This is a medicine, not a small stove, and a rush to drink medicine?End, sweet

The emperor gave me a bowl of soup.

I hadn’t had time to drink, and the concubine ran over.

I was stunned and shouted.

These years, someone is rushing to drink?

After drinking, the concubine looked at me with a sad look.


Ah, I realized that the emperor was sleeping every day where he was sleeping in the concubine. He came to me in the palace of cold Buding, and directly descended as the queen. The queen was sealed during the day. The emperor was still resting at me at night. She was unhappy!

The eunuchs who came next to the soup were all operated by the concubine.

"Don’t think that the palace does not know, is this the little stove that the emperor gave you? Also want to make up for your body, dream you!"

After talking about the concubine threw her sleeve, she left without returning.

Leave the messy eunuch in the wind, and I am obsessed with me.

The concubine’s sister is indeed beautiful and heavenly.

Although the emperor was tall and handsome, his voice was nice, but his strength was too strong.

I have been able to carry martial arts since I was a child. I do n’t know how the concubine and sister are so weak.

In the afternoon, when the emperor came up, I was still collapsed.

"Mother, the emperor is here."

Seeing that I couldn’t get up, the little girl kneeled and kneeling sincerely.

I put my hand without pressure and drank tea.

I thought the emperor was also my small class.

This matter is long.

My father was a big member. When the emperor or a little fart, we knew each other.

When he was young, he was fat and bullied every day.

It was only later I went to Jiangnan and now I returned.

Is this kind of salute?

Lan Eucalyptus’s eyebrows were a little tired, and peach blossoms looked at me brightly.

This guy hasn’t seen each other for a few years, and he has grown up. He has a wide shoulder and waist, and there are eight abdominal muscles.If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t hold it last night.

I do n’t like other hobbies, I like beauty.

I watched handsome guys lazily.

With this husband, I can’t extend my life?

The little eunuchs of the small palace were all bowed their heads and silent.

The eunuch’s personal eunuch even looked at me anxiously.

Lan Eucalyptus didn’t seem to think that I couldn’t have a ritual problem, just came to hold me.

Leaning in my ear and said, "Is it good? Let you see enough at night."

The low sound stimulated my ears itchy.

When I was a kid, I was obviously a fat pier. Why was it so confused when I grew up?

"Don’t you accompany your concubine?"

I was interested and raised an eyebrow.

The blue eucalyptus was froze, and his face was satisfied.

"Little is jealous?"

Don’t do it!

Over the flowers, the leaves are not stained with my body.

I no longer answer, and stretched out my hand lazily.


Blue raised his eyebrows and rubbed his eyebrow helplessly.

Hold me up steadily.

"Chen Xiangxiang, pass the meal."

"Slave goes," go. "

Gong Chen got up from the ground and looked at me quietly.

Within tomorrow, Nuo Da’s palace, seventy -sixth courtyard, can know my name.

And the queen mother who wanted to stuff her niece in.

Didn’t Blue like that concubine like it?

Today, he will be jealous.

To say that this person can really play, I don’t know how to persuade the old man. The dead old man continues to die and let me enter the palace.

Lan Eucalyptus loves the concubine, knows all the country, and marry me for love. I don’t believe it, most of them are to get in the old man.

The status of the old man in Yipin is destined to give me a three -pointer.

Look at the superficial kung fu, how impeccable.

Then don’t blame me climbing on the rod, petting and arrogant.

Today, there is also a good moody concubine sister to disrupt the palace.

During dinner, I explained my body.

The beef is salty, do not eat, the fish is stabbed or not, the greens are too light, not eaten …

"Xiao Huai, you are too thin, you can’t pick eaters."

Lan Eucalyptus reached out and touched my hair, and touched a piece of vegetables in my bowl.

Too thin, don’t give meat for food?

Although I am constipated, it is not a rabbit.

Revenge is definitely revenge.

"I don’t eat it, unless you feed me."

Good, in a word, two mistakes are made.

Certain me, wrong.

If you want to feed me, it ’s wrong.

I looked at the blue eucalyptus with my time, waiting to watch him eat.

He vowed in front of the old man, vowing, saying that this life would not be a little wronged.

If he punished me today, I turned to sue. If he didn’t punish me, he could only suffer himself.

Like my wit!

Who told him and the old man who asked me not to ask me to bring me up into the palace?

Now Blue not only gives me a warm bed, but also to be angry with me.

The eunuchs around the eunuchs were cicadas.

