These 5 places in the body of the pregnant mother hurt, then it means that the baby develops very well

Women who are pregnant are not easy, not only to face the discomfort of the body, but also the pain that appears on her body.In fact, the pain of women during pregnancy is normal.Moreover, if there is pain in these 5 places, it also shows that the baby develops well in the stomach.

1 chest pain

Since it has increased since the early pregnancy, the congestion is obvious, so expectant mothers will feel tingling with swelling, and even a small amount of milk secretion. In fact, these are normal reactions during pregnancy."Grain" is not a problem with the emergence of pregnant mothers.

How to relieve: Although pain during pregnancy is not a big deal, this sourness also affects life. Pregnant mothers can wear breastfeeding underwear or have no steel lingerie.In addition, you can use hot towels to compress it to reduce the pain.

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2 The ligament pains pain

After the middle of pregnancy, as the fetus gradually matured, the uterus also increased rapidly, and the ligament around the uterus changed from the original relaxation state to a tense state, especially a pair of round ligaments located on the front of the uterus. Due to excessive pulling, it may cause traction.Pain.However, if the abdomen of the pregnant mother suddenly suffers from severe pain and is accompanied by other symptoms, such as bleeding and dyspnea, these are dangerous situations when the fetus is encountered, and they should go to the hospital immediately.

How to alleviate: This kind of ligament pulls can be reduced as long as it takes a little rest. In addition, pregnant mothers during pregnancy can often sit cross -legged, exercise the ligament of the thigh, and prepare for the future delivery.In the second trimester, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to calcium supplementation. It is best to make up milk and calcium tablets every day, which can also reduce the pain of ligaments.

The breastfeeding breasts are designed for mummy during the pregnancy period. The upper stools and breastfeeding buckles can easily pull the cup for lactation, which is convenient and not embarrassing, and reduce pain caused by pulling.Will feel oppression, relieve pain and tenderness.

3 back pain back pain

When the fetus grows continuously, the weight of the baby will increase pressure on the back of the expectant mother, and squeeze the sciatic nerves, so that the expectant mothers will have strong tingling in the position of the legs below the waist to the leg.

How to relieve: Pay attention to choosing your own comfortable position and sleeping posture in daily life can reduce this pain. Try to lie on the left side when sleeping, and place a pillow between your legs and knees to increase the blood flowing to the uterus. Do not use it during the day.Standing or sitting for more than half an hour in the same posture. In addition, swimming is a particularly good pregnancy exercise, which is not only conducive to giving birth, but also relieves sciatica.Essence

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4 pubic pain

Entering the middle and late pregnancy, some expectant mothers will feel the noise of the pubic bone, and there is a feeling of pulling. When going up the stairs, the pain is even more obvious.In addition, the gap during pregnancy will be widened, which is to meet the physiological needs of the baby’s gradually growing up.After the delivery of pregnant women, the widening gap between the pubic bone gradually resumes the original position.

How to relieve: This soreness feels ecstasy when the toe bone hurts, so if the pregnant mother feels difficult to walk, she must rest in bed.

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5 The uterus of the gastric pain is gradually increasing, and other organs respond to the uterine place, so the stomach pain during pregnancy is normal. This is because the increased uterus compress the stomach.In addition, hormones make the muscles of isolation in the esophagus and gastric diaphragm, which causes gastric acid to roll upward and cause a burning sensation in the chest.

How to alleviate: Pregnant mothers can eat less and eat less, and eat light diet, avoid spicy food and cold drinks, reduce stomach stimulation. If you feel sour as gastric acid, you can drink some soda to reduce discomfort. Of course, if you are serious, you still have to go to the hospital.receive treatment.

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During the pregnancy, although these 5 pains made the pregnant mother suffer, it also means that the fetus is developing. It is a signal of the health of the fetus. Therefore, for the baby, the pregnant mother will endure it.

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