for so long, many people are for face, but for face,

I still feel that having a boy can give up the ancestor.Her son has become a obsession,

This makes the idea of equality between men and women become empty numbers.When can women get completely respected,

This is worth pondering!

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