There is also a possibility of pregnancy during breastfeeding

Many people feel that breastfeeding will not be pregnant during breastfeeding, so there is no contraceptive measures, which is accidentally pregnant after sexual life, resulting in damage to the body without recovery.This is caused by some of the wrong views of everyone.

After the mother gave birth to her baby, she was fed with breast milk.When the baby sucks the nipple, it will cause the mother’s body’s pituitary gland to release prolactin.Capitamin can allow breast milk to secrete milk, and at the same time inhibit the production of follicles, causing menstruation to not appear.

It is precisely because the menstruation does not appear that the prospective mother thinks it is safe, so she does not take contraceptive measures during sex.

In scientific research and clinical trials, there is a method of "breastfeeding after a contraceptive method", which can indeed be contraceptive.However, when using this method contraception, we must fully meet the following five principles:

1. Pure breastfeeding within 6 months after delivery;

2. At any time, as long as the baby is hungry, you must breastfeed your child;

3. Be sure to breastfeed first and then feed supplementary food;

4. Even if mothers and babies are sick, they must insist on breastfeeding;

5. Do not give baby bottle or rubber pacifiers.

If you can guarantee the above five points, and the mothers who have not recovered have been recovered, the probability of pregnancy is less than 2%after sexual behavior.However, according to the regulations of our country, many mothers have to go back to work in about four months, so it is difficult to ensure the above points.

After work, it is impossible to feed the baby as soon as possible, which will lead to a reduction in the secretion of prolactin. Slowly, the follicles gradually begin to develop.Even if menstruation has not recovered, ovulation may have begun.Everyone’s time to restore menstruation is different. Some people are slow, some people are fast, and some new mothers start ovulation around 28 days after giving birth.

Even if the above five requirements are fully achieved, there is still a 2%chance that unexpected pregnancy will occur.Therefore, you must pay more attention when using the breastfeeding contraceptive method.

Under normal circumstances, the eggs have the ability to conceive within 24 to 48 hours after discharge, and the survival time of sperm on the female reproductive tract is 2 to 3 days.Therefore, sexual behavior occurs 2 to 3 days before ovulation or 1 to 2 days after ovulation, and it is possible to get pregnant.Therefore, we can calculate that the safety period is usually within 10 days after menstruation, and the 20th day after menstruation until the next menstruation.

Basically, except for the ovulation period, the rest is the safe period.Sexual behaviors will basically not cause pregnancy in the safe period, but this method is only suitable for female friends with the regular menstrual cycle.

Before giving birth to a child, he can accurately use the safety stage contraception, but it is not applicable after giving birth.Because the rules of menstruation have been broken, there is no way to calculate the accurate safety period. Therefore, do not contracence through the safety period after giving birth.

Oral contraceptives are made from artificially synthetic estrogen and progesterone, and the probability of success is very high.

If you use breast milk to feed your baby, it is best not to take contraceptives, because some components of contraceptives will inhibit the secretion of milk and reduce the milk of the new mother, which will cause the baby to lack nutrition.And after this drug enters the baby’s body with milk, it will have a certain impact on the baby’s growth and development.

From the perspective of the baby’s health, the new mother is best not to use contraceptives.If you can only rely on taking contraceptives to contraception, you must choose some pure mood -shaped hormone contraceptives without estrogen,

If you have taken contraceptives, you can only drink plenty of water to speed up the speed of the drug excretion. It is best not to breastfeed these days.

In China, because of family planning, many families choose to go to the ring.In fact, the upper ring is placed in women’s uterine cavity. Through mechanical stimuli and chemical interference, women no longer get pregnant.

Because the Shekuan does not affect ovulation and has no harm to the body, many people will use this method to contraception.However, new mothers must pay more attention when using this method, and choose the right time.

After just production, the uterine wall is relatively thin and soft. If you go to the ring at this time, the perforation will occur.

Usually, if it is a delivery, it can be on the ring after 3 months; if it is a caesarean section, it is best to wait for half a year.Some new moms will resume ovulation in about one month after giving birth. At this time, it is necessary to pay more attention to sexual behavior, because it is the possibility of pregnancy.

After reading the four contraceptive methods during breastfeeding, each method is beneficial and disadvantaged.Next, a best way to contraception -let men use condoms.

On the one hand, the method of condoms is very simple, and many places can be bought. On the other hand, using condoms have no effect on sexual life, and can also prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you want to use a condom contraception, wear it at the beginning of the same room, and then check the condom if you have a break, and immediately take it out after the end.

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