These two inspection items during pregnancy are expensive and one cheap, but it is useless. Pregnant mothers can not be fooled.

In order to ensure the health of the fetus during pregnancy, the pregnant mothers need to do a lot of prenatal examinations, and there are many times of these prenatal examinations. The general checkup is to go to the hospital for the first place around the 11th week after pregnancy.After the secondary check, the pregnant mothers will receive the "pregnant women’s health manual" after the first birth checkup, and then the pregnant mothers will go to the examination according to the doctor’s suggestion. After the 28th weeks of pregnancy,To do the checkup every two weeks, it is inspected every week in the third trimester, and then until childbirth. In fact, some of the production inspection items done by pregnant mothers during pregnancy have no effect.There is no effect, especially these two inspections, the mothers should not be fooled.

1. Detection of folic acid in early pregnancy

The folic acid test in the early pregnancy is a prenatal examination of pregnant mothers, but this test is not necessary for pregnant mothers, because the first three months during the preparation of the pregnancy and the three months after pregnancy after pregnancyInside, it is necessary to take folic acid tablets. This is to prevent fetal nerve tube malformation, so there is no need to do folic acid test in the early stages of pregnancy.There are no items listed as a must -check. In addition, the price of folic acid detection is relatively expensive. Generally speaking, it costs more than 400 yuan for this folic acid test. This price is relatively high, but for pregnant mothers and fetuses,It is said that it is not very useful, so in order to prevent being fooled, pregnant mothers need to make effective trade -off on this inspection item, and then decide to do folic acid testing, but generally this folic acid testing is not very meaningful.Just do a pregnancy test.

2. Couple ABO Blood Types Blood Different Hemolysis

ABO’s blood type is not common, but the condition is mild, it is easy to be ignored. The determination of the couple’s ABO blood type is generally around 25 weeks of pregnancy. The blood type of ABO blood type often occurs in the mother blood type O in the mother. The blood type of the father is the blood type.Type A, B, and AB may occur hemolysis, which is an ABO blood type incomplete hemolysis disease, but not all babies will develop diseases, and some treasures will not cause treasure.How much, the degree of antibody and fetal red blood cells and the strength of A and B antigen is closely related to the ability of fetal hematopoietic production, so pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. Although the price of this test is cheaper, the cost is generally around 100 yuan.Although this test is not expensive, pregnant mothers must also choose whether to do this test in combination with their own conditions.

Pregnant mothers are indeed very hard during pregnancy. The birth checkup is very troublesome and time -consuming, but for the normal development of the fetus, the pregnant mother and the dad can also be assured, but some of the production examinations are not very useful, and it is a waste of time.The price is not cheap, so for these two inspections, pregnant mothers can decide in combination with their own conditions, and then in addition to this, pregnant mothers also need to understand the role of each inspection during the birth checkup, so what about you?Do you do these two inspections when you are in Huaibao?

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