The young aunt daughter wants to remove her child during college. The doctor said that the aunt’s face was green

“”During college is pregnant. The boy is pretty good, but the parents of the man did not agree with the sister to marry her house.She said that the child had a fate with her, but she didn’t want to remove it. In fact, I didn’t want my sister to remove the child. I also became a mother and was pregnant. Thinking of the child was really heartache.The young aunt persuaded her sister for a long time for a long time. In the end, the sister compromised. The younger sister brought her sister to the best hospital in the city and did some columns. A young doctor. After looking at the results, she said.My sister’s mediastinum is not a normal interval. She divided several forks on the interval.Aunt, what can I do?

My aunt told the doctor that she was still in college. The child really couldn’t give birth. If she was born, what should she do after she graduated?The doctor said that who is so feudal now, this operation can be done for her, but if she will not be pregnant in the future, it is a lifetime event. We dare not guarantee that she will be 100 % pregnant in the future.The aunt heard the doctor’s words and hesitated, as the doctor said, if the labor was induced, it would hurt her in the future.If it is a normal interval, why is it divided into several forks? Is this child the general of God, and the eighteen curves on the mountain road have not hinder him.

Later, the aunt called the second sister. At the beginning of the second sister, the younger aunt left the child and could not induce labor. The aunt listened to the second sister again and took the sister to go home. Why did the aunt want to do it because of this time?In the early morning of yesterday, the boy came, and bought a lot of fruits for his sister, as well as cakes, yogurt or something. After the boy’s parents knew, he also came. When he came, he came over and pointed at her.The stinky sister -in -law is still seduce my son. You are going to die. After seeing the boy’s mother bullying the daughter upstairs, the aunt ran downstairs and went to the boy’s mother.My daughter has no grievances with you. What are you doing?Bullying my daughter here, are you getting tired?

The boy’s mother told her aunt that your daughter now seduces my son. You can see the things that my son bought for her, and buy these things to feed the dog?The boy was anxious, and he roared a mother ~ Are you enough?The children in her belly are mine. We are adults now. Can you not care about it, don’t intervene in my feelings. The more you are, the more I am willing to marry her. I want to treat her for a lifetime.Do you understand, do you understand?The boy’s mother heard her son say that, saying to his son, you have burned your brain, what kind of confused soup he gave you, did she use you like this?Look at her virtue.The boy said that she was also my woman, and the boy ran away.The boy’s mother mashed all the things bought by the boy and crushed, throwing the trash can.She said that I would not eat the trash can for you. I don’t know who it is. I dare to seduce my son and make it out. Don’t be shameful.An Nizi family is so casual. If you get married in the future, can you keep the house?Do you know how many of them are seduced outside?My aunt listened, and the anger’s face was green. I told you not to talk nonsense. The aunt smashed her hair and fanned her mouth.Just hit her underground and pressed her, saying that I had to tear you with a stinky mouth today.A lot of people were surrounded in an instant. They saw the fight and pulled the frame. In the end, the boy’s mother was beaten by her aunt’s mouth. The boy’s mother offended and spoke, and kept talking to my aunt.My aunt said that you are not a good thing, get out of the way.””

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