There are three secretions on the inside of pregnant women, which may be the fetus for help.

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Xiaoya has been pregnant for 3 months, and she has been checking on time on time, and the doctor also said that the fetus developed well.But this day she found that there were always brown secretions on the underwear, and she felt wrong, so she went to the hospital for examination.The doctor said that the development of the fetus was abnormal, but it was not very serious. After careful conditioning, everything returned to normal.We often say that the changes in the body of pregnant women can also reflect the development of the fetus, and the secretion is also an important part.If the pregnant woman finds these three secretions, this is likely to be a distress signal sent by the fetus.

1. Blood wire in the secretion

We know that women will not come after pregnancy, so there will be no blood stains.If pregnant women find bloodshot or blood on the underwear, this should be paid attention.If this happens in the early stages of pregnancy, it is likely to be a sign of placenta falling, ectopic pregnancy or abortion.If this is the case, it is best for pregnant women to go to the hospital for examination in time, and do not let the fetus at dangerous.If this is discovered in the third trimester, this should be red, it is a signal of property, indicating that the fetus will soon be born.Don’t worry about pregnant women, go to the hospital for delivery.

2. Brown secretions

Like Xiaoya, brown discharge will appear during pregnancy, which also needs to be dependent on time.If this is justified when I was pregnant, it is likely to be caused by fertilized eggs. This is normal. Pregnant women don’t have to worry.But if there is such a secretion for a long time, pregnant women will be vigilant.Generally, there will be such a phenomenon of lack of progesterone secretion in pregnant women, and insufficient progesterone can lead to unstable fetal development.Pregnant women need to replenish nutrition in time, and go to the hospital when necessary.

3. There is a translucent secretion

Normally, women’s leucorrhea is a translucent secretion, as well as during pregnancy.However, in the third trimester, pregnant women find that there is a translucent secretion, and the amount is relatively large. This is breaking the water, and the fetus will soon be born.Breaking water is an important signal for labor. Do n’t panic after discovering the water. Hurry to find a flat place and lie down, and then raise the hips.If the amniotic fluid flows too much, the fetus will be in danger of hypoxia.Then hurry up to the family to the hospital. The doctor in the hospital will give the fetus as soon as possible according to the situation.

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Tao Ma said: During pregnancy, pregnant women should not rely on the birth check to understand the development of the fetus, or learn to judge based on their physical changes.Pregnant women should be more sensitive to some abnormal changes in themselves. After discovering, they should go to the hospital for examination if they are not sure what is going on. This is a manifestation of themselves and the fetus.

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