There is a group of meat in the armpits. The doctor said that it is another breast, which not only affects the beauty, but also may be cancerous.

Do you have a very interesting phenomenon? Humans and cats and dogs are mammals. Why do cats and dogs have two rows of breasts and multiple breasts, and humans have only two breasts.Other female classmates found that there were two groups of meat in their armpits, and before menstruation, the armpit was sore, and the meat balls in the armpits seemed to have become larger.Other girls found that the meat balls of the armpits can also secrete milk.Let’s talk about this topic today.””””

In fact, we human beings, like cats and dogs, have multiple breasts and two rows of breasts, just like cats and dogs.Human two rows of breast lines are connected from armpits to groin. In the embryo period, human beings have 6 to 8 pairs of breasts from the two lines from the armpit to the groin.Except for retaining, the rest are degraded.If the other breast germ is also developing, then the formal auxiliary milk is formed.The auxiliary milk can only be tissue, no nipples, or nipples, and no breast tissue.Or it has nipples and breast tissues at the same time, so that multiple breasts can be formed, also known as multi -breast disease.

Men and women can happen, but women are more common.The most common parts of the auxiliary milk are armpits. In addition to armpits, they may also appear in the abdomen, groin and other places.Many female compatriots can find mass on bilateral armpits, and pain can also occur before menstruation. When pregnant and give birth to children, the paragraph can also increase, swelling, pain and other discomforts, and can even secrete milk.

If there is one or more soft mass in the armpit, abdomen or groin, it can be found in pain and swelling before and after menstruation.Some auxiliary milk also has nipples, areola, and even secreted milk during lactation.Based on these symptoms, it can be diagnosed as a sub -breast, and making a color Doppler ultrasound can better identify the diagnosis. The color Doppler ultrasound can find the breast tissue inside.

First, affect the beauty

This is the most common hazard of auxiliary milk. For many female friends, the sub -breasts in the armpits are very much affecting the aesthetics, causing many girls to dare not wear bikinis, dare not wear short -sleeved, suspenders and other clothing, because as soon as they lift their arms, they can be raised, so they can raise their arms.You will see a pair of milk, and many girls have inferiority for this.

Second, the pair of milk can cause pain

There is a breast tissue in the auxiliary milk, which will also be affected by the estrogen and progesterone in the body. Just like a normal breast, breast hyperplasia may also occur, which causes pain and swelling. It is more common in before menstruation and will improve after menstruation.It may also be related to bad emotions, stress on life, and diet.

Third, auxiliary milk can also suffer from cancer

It is precisely because there are breast tissues in the paranasia that the breast tissue may cause cancer, causing cancer.Therefore, if a hard mass appears in your armpits, be careful, it may be breast cancer, you need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

There are no symptoms without treatment, and you only need to check the body regularly.

If you feel that the auxiliary milk affects the aesthetics, or if you have discomfort such as pain and swelling, it is recommended to remove the pair of milk.There are two main ways to surgery, one is to remove a small incision in the armpits and remove the breast tissue inside.There is also a minimally invasive surgical method. Use a rotary needle to remove the pair of breasts inside. The scar is small and recovered quickly.

If a paramilk is cancer, it is more active treatment. Early cancer is mainly surgically treated. In advanced breast cancer, chemotherapy, targeted therapy.

All in all, most of the auxiliary milk does not require surgical treatment, nor does it have a clear harm. It is sufficient to review it on a regular basis. If it affects the beauty and life, it will appear uncomfortable, or even cancer, and can surgical resection.(Picture from the Internet, infringement delete)

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