There are three cases of women, indicating that you have entered the ovulation period, and it is easy to "hit in a touch"

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Xiaoxia is 32 years old and is a mother of three children. In March of this year, she was pregnant again. She was forced to have a flow of people.Xiaoxia is moderate in weight, the law of menstruation is normal, and the normal schedule is also consistent with the children to go to school. I go to bed early and get up early, which is very regular.Xiaoxia was pregnant because of the same room in the danger period.

This is also Xiaoxia’s second abortion operation after giving birth to the younger son. Xiaoxia and her husband’s cultural level are not very high. She dropped out of school before she graduated.EssenceXiaoxia, who has a fertility experience, still knows one or two, but it is not very clear about what is going on. After the second abortion surgery, the doctor gave Xiaoxia a lesson and her husband.

What is a dangerous period?

Doctors’ interpretation: Dangerous period is actually a corresponding safety period. During this time, it can be called the ovulation period.We all know that the formation of fertilized eggs requires the common participation of eggs and sperm before we can go to bed, develop into a fetus, and then grow up slowly.

As we all know, women will excrete their eggs during a period of time. This period is the ovulation period, also called the dangerous period. The ovulation period is generally 14 days before the auntie goes to the next menstrual period.The danger period is generally about 7-10 days. These days, it is easy to "hit in one touch", but the menstrual cycle of each woman is different, and each person’s ovulation period is different.Moreover, men’s sperm can survive in women’s body for about 3 days. Women with menstruation are easy to get pregnant in dangerous periods.

What is a safe period?

Doctor’s interpretation: Of course, the safety period is also relative to the dangerous period.The dangerous period is near the ovulation period. Of course, the safety period is except for ovulation and menstrual periods.During this time, women’s eggs are developing, but they have not yet developed. Even in the same room, due to the lack of mature eggs, only sperm cannot be pregnant. Therefore, the chance of pregnancy in the same room during this period will be greatly reduced.

What are the performances of women’s ovulation?

Doctors’ interpretation: Generally speaking, women’s ovulation has arrived, and there will be three obvious performance in three aspects.

1. Increase leucorrhea, transparent texture, elastic texture

As the saying goes, menstruation is a "good friend" of women, so leucorrhea is the "barometer" of women. Lands in the leucorrhea is an intuitive manifestation of gynecological inflammation, and it is also the most intuitive manifestation of women’s physiological cycles.Lands in the ovulation period are significantly increased, with transparent texture and elastic texture. It is like egg white. Once such leucorrhea appears, it is to remind you that it is about to be ovulation.

2. Basic body temperature rise

The body temperature measurement method is more accurate than the votular observation method. Many Baoma who prepare for pregnancy can record their basic body temperature changes.Basic body temperature, that is, the body temperature when I wake up in the morning. During the ovulation period, the base temperature will be relatively higher than usual.

3. Energy, strong desire

In the days of ovulation, there are also many Baoma who feels that she is very strong. She wants to be with her husband. She is full of energy and psychologically relying on her husband.In addition, some women also have bleeding during ovulation, and the lower abdomen is slightly painful. This is also a normal reaction of follicles and estrogen changes. Each woman has different constitutions.Subtime differences.

During the ovulation period, that is, these days after the aunt left, if you do n’t want to have a baby, you can avoid it. Of course, the perfunctory power of the safe period is far less than a condom.The situation like Xiaoxia no longer prepares for fertility, it is more reasonable to use condom contraceptives and Shekuan contraception.Scientific contraception is also the greatest protection of women to themselves, so it can’t hurt people!

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