There is a story behind Shanghai people who eat it

In the early wave, I saw Xu Youqun, an old friend and map collector, shared the wild fun of picking up the community and wild vegetables, which is very interesting:

For three consecutive days of nucleic acid, it rained the day before, and it was clear the day before yesterday. I found the small tree in front of the building and tasted the two fruits. The acid was sweet in the acid.The family has picked some wild vegetables and stir -fry a small plate. The tender mouth is better than the slightly rough "chrysanthemum leaves", and it does not like the "purple horns" too lubricating.Try to make "leek boxes" this is delicious. It is recommended that you can try "Wild Vegetable Box" in the future

There are actually loquat trees downstairs, but as a bad person who is not good at, do not dare to go downstairs to pick it up, afraid of being "misunderstood" by his neighbors.I immediately contacted Teacher Xu and asked about the sweet taste in the sour. I didn’t expect him to tell me the story behind me directly on WeChat:

A few days ago, Mr. Xu and his lover used the gap in nuclear acid to go to the community to take a walk, and found that there were a lot of crickets on the lazu tree, so I picked two trials and found that the wild version of the loquat taste was good, and the skin could be completely peeled off.EssenceBut they went again the next day, and the lattice on the tree was gone. The grandson who lived in a community said that "chest tightness" was very "chest tight".

Teacher Xu has an old friend and lives in Hongkou. There is a lazulus tree in his garden. There are actually two floors high. The tree poles are very thick. It was planted by the mother of an old friend more than half a century ago.In order to allow his junior to experience life, he has always took his grandson to pick up his old friend’s house, because the journey is very close, ride a battery car for more than ten minutes.In the next few years, the old friend simply "delivered the goods to the door" directly, every time he was full of a basket of stuff, until this year, because the epidemic was suspended.

The neighbor sent the loquat, the call was interrupted

The neighbors sent to Xu Youqun

He was talking to Teacher Xu that the call was interrupted. It turned out that the neighbors sent a board to make him try your best.It seems that Mr. Xu has a blessing.

A batch of Suzhou crickets from Suzhou cousins from the neighbor’s cousin.

As a gourmet blogger, Barbie has no shortage of mouth blessings. The powerful neighbor next door brought her the green seeds of Dongshan specialty silver fish and Xishan.I asked Barbie in the four seasons, "How about the taste of the lip?" She told me, "There are sour and sweet, and the water is more."

Teacher Yang Zhongming, a Shanghai writer, is familiar with the old anecdotes of old Shanghai. He has published "Old Shanghai Play" and "Old Shanghai Ji Ji". I asked him, "What are the main producing areas from the Shanghai people before?" Teacher Yang replied, "In the past, it was Suzhou’s loquat. Most of the west mountains in Dongting Ting, now Zhejiang also produced loquats. Yunnan’s precocious puberty is first shipped to Shanghai. Generally, it comes after the Spring Festival. "

Teacher Yang wrote the article "Full of the Skywind Loquat", which recorded in detail his own memories and taste of tasting:

In the past, I went to the family of relatives in Dongting Mountain, Dongting, Suzhou, to be a guest. The forests in the warm sun in the winter are really lively. Bees are busy picking honey between the cricket trees. The honey is a treasure in the honey.Loquat fragrance is straight and nose, orange -yellow honey dripping brilliant crystals flashing, with a bottle of light amber farmhouse to go home to drink milk, have health effects such as clearing the lungs, phlegm, cough, and other health effects.Sweet memory.

The white jade loquat skin on the tree is light yellow, peeling, and the flesh is like jade, crystal clear, and opens the mouth.Hurry up!

Teacher Yang said that in addition to the famous Suzhou Dongting and West Mountain, there is also the Tangqi soft strip of Tangqi in Zhejiang. Hubei should be sweet and large. The latter is said to be a small bowl of a small bowl.

Chinese painting "Tangqi Famous Seed" Author: Cai Jianming

Is there a lotus that can grow a head than eggs in Shanghai?Last night, I saw my friend and Miss Chongming sisters, Chen Yuwen, which was bigger than the eggs. At the beginning, I had some believers.

What about Chongming’s specialty, I know the three treasures of Burgond sheep, Laomi Wine and Chongming Cake (some people think that "old hair crab" should be regarded as Chongming Yibao).Speaking of fruits, Xiao Chenguang went to Chongming to participate in the construction of textile factories because of his father (Shanghai language: Grandpa).It’s really happy.

I immediately contacted Chen Yuwen.Chen Yuwen is a reporter from Chongming Rong Media Center. He also often serves as the host of the appearance. The authentic Chongming words, coupled with the characteristic local slang, make many friends who like Shanghai language become her loyal fans.During the Flower Expo last year, the Chongming District Rong Media Center launched a number of programs recorded in Chongming dialects, all of which were involved in Chen Yuwen.She reads a nursery rhyme "Cat Mi Mi" (click to see the video report of this newspaper) in Chongming. She bite clearly and has a beautiful voice. She was reposted by many Shanghai citizens on the Internet.

Chen Yuwen told me that this cooperative she went to, the "torch" of the planted "torch" is developed by the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences.This variety is characterized by large fruit types, high sugar, and more water, and it is more cold -resistant than ordinary coriander.At present, the cooperative is slow -selling due to the epidemic, and she hopes to take this opportunity to fight against her hometown.

A few days ago, I posted a small article about the paintings of Loquat Guo (click to see this newspaper report). Many friends asked me, how can I read the Shanghai dialect.I learned a bit of fur in the law of the Shanghai language.So I asked the Shanghai language expert Ding Dimon, and Mr. Ding replied, "I read the Shanghai dialect, don’t climb it."

Chinese painting "Loquat Mantis Picture" Author: Cai Jianming

In the 1970s, Teacher Ding used to be a teacher on Chongming Farm for a few years: "At that time, he could only grow food, there was an orchard, and only raw pears and peaches. These I have eaten on the farm."

Teacher Ding told me that last year, her family drove to Dongshan, Suzhou to buy a lotus. This year, she couldn’t go because of the epidemic.My daughter wanted to buy a group, but she did not succeed, so she hasn’t eaten it so far.

Some friends said that the trees at the door of the building are all natural fruits, and some people step on the ladder and hold the tools to pick the ladies; friends living in Zhoupu sighed, when they can go home to pick up the loquats planted by the mother -in -law on the other side;There are several loquat trees in the yard in front of their own windows. Unexpectedly, there are 7 large and small.And I prayed secretly in my heart, I hope that all of them can find those who love it. May Teacher Ding and friends who have not yet tasted the sacrifice come earlier.

News Morning News Throsty APP Reporter Yan Shanshan

Source: News Morning News

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