There are so many children to have children, why do you have to have so many things?

“2023 Parenting Season”

Guide: In the incident of having children, more people now consider all kinds of parenting costs and the sacrifice they are about to pay, as well as various collapse and bumps on the parenting road.It is not easy to have children, and raising children is even more difficult, so many young people’s general concepts now are that they can have less and have less, and they will not be born without birth.

However, we will still find that many friends around us have married and have children one after another, and then they are tossed by the children. Although they often complain that it is not easy to raise children, they still work hard for the children’s sweet work every day.Obviously having a child is so tired, so many children, why are there so many people to give birth?Isn’t it easier to have a child in life?

In the matter of having a child, why pay and gains are contrary to the utilitarianism of human nature, but there are still so many people who choose to have children. The meaning and experience of them will only understand that the parents will understand.When Xiaobian gave birth to the first child, he did not consider so many problems. He just felt that he was naturally natural in the marriage process of having a child, and the child was so cute.

Yes, I wanted to have a baby because I felt that the child was soft and tender, so it was good to think of one of them. This should be the driver of biological nature for reproduction and motherhood.But after giving birth to a child, the moment he became a mother, it would be felt that the child was a special existence for parents. Children can cure too much in our lives.

· The birth of life can cure all pain and hardships

In the process of pregnancy, various pregnancy problems such as pregnancy, pubic pain, constipation, insomnia, dyspnea, etc. have been tortured and exhausted, and sometimes even doubt why you want to have such a child.But during the pregnancy period, my expectations for life have been supporting me through the entire pregnancy, and it has been cooking until the day of childbirth.

Until the moment the child was born, he suddenly understood that in that loud cry, the pain and the hardships of the previous birth in October were worthy of it.After all, this life that is born by myself is starting to take root in the future life with its vigorous vitality. This seems to be a continuation of its own life, an external expansion.

· Child is an indispensable part of family, love and happiness.

When you do n’t have a child, you will feel that it ’s good to have no children. What do you want to do if the two couples want to do?The entire family atmosphere will become active and warm.And the existence of children is not only the parents’ efforts to the child, but in fact, we also gain the unconditional love of the child.

When there is no child, our life is relatively free. After the child is born, parents are almost around the child. Sometimes we find that because of the child’s existence, the couple have a common goal.Therefore, the child is like a rope that keeps the entire family tightly together. Our perception of love and the feeling of happiness will become more complete.

· Children’s growth is the most fulfilling thing

From teaching children to master all kinds of self -care, to school to counsel the child to do homework, in fact, everything is very difficult, and there are many difficulties after the difficulties.grow up.When we see that children grow up step by step and learn and gain, the sense of accomplishment in our hearts is particularly high.

If what is the most accomplished thing in life is, then cultivating children must be one of them. Many times we will also be confused about "why we want to have children, then it is a child to raise a child".But in such a question, we just need to look at the child to have the answer.

Important reminder: Regarding the meaning and purpose of raising children, in fact, only by being a parent can you realize that the birth of children is not only for reproduction, but the child is a huge significance.The birth of life can cure all pain and hardships, and the existence of children will make family, love and happiness more complete, and cultivating children’s growth is also the most fulfilling thing in the life of parents.

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