This 6 kinds of discomfort for pregnant women is not a big deal. Calcium supplementation, calcium and calcium, you should eat food and eat, and you have to move.

Guide: fetal movement problem, navel eye pain problem, bone pain problem, poor appetite, indigestion, constipation problem

A friend on the Internet is 4 and a half months pregnant. Recently, she feels uncomfortable. She asked me: When the fetal movement moves, it is frequent, but the navel eye pain, the pain of the bone, poor appetite, and poor digestion (I feel that food has always been in the esophagus). These are pregnant women.Is the normal phenomenon?

The questions raised by netizens are more than one aspect, but they are normal. Let’s analyze it one by one.

Fetal movement is regular. It is the most frequent at night, and the frequent in the morning is second only to the evening, and it is not frequent during the day.After eating, after taking a bath, and listening to music, the fetus will feel the changes in the body of the pregnant mother, and they will also move frequently.

Therefore, pay attention to observe whether the fetal movement frequently appears in the above situation, if so, don’t worry.The fetus also needs to rest. I have to sleep for more than 20 hours a day.

In 4 and a half months, the uterus was as large as a small watermelon.The increase in uterus will support the big belly.The skin around the navel eyes is the most delicate, and it will feel pain when it is stretched.This may also be a sign of long stretch marks. Pay attention to applying some olive oil to relieve discomfort.

At 4 and a half months, the fetal bones begin to develop, and more calcium needs to be absorbed.If the pregnant mother does not supplement calcium in time, it will give priority to the fetus, and the calcium will be deficient.One of the manifestations of calcium deficiency is the pain of cheekbone, which suggests calcium supplement.

Calcium supplement can eat calcium tablets, which is the most effective.Pay attention to the dietary calcium supplementation, milk, soy products, green leafy vegetables, bone fish, shrimp skin, etc. are good high -calcium food.

The appetite is not good and it is normal.After 3 months, some mothers have improved their bodies and their appetite will increase.But there are still some mothers’ appetite that cannot be recovered, which has something to do with personal constitution.

When I was pregnant with Erbao, my appetite was not good. I continued until the day when there was a child.The whole pregnancy has been bitter, and there is metal flavor after eating, and the amount of rice has always been small.But the fetus is not affected.

Digestion is also normal, and the level of hormone in the body is relatively high after all.Hormone releases the smooth muscle of the intestine, slowing down food peristalsis, and weakening digestion capabilities.After the uterine increases, the belly gradually grows up, which will squeeze the stomach and intestines, make the stomach smaller, and affect the digestive function.

These two reasons will cause food to indigenize, which is normal.What you have to do is a small number of meals.Usually bring some food around you, and eat when you are hungry.

Constipation is also a problem that plagues many pregnant women.Because of the decrease in dietary dietary fiber intake during pregnancy, there will be constipation.

Usually pay attention to eating more green leafy vegetables, drink plenty of boiled water, and perform some exercise that can be achieved to make the intestines peristals, and the problem of constipation will be solved.

In short, the feeling of pregnant mothers is normal, indicating that the pregnancy is stable and the fetus is healthy.Do not worry!

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