These beauty projects should not be done during pregnancy.

Aesthetics is a woman’s nature expectant mothers, no exception

Beauty is the nature of a woman, as is the same after pregnancy.But during pregnancy, expectant mothers should not go to the beauty salon beauty, because the skin is very sensitive after pregnancy, and it is easy to cause skin problems.In addition, making beauty will not have much effect on preventing pregnancy spots on the face.The most important thing is that the composition of beauty products is difficult to conclude whether the fetus is safe, so in order to ensure that the health of expectant mothers and fetuses must not be done.

During women’s pregnancy, more estrogen and progesterone levels in the body are more than when they are not pregnant, and endocrine will also change slightly. Some people may be obvious than usual after pregnancy.However, the hair removal should not be used, and it is not advisable to use an electric needle removal. It can be scraped with a special hair removal knife.Because the hair removal agent is a chemical product, it will affect the health of the fetus, and the current stimulation of the electro -needle hair removal can also hurt the fetus.

Foreign studies have shown that expectant mothers should try to use aromatherapy and skin care, especially for three months before pregnancy.Because the development of essential oils for the development of the fetus may also have a miscarriage of the fetus. After three months of pregnancy, you can consider Tianzhu mint, lemon, citrus, sandalwood wood, and jasmine and lavender must be used after four months of pregnancy.

Pay more attention to pregnant women with aromatherapy

Proper massage can relax the spirit of pregnant women and relieve tension and discomfort during pregnancy.However, we must choose the right method and location. Generally, it is not advisable to massage the abdomen. The strength of the feet reflection and pressing point massage must be light.

Premium mothers should not have sauna, because high temperatures exceeding 50 ° C will increase the possibility of abortion in pregnant women who are three months pregnant. After seven months of pregnancy, premature birth may be available.

Pregnant women’s pregnancy spots are the result of endocrine changes, which are normal physiological phenomena rather than pathological phenomena.After production, the stains are generally faded slowly. The freckle cream used during pregnancy removal contains lead, mercury and other compounds, and long -term use of certain hormones will affect the development of the fetus, and there is a possibility of malformation.

Self -confident and healthy pregnant women are the most beautiful expectant mothers

In addition, you should not maintain a fixed posture for a long time when you do beauty. You must coordinate your body at any time according to your own situation.

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