There are also particular attention to touching the stomach. Do not touch it frequently during these periods, which may cause umbilical cord around the neck

For pregnant women, the whole pregnancy is very hard.Many expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time will feel particularly uncomfortable.Over time, watching the stomach is bigger little by little, it is also a very happy thing to feel that the baby’s movement in the stomach is also a very happy thing.Generally speaking, around eighteen weeks of pregnancy, you can obviously feel fetal movement, and to do some prenatal education activities in time, which is very necessary.

I believe that many mothers do one thing during pregnancy, just touch their stomachs.It looks like an ordinary thing, but there are many particular attention.If the pregnant mother does not touch the stomach correctly during pregnancy, it will easily cause the baby’s fetal position to be wrong, and it is likely to cause the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck. This is very dangerous.So, when can pregnant mothers stroke their stomachs?What should I pay attention to when touching my belly?

Pregnant mothers can’t touch her belly while fetal movement

After eighteen weeks of pregnancy, the baby will have frequent fetal movements, and the frequency of fetal movement is about three to four times per hour.If you can reach the fetal movement, it means that the baby is still healthier.However, pregnant mothers should not stroke their stomachs while the baby moves. This can easily stimulate the baby in the stomach, making the baby more active. The baby that is too active is easy to around the neck.

Don’t stroke your belly after 11 o’clock in the evening

After pregnancy, try to avoid staying up late.But if you stay up late for some reason, don’t stroke your stomach.Because after eleven o’clock, the baby is likely to sleep.But if the pregnant mother strokes her belly and wakes up the baby, it is likely that when the pregnant mother wants to sleep, the baby is active.This will not only affect the rest of the pregnant mother, but also may cause the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck.

When the pregnant mother stands, do not touch her belly.Over time, the baby will grow longer and bigger.Sometimes the pregnant mothers with a large belly sometimes like to hold their waist when they are standing.Because holding the waist can effectively share the pressure on the stomach, but when the pregnant mother supports the waist, it will have a effect on the waist.If you put your hand on your stomach at this time, it will cause contractions, which is very dangerous.

When it is close to the due date, don’t stroke your belly

The baby in the belly is near the period of time, and the fetal movement will not be obvious.If the pregnant mothers often touch their stomachs at this time, it is likely to cause contractions, which will easily cause premature birth, and it is not good for the health of the baby.

If the pregnant mothers really can’t help but want to touch the belly to interact with the baby, then touch it when the body is relaxed.It is best to listen to music when you put some more prenatal education. In this case, you will not cause any harm to yourself and your baby.While listening to prenatal education music, stroking your stomach is more conducive to the development of your baby.Don’t know everyone, do you know?

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