There is no "signs" for pregnancy?The 4 performances of the body tell you that the pregnant mother must know

Nowadays, the rhythm of life is strong, and the pressure of young people is getting greater and greater. While young people want to fight more, they will have a good life when they are older.

So many young people now choose late marriage and childcare.However, many times when you want your baby, you will not be so easy. Young people stay up late to work overtime, irregular diet, black and white upside down, and so on.

If you are preparing for a pregnant mother, remember to pay attention to your physical changes, the baby will signal to the mother.

Xiaoyi is a sales director of a foreign company. It will be particularly busy at the end of the year. Overtime and business trips are common. For the bonus dividends at the end of the year, I can’t wait to visit customers who do not rest for 24 hours.

Because of the overtime and overtime points for more than a week, Xiaoyi was finally tired to visit customers. It was not a big deal to be sent to the hospital by passers -by, but it was too tired to take a rest.Another good news is that Xiaoyi is pregnant.

I do n’t know if all the thoughts are at work. Xiaoyi does n’t feel at all about pregnancy. Fortunately, the baby is as strong as her, and there is no problem at all. If there is anything, they will regret death.

Many people have always wanted their babies but they have not succeeded, and their bodies are healthy. The root cause is that the time is not selected.

The chance of successful pregnancy in the same room during the ovulation period is very high. If women’s menstruation is normal, the first day of menstruation is calculated, and day 13-15 is the ovulation period.Female friends have feelings of female friends, their body temperature rises, and the secretions increase.

Women will excrete 1-2 qualified eggs every month. After excrement, they live in the body for 2-3 days, so if you want your baby’s husband and wife to master the right time, it will be more effort.

The delay of menstruation is one of the most obvious and easiest signals, in addition to this, there are 5.

① rise in body temperature

Women’s body temperature increases due to the increased hormone level due to the production of luteum in the body during ovulation and pregnancy.The body temperature of normal people is 36-37 degrees, and it will increase by 0.5 degrees after pregnancy.

Therefore, many pregnant mothers will take cold medicine because they have a cold in the early days. This is very dangerous that it may affect the fetus.

② Breast pain

Estrogen in the body after pregnancy increases, the breasts will feel swelling, and it will even feel tingling. Generally, it will appear in the early stage and disappear after a few days.

Breast pain can also occur before menstruation, so many mothers think that menstruation is coming, so he doesn’t care about this signal.

③ It is easy to fatigue and drowsiness

A small life grows and develops in the body and absorbs the nutrition of the body, so the mother will feel tired.When human body is fatigue, you want to recover your physical strength by sleeping. It is like playing games. It is about to hang up and replenish blood and replenish blue.

④ A sense of smell and sensitivity

After pregnancy, the taste will become particularly tricky. The things that you love to eat may be motionless, and you may not want to eat a certain food feelings.

The sense of smell will also become particularly sensitive. It cannot smell the irritating taste. Even the oil fume of the kitchen can not smell, and it will be nauseous and vomiting.This is also a common bridge in many TVs: it is stimulated by odor and feels nausea and vomiting and then finds pregnancy.

① normal menstruation

Menstruation is about ovulation, ovulation is about pregnancy, so it is fundamental.

② Gong Han

The cold fertilized eggs are not easy to bed, and pregnancy will be difficult.To keep warm for pregnancy, refuse cold drinks.

③ Appropriate age

Women are the best pregnancy time within 28. The older the age of the body will show a downward trend, which is not conducive to pregnancy and the health of fetal health.

【Mom Sending】

Moms who are preparing for pregnancy must pay attention to the changes in her body. The baby will send a signal quietly to the mother. It is very important to the fetus in the early pregnancy.

【Topic today】

How do you find that you are pregnant?

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