These two kinds of pregnant women need to repeatedly conduct routine urine examination during the birth check. Doctors attach great importance to

A treasure mother talked to me, why do I check the urine routine every time I check?Can it be seen from the urine that the child is abnormal?Regarding this issue, it seems that it seems that it is not related to pregnancy, but it is inextricably linked. Today, I will discuss the small secrets of urine routine.

Many abnormalities during pregnancy can be judged by urine routine

Urine routine can detect gestational diabetes

There is a urinary sugar indicator in the routine of urine. The urine sugar during pregnancy is negative, which represents normal, indicating that the blood sugar is also maintained in the normal range, and the diet during pregnancy is not much problem.If it is prompted, it may be diabetes during pregnancy, and further examination must be checked and determined.

Urine routine can detect urinary system diseases

More than five urine white cells represent infection. Pregnant mothers first investigate whether they have recently had urinary pain urgency and other diapers infection.The symptoms of itching, or if you have discomfort in the lower abdomen, if there are secretions on the underwear, it may be vaginitis, and further examination needs to be checked. If you diagnose vaginitis, treat it to avoid affecting the health and the development of the fetus during pregnancy.

Urine routine can detect pregnancy hypertension

If it is not surprising, urine protein is a minus number. If (+-) appears, it means that the content of urine protein is suspicious and positive. The cause of this result may be that this result may be pregnancy hypertension and nephritis.In the symptoms, doctors will also ask for diet, such as eating less salt, eating more fruits and vegetables, if necessary, do a lower renal function test to exclude the kidney burden caused by pregnancy. Drink less water at night.In the phenomenon, doctors generally recommend a routine urine examination. Combining the increase in blood pressure, it is likely to suffer from pregnancy hypertension.

Under normal circumstances, if the pregnant mother suffers from pregnancy hypertension or diabetes, it is necessary to repeatedly perform routine urine examination.Update, the doctor can know her condition changes as a basis for the treatment.

However, ordinary pregnant women, routine urine examinations are not frequent. They are checked during the construction of the production inspection. If there is no abnormality, there is no need to do urine routine every time.Only a reasonable diet and regular work can spend a stable pregnancy.

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