There will be these changes during pregnancy!

Human beings are also "one thing" in all things created by nature. They have various needs. In addition to daily clothing, food, housing and transportation, they also include "physiological needs".Of course, women who bear the heavy responsibility of the next generation have also had "physiological needs" in a special period of pregnancy.

Take the pregnant woman Xiaoli, for example, she is now troubled by some embarrassing situations. She quarreled with her husband because of a little thing, and her husband did not dare to mess with her. She could only go to the neighbor’s house to hideWords.

Later, Xiaoli also realized that she had too much temper and called her husband to apologize. When this incident was calculated; as soon as this bad temper went down, Xiaoli always started to quarrel and want to eat spicy powder. At first, her husband bought her for herIn a barrel, she didn’t expect her to eat, so she would not eat if she was not allowed to eat.

And I always go to the toilet frequently. I stayed for a long time as soon as I went. On one morning, Xiao Wei had been in the toilet. Her husband’s face was not washed and went to work without washing.

In fact, small embarrassment like this is normal for pregnant women, and you don’t have to feel embarrassed, because this is a normal "physiological needs", just as normal as a baby needs to drink mothers’ milk.

The three major physiological needs of pregnant women

1) The needs of venting emotions

Women are more delicate and emotional than men, so it is easy to be moved. Many women will be touched when watching TV dramas and crying together.

After pregnancy, it becomes more sensitive, and will inexplicably start all kinds of concerns, worrying about the health of the child in the stomach. If you are doing some bad behaviors in the family at this time, it is likely to touch themSensitive nerves, then there is a big trouble or crying behavior.

In fact, not all pregnant women have such changing emotions, but there are still certain differences between people, so do not blame your family members, add more tolerance and understanding; and pregnant women should not be afraid to affect others and choose themselves and choose themselves themselves.Understand silently, after all, bad emotions will vent, so that the mood will be comfortable and benefit the child’s growth.

2) Frequent needs of toilet

Generally, pregnant women will begin to develop frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy, and in the middle and late pregnancy, they will become particularly frequent. They just come out of the toilet, but they always feel uncomfortable and want to go. HoweverIn terms of it, it is basically a state of sitting on the toilet.

One of the most common "small embarrassments" of pregnant women during frequent urination, because a small life is installed in the stomach. Although this villain is still very small, he has occupied the uterus of the pregnant mother, and over time, he has moved over time.He will occupy more and more space.

If you cannot eliminate the excrement in the body in time, it will have an impact on the body of the pregnant woman, and it will also have a certain impact on the child for a long time, so try not to endure the toilet because of embarrassment.

3) A appetite changes

After pregnancy, due to the influence of hormone changes in the body, many pregnant women will have different degrees of picky eaters. Some things that have never been eaten before now they want to eat very much. If they can’t eat it, they will feel uncomfortable.Want to get angry.

There are also some pregnant women who appear, and they may like to eat some kinds of food before, but after pregnancy, they will want to vomit the taste of that food.

Sometimes the taste of pregnant women suddenly changes, not because of her mouth, but because the body lacks some trace elements, which affects the fetus.Therefore, a smart little guy will send this special signal to the pregnant mother to remind that the pregnant mother must not ignore it. As long as the corresponding safety measures are taken, the food hygiene at the entrance.

Don’t worry too much during the shelf life.And if you do n’t eat it, it may really lead to nutrition, so you will lose money.

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