The woman’s "fake divorce" went abroad to accompany her son, and returned to China to remarry after 4 years but dumbfounded …

In order to send children to study abroad,

"Fake divorce" with her husband as a state -owned enterprise …

After four years of studying for four years, they returned to China to remarry.

However, it is found that men have changed their hearts with others!

Also welcoming the second child!

Many years of feelings can’t be separated.From the back of the United States to return to his son, Liu Chu and his ex -husband Zhong Yang went through the remarriage procedure.

Five years ago divorced, the couple had consensus, that is, fake divorce.However, after remarriage, Liu Chu found that Zhong Yang had children with others during the "fake divorce" period, and now the woman is pregnant again.Liu Chu divorced again, but can the property before the "fake divorce" be back?

To take care of her children, she resigned as a housewife

Before going to the United States, Liu Chu’s life made his girlfriends, relatives and friends envy …

She and her husband Zhong Yang got married freely. The two had a son, and the child was clever and sensible.Zhong Yang is an executive of a state -owned listed company with a large salary.

In order to take care of the children, after the couple discussed, Liu Chu resigned to work as a full -time wife.At that time, the housework had a nanny to do it. In addition to picking up and accompanied the children, Liu Chu was either shopping, fitness or to do beauty, and his life was very comfortable.

Their couple originally lived in Shanghai. Later, Zhong Yang was sent to work in Hainan, and they bought houses in Sanya, Haikou and other places to invest and invest.During the holiday, Liu Chu took his son Zhong Rui to Hainan to play.Over time, land and real estate appreciated sharply, and the assets of the couples also rose.

"Fake divorce" go abroad to read, she did not have a separate property

When his son was ready to go to junior high school at the age of 12, Zhong Yang and Liu Chu decided to send their children to the United States to study.Let the children go to the United States alone, and the couple are not assured. Liu Chu is the best choice to accompany him.

However, Zhong Yang is an executive of state -owned enterprise, and his wives and children are not allowed to go abroad, and Liu Chu’s procedures for going abroad are more difficult to operate.In the end, Liu Chu and Zhong Yang obeyed the intermediary’s "馊 idea". The two "faked divorce", and Liu Chu went to the United States to find a "fake marriage".In this way, the Zhongyang couple seems to be two birds with one stone.

Although the divorce procedure with Zhong Yang, Liu Chu thought that she and Zhong Yang had consensus: the couple were just "fake divorce".Therefore, when signing a divorce agreement, she did not claim to divide half of the family property.

Subsequently, Liu Chu went to the United States to go through the marriage formalities with others and obtained the American "green card". This was also within the plan of her and Zhong Yang. It was a "fake marriage" recognized by both of them.

After returning to China, I learned that my husband was "someone outside"

Liu Chu stayed in the United States for more than 4 years. It was not until Zhong Rui adapted to the environment and study that she returned to China to go through the remarriage procedure with Zhong Yang.

Unexpectedly, after returning to China, Liu Chu heard some words, saying that Zhong Yang had children with others during the "fake divorce" during the "fake divorce", and now the woman was pregnant again.

At first, Liu Chu did not believe that she thought that she had two or three decades with Zhong Yang and had always been loving. How could Zhong Yang betrayed her?

Men’s mind changes, the truth is so simple … rude.

However, Zhong Yang did have a child with a woman during the "fake divorce" with Liu Chu, and is about to usher in a second child.Liu Chu was hit by it. This time, she decided to divorce …

The property before "fake divorce"

The lawyer helped her divide her millions

Divorce is not difficult. What is difficult is that Liu Chuxiang advocates the common property of the husband and wife before the "fake divorce".At this time, 5 years have passed since the two of them have completed the divorce procedures for the first time …

The divorce agreement signed by "fake divorce":

The property under the names of the two parties belongs to each other and has no common debt.Liu Chu only got a small part of his own assets, and many real estate and stocks in the family were under the name of Zhong Yang.Before going abroad, in order to avoid the trouble of dealing with domestic assets back and forth, Liu Chu sold his assets at hand.The money obtained from the sale has almost been spent during the accompanying period.Now, Liu Chu and Zhong Yang have been remarried for several months, and the common property of the husband and wife during the period is very small.

Luo Rong, chief lawyer of Beijing Yingke Coconut City Family Lawyer Team, told Liu Chu that after 5 years, he advocated the common property before the division of "fake divorce".

The lawyer did a lot of work. In the end, Zhong Yang agreed to compensate Liu Chu to Liu Chu with a total of several million yuan in assets such as several real estate and some stocks.(The characters in the text are a pseudonym)

In this case, if it was not for Zhong Yang to make concessions, the lawyer involved in the mediation, Liu Chu might have a fortune …


There is no "fake divorce" in law

Luo Rong, chief lawyer of Beijing Yingke Coconut City Family Lawyer Team, said that in this case, the first thing to be solemnly reminded is that there is no false divorce in law.Divorce is true divorce. As long as both men and women receive a divorce certificate, the marriage relationship will be lifted.The division of property between the two parties will be implemented in accordance with the agreement of the divorce agreement.

In recent years, due to the measures such as restrictions and sales restrictions on real estate speculation and other behaviors, many husbands and wives have registered for divorce to purchase real estate, obtain compensation for demolition or other reasons, and obtain a divorce certificate.Although the husband and wife think that they are only "fake divorce", they will remarry after achieving their goals.But in law, there is no concept of "fake divorce".

Picture with pictures, source vision China

Emphasize again

As long as you apply for a divorce certificate

Legal is divorce!

In judicial practice, there have been too many lawsuits caused by so -called "fake divorce".In the end, the courts were identified as divorce, and the divorce agreement signed by the two parties was also recognized by the court.

After divorce, analysis of production must be prosecuted within 1 year

Secondly, it is the issue of property disputes after divorce.In many divorce cases, the couple will choose to conceal their property, and the other party has not discovered it.If the husband and wife find that the other party has not been divided into the property, or if there is no division of the common property, they can sue to the people’s court and ask for re -division.However, it is necessary to pay attention to the timeliness of the lawsuit. The lawsuit should be filed within the time of the legal lawsuit of the year, which exceeds the time limit for litigation and will not be supported by the court.

Luo Rong said that in this case, Liu Chu was because he was "fake divorce" before, and the two sides simply made a brief agreement on the common property of the husband and wife. According to the agreement, most of the joint property of Liu Chu and her husband’s husband and wife have become clocks.Yang’s pre -marital personal property.Five years later, Liu Chu advocated the division of the common property of the previous husband and wife, which was too late.Fortunately, Zhong Yangshang has a husband and wife, otherwise Liu Chu will lose money.

Source: South China Metropolis Daily (NGDSB966123) (the cover diagram has nothing to do with this article)

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