There is no need to worry about the symptoms of vulvar itching. Remember these 2 points.

Clinically, vulvar itching is a common symptom in gynecological diseases. A variety of gynecological lesions and external stimuli can cause itching of the vulva.When itchy attacks, women will feel unbearable in their lower body, restless sitting, and unable to live and work normally.Especially at night, the degree of vulvar itching will increase, which seriously affects the patient’s sleep quality.In the face of this kind of problem, many women feel embarrassed.However, if you want to completely eliminate the vulva itching, you must not taboo diseases and doctors, but actively treat it.

1. The cause of vulvar itching

1. Disease causes itching of the vulva

If women suffer from gynecological diseases such as moldy vaginitis or trichomonas vaginitis, they can cause symptoms of vulvar itching.In addition, if you have diseases such as diabetes, jaundice or urethral infections, it may also cause itching of vulva.

2. Bad living habits

Some women do not pay attention to the hygiene of private parts. Under the long -term stimulation of urine sweat or menstrual blood, the vulva is increased, which makes itchy symptoms of sensitive vulva skin.

3. Dressed in clothes discomfort

If a woman wears impermeable underwear and clothing for a long time, the vulva has been in a sultry and humid environment for a long time, which not only increases the chance of gynecological inflammation, but also increases the possibility of vulvar itching.

Second, dual -tubes eliminate vulvar itching

1. Treatment of primary disease that cause itching

If you want to completely eliminate the symptoms of vulvar itching, you must not use the medication blindly. Instead, with the help of a doctor, you must find the culprit that cause itching and treat this disease.Only by cured the primary disease can the vulvar itching recur.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene at all times and maintain good living habits

Women must pay attention to maintaining good living habits, personal hygiene, diligently replace underwear, and keep the vulva clean and dry.Try to avoid wearing chemical fiber underwear, be sure to choose breathable and loose underwear materials.During the vulvar itching, the diet should pay attention to light, and avoid eating irritating food.

In short, itching of vulvar itching on women is relatively large, and it must be actively dealt with.For example, find the cause of induction, deal with the cause, and make reasonable care in life, and eliminate vulvar itching in both priles.

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