The woman’s stomach pain when she is 35 weeks of pregnancy is 35 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor thinks that it is appendicitis

Original title: Women’s 35 weeks of pregnancy is asymptomatic when giving birth to a stomach pain. Doctors think they are appendicitis

According to the British "Metropolis Daily" reported on November 2, CHELSEA Keenan from Siyek County, England is the mother of 5 children. Unlike other pregnant women, when the fifth child is pregnant, Chelsea has almost no symptoms of pregnancy.Until 35 weeks, medical staff thought she had only had appendicitis.

In fact, it is no wonder that medical staff will be diagnosed with errors. Chelsea can still wear previous jeans during pregnancy, and even the physiological period is normal.It wasn’t until she was about to produce pain.

Chelsea said: "As a mother, when I heard that some women did not know what she was pregnant before giving birth, I thought it was absurd, until this happened to me.When the child is RILEY, he only knows that he is pregnant after 32 weeks. "

Elliot was very poor when he was born, his left leg is deformity, and some organs were exposed. The doctor told Chelsea that he might not live for 24 hours.With careful care, Elliot survived, but the physical condition is good and bad.Chelsea said: "Since the birth of Elliot, my mood is like a roller coaster and realized that life can be completely subverted in just 5 minutes."

Chelsea and her husband hope that Elliot can go home on Christmas this year, so that their family can reunite.Chelsea added: "Elliot is a soldier, as long as he continues to fight, we will always be with him." (Compiled by China Youth Network)

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Source: China Youth Network

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