The entire harem, no one dares to disrespect the emperor.

Blue’s mother -in -law went early. The emperor had only two sons. The son of the queen queen was unwilling to be angry. If she wanted to be too much, she had to support the blue eucalyptus.

Emperor Puppet, silent for many years, was revealed, and seized power.

No one dares to be in front of the young emperor.

"Okay, feed you."

Lan Eucalyptus was not at all, but with a smile on his face, as if I was a person he spoiled in his bones.

My eyebrows were pumped.

It really is a good acting.

A meal was greasy, and the blue eucalyptus was satisfied.

"Why don’t you come here?"

The eyes are about to be dark.

At this time, it should not be, come to someone, say that the concubine mother is sick?Can’t eat?

Do you want the emperor to pass?

As a result, the concubine didn’t come, and I was abducted.

I don’t give up.

"Emperor, are we not bathing yet?"

What do you call me?

The blue eucalyptus blew his ghost at my shoulder nest, and the dumb sound, the peach blossom eyes seemed to be brushed.

Where does the monster concubine come from?


Seeing that I didn’t speak, the blue eucalyptus stretched out.

There was a small goosebump on my neck.

"I don’t mind helping Xiaohuai remember."

Speaking, the slender big hand went towards the connection of my clothes.

I was shocked again, Blue claimed to be me?

Is this infected by me?

What about you?Highly the emperor Gao Leng, what about the one?

For the old man, this is the blood?

For a while, I fell again.

In the middle of the night, I wanted to turn over and found that I was hugged in my arms by the blue eucalyptus.

This healthy biceps have the ability to hug me to death.

I glanced at my eyes and kicked my feet.

"Blue, I can’t breathe anymore!"


Lan Eucalyptus had no signs of anger. He heard me call, and suddenly woke up, hurriedly loosened me, touched my hair, coaxed softly, and shot it gently behind me.

I’m so tired, I can’t help sleeping the first second of the past, there is only one sentence left in my head.

After growing up, it is very good.

When I woke up the emperor the next day, Blue had gone to the face.

"Mother, the concubines come to invite, all in the front hall."

When the little palace girl was dressed, she said respectfully.

I am a little bit embarrassed, why did no one come to ask for it yesterday?

I thought it was the dismissal given by the blue eucalyptus and wanted me to laugh at the harem.

"Yesterday was instructed by the emperor in advance, saying, saying …"

The little palace woman was raised for a long time, and she couldn’t say why, and a small face blushed.

"What to say"

I interrupted impatiently, and when I saw me frowning, the little palace lady couldn’t shyness, and hurriedly knelt down, like an inverted bean, all said.

"The emperor said, the queen’s mother -in -law first took Enze and needed to rest. Everyone must not disturb."

I was stunned. The skill of Blue Eucalyptus was not shallow, one set, and he was coaxed by him a little.

I didn’t change my face, and walked out.

To be honest, Duan tea’s hands trembled.

A group of Yingying Yanyan in front of them can be called all flowers, but they are gorgeous.

Seeing my heart, wow.

There are so many beauty sisters, I can!

Lan Eucalyptus really abandoned the heavenly things, and the beauty of the palace only loved the concubine who had no power.

When it was really infatuated, Ping Bai lost these beautiful sisters and kept alive every day.

After admiring it, only the concubine sister, completely grown to my one, the heart was on the heart.


What about the concubine sister?

"Where’s the concubine"

I asked lightly.

The concubine, although you look good, but my pursuit of the harem will not change.

I was holding the concubine to come to this matter late, and Lan Eucalyptus saw that I had given him popularity, and he would definitely be angry.

I like to see him, can’t get angry, and can’t do what I look like.

As soon as the words fell, the sound of the original sound in the hall suddenly disappeared.

With silence, the eunuch of the palace knelt kneeling.


The concubines below did not serve all the time, and the emperor could not be seen a few times a year. Who dares to speak at this time?

The concubine and mother -in -law holding the emperor in the palm of his hand.

You are keeping in Mingzhe, but I am embarrassed.

I don’t want to be a cold field!

Just as I picked out a set of three -in -three houses, I thought, after all, I have already been in the world, and it is time to learn to break the situation by myself.

"The concubine is here."

The slender voice of the eunuch sounded the quiet palace.

Gospel! Definitely the gospel!

My good sister is here to save the field!

"The queen mother, the concubine is late."

The concubine’s sister’s waist is so thin, the face of the concubine’s sister looks smooