The world is rare!When she was 14 years old, she found that she was a "stone girl", and she was naturally pregnant at the age of 23!Doctor: This is right

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Women’s physiological characteristics are special,

There are breasts and reproductive systems,

This also gives women pregnant, childbirth,

The breastfeeding 哺 has physical conditions.

But not every woman is so lucky,

Some women have the same appearance as other women,

But if not treated

I won’t come to menstruation,

Can’t perform sexual life,

Can’t get pregnant and give birth to children,

This kind of woman is what we call the "stone girl".

In the past, this was no less than a terminal disease.

But Zhang Jie (pseudonym) of congenital vagina without vagina

But I feel that I am the luckiest person in this world

Because eight days ago,

She was successfully produced at Tongji Hospital,

This is rare in the world.

14 -year -old girl abdominal pain is unbearable

I found that I am a "stone girl"

On the morning of April 23rd, the reporter saw Zhang Jie, 23, at the Obstetrics Ward of Tongji Hospital. She was fair and cheerful. She just became a mother.Happy smile.

Zhang Jie was from Xianning, Hubei. She said that before the age of 14, she was no different from other girls of the same age. Although there was no physiological period, adults said that some girls were born later than others, so they didn’t care.

It wasn’t until the age of 14 that she had a stomachache in the junior high school.The doctor solved her abdominal pain through surgery, but suggested that she go to Wuhan Tongji Hospital to do further examination and treatment.Later, her parents took her to Wuhan, and Professor He Fuxian, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Tongji Hospital, gave her a detailed examination, and finally diagnosed her as a congenital vagina.

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Congenital vagina

Congenital vagina is a kind of female reproductive deformity, which is the "stone girl" we often call. It means that patients cannot have a normal sexual life. Some also accompanied by cervical and uterine malformations, no menstruation, and unable to have children.Abdominal pain is because menstrual blood cannot be discharged, and periodic abdominal pain caused by staining in the uterus.

"At that time, my parents did not tell me what the disease I had, and I only said that I needed an operation. Maybe they were afraid that I could not accept it, and I would inferiority in the future." Zhang Jie said with a smile.Parents must be under tremendous pressure and feel uncomfortable, but they did not show in front of her.

Professor husband and wife join forces

Surgery "repair" his daughter body

Fortunately, Zhang Jie’s parents sought a solution to the problem of solving her daughter at Tongji Hospital.Professor He Fuxian of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and Professor Yang Chuanyong, a gastrointestinal surgery, helped Zhang Jie perform the vaginal forming surgery of the sigmal colon. The surgery intercepted her colon to reshape the vagina and dredge the cervix of the lock.Artificial vaginal docking is accurate, which was leading nationwide at that time.

Professor He Fuxian said that the hospital can be diagnosed with 20 or 30 patients like Zhang Jie every year. These girls feel inferior and pain because they are different from ordinary girls. In order to help them, they start trying to recreate the girls.In terms of reconstruction of materials, they have tried peritoneum, thigh skin, etc., and finally consider choosing colon, because it is closest to the real vaginal form.She told her husband’s gastrointestinal surgery Professor Yang Chuanyong. After discussion, the two felt feasible, so they began to try.In 1996, he tried to perform the first operation. The couple had been on the same stage from the morning to 3 pm, and the operation ended.Since 1996, they have successfully performed surgery for more than 500 patients, and Zhang Jie has been one of them.

After the operation, Zhang Jie finally came to menstruation, and abdominal pain disappeared completely.She said, "Everything after surgery is the same as normal girls. I never feel that I have any abnormalities, and I have never felt inferior."

Naturally in 9 years after surgery, naturally conceived into a mother

Three years ago, Zhang Jie’s family introduced that she was in love with a local guy who was two years older than her. In October 2017, the two were ready to get married.Before marriage, Zhang Jie accompanied by her boyfriend went to Tongji Hospital for a marriage examination."What I was most worried about at the time was whether I could be a mother. The doctor told me that like me, some people can be pregnant, some cannot, this depends on me." Zhang Jie said, from the clinic roomWhen she came out, she told her boyfriend’s original words that her boyfriend didn’t say anything, and they got married in November.

Last September, she was surprised to find that she was naturally conceived."I am happy and feel that I am the most lucky person in the world." Zhang Jie said that she was happy and afraid after pregnancy, and was worried that the child could be born safely.

Network drawing, picture and text have nothing to do with

She regularly came to Tongji Hospital for a birth checkup. Due to the surgery before, she was red almost every month during pregnancy, but fortunately, the fetus was always normal.

On the evening of April 16, Zhang Jie, who was 31 weeks pregnant, suddenly broke the water in her sleep, accompanied by irregular contractions, was rushed to Tongji Hospital. The doctor tried to use drugs that suppressed contractions to help him extend the gestational week.However, on April 17, Zhang Jie still had a regular contraction, and the pain was strengthened.In the case of critical situation, the team of chief physicians of the obstetrics of the obstetrics quickly carried out a cesarean section for it. A 3.6 catties of a baby girl was born. It is currently recovering well in the neonatal department.

According to the chief physician of Liu Haiyi, the process of caesarean section is smoother than expected. After the patient undergo vaginal forming, the vaginal structure, elasticity and normal vagina are different, and the smooth delivery may cause severe tear wounds.However, there are also risks of cesarean section surgery. The surgery 9 years ago was more complicated, and it was easy to have more serious pelvic adhesions. Once again, surgery may further damage the organs such as intestinal tube. The risk of surgery is high.There is no adhesion in Zhang’s abdominal cavity. It can be said that the successful cesarean section was inseparable from the success of the last operation."

In the future, it is expected to achieve early prevention of prenatal diagnosis

Knowing that the patients who were pregnant 9 years ago successfully gave birth to a child, Professor He Fuxian was excited and rushed to the ward to congratulate her: "You can get pregnant naturally and have children, making me feel worthwhile."

Professor He Fuxian told reporters, "Her surgery is very timely, the uterine function can be protected, and some patients come too late. The uterus is seriously shifted over time, and she lost the opportunity to conceive naturally as a mother."

According to reports, the incidence of congenital no vaginal syndrome is one -four or five thousand, and most of them are discovered when they have no menstrual tide or newly married after adolescence. Patients generally have a heavy psychological burden.For more than ten years, under the leadership of Professor Wang Shixuan, director of the Gynecology Department of Tongji Hospital, the department systematically explored the cause of the disease, and established the largest disease sample database in the world.Informatics analysis is for the first time in the world that reproductive gene mutations and variations of chromosome fragments can cause congenital vaginal syndrome.In the future, from research to the clinic, early diagnosis or even prenatal diagnosis will be performed on the disease to prevent the occurrence of this disease early.

At present, the vaginal formation of sigmal colon is an effective way to treat congenital and vagina, which greatly improves the quality of women’s life. Patients with normal uterus and ovaries can even naturally conceive the mother’s dream, but their surgery is difficult, and natural after surgery is naturally naturally.The chance of pregnancy is very small.According to incomplete statistics, there are only a dozen cases of congenital and vaginal no -no -vagina and uterus. There are only a dozen cases that naturally conceive and live in livelihood after the correction of the uterus, and there are less than five cases in China.

I’m happy for Zhang Jie!

wish her well!

Praise the doctor who returned to spring!

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

Reporter: Chen Yuan Wang Yongsheng Correspondent Li Yunxi Tao Jidong

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