The woman did not happen for a year of pregnancy, and the villagers said that they were immortal. After the doctor came to see, the result …


It turned out that it was just a woman who was fat.Haha, relax, below is the text.

Li Juan is a big beauty in the village and married the rich man Wang San in the village.Although Wang Laosan had money, he was irritable and was not good for Li Juan. He often scolded her.Li Juan endured the humiliation, and only hoped that she could have a child and give himself a sustenance.

A year ago, Li Juan was finally pregnant. She was very happy, thinking that it was God’s care of her.She carefully protects her belly and does not let Wang Laosan touch it.Every day she goes to the temple in the village to burn incense and worship Buddha, pray for a healthy child.

However, time passed day by day, Li Juan’s belly became bigger and bigger, but there was no sign of birth.She went to the hospital in the county for examination. The doctor said that her fetus was normal, but she didn’t know why she couldn’t come out.Li Juan felt strange and worried that he didn’t know if his child would have any problems.

People in the village also knew Li Juan’s situation, some said she was pregnant with immortal fetus, some said she was evil, and some said she was broken by Wang Laosan.Li Juan ignored their gossip, just waiting silently for their children.

One day, a major event happened in the village. The village chief’s son had a car accident, hurting heavy, and his life was hanging.The village chief was anxious to turn, and wanted to find a fortune -telling person to see the fate of his son.He heard that Li Juan was pregnant with a fairy and thought of a way.He found Li Juan and said, "Li Juan, you are a blessed person, the child in your belly must be a god. Can you help me ask the child in your belly, can my son survive?"

Li Juan was said by him, and also felt that the child in his stomach might be really a fairy.She thought that she was also a mother, and could understand the mood of the village chief, and agreed to him.She put her hand on her belly, closed her eyes, and prayed silently.After a while, she felt a slight tremor in her stomach.She opened her eyes and said to the village chief, "I feel my child is answering me. He said that your son would be fine."

After listening to the joy, the village chief kneeling quickly and thanked her, and gave her a lot of money as remuneration.He quickly returned to the hospital to visit his son.Sure enough, he woke up the next day, and it was not a big deal.

This incident quickly spread throughout the village. Everyone in the village felt that Li Juan was a magical person, and the child in her belly was a fairy.They came to her, hoping that she could help them solve various problems.Some want to ask their marriage, some want to ask their careers, and some want to ask their health.Every time Li Juan put his hand on his belly, felt the fetal movement, and then told them a answer.Her answer is always accurate and in line with their hearts.They were all grateful to her and gave her a lot of money and gifts.

Li Juan also felt very lucky, and she thought it was God’s gift to her.She saved money and gifts and intends to give her children.She spoke to her belly every day, thanking her child for giving her so much good luck.She loves her children more and more and looks forward to his birth.

Wang Laosan was unhappy. He saw that Li Juan became more and more rich, more and more respected, and he was unbalanced.He felt that Li Juan was deceiving. She had no children in her stomach. She just ate too much and got fat. All this was pretended.He wanted to expose her scam and let her shame.He found a chance, rushed to Li Juan in front of the village, rushed to Li Juan, grabbed her hair, and pulled off her clothes hard.

The people in the village were stunned. They saw that there was no signs of fetal movement on Li Juan’s stomach, just a layer of thick fat.It turned out that Li Juan was not pregnant at all, but he was just gaining weight.She has been using her imagination and psychology to feel fetal movement and in this way to divination.

Li Juan was stunned, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.How could she not be pregnant?She obviously felt that she had a child, and she clearly felt that she had a soul communication with her children.Is it all fake?She suddenly felt that she had lost everything, lost hope, and lost everyone’s love.

Wang Laosan laughed and said to the villagers, "Look, is this, is this what you call immortals? Is this the immortal you trust? This is just a liar!It’s too much! "

The people in the village were angry. They felt deceived by Li Juan and was teased by Wang Laosan.They scolded Li Juan and Wang Laosan and asked them to refund the money and gifts.

Wang Laosan and Li Juan were surrounded by the villagers and had nowhere to escape.They can only take out their money and gifts to the villagers.The villagers took their things away, and they had to fight them, and they had to hit them.Wang Laosan and Li Juan can only ask for mercy, hoping that people in the village can let them go.

At this moment, a voice sounded: "Stop your hands! Don’t fight again!"

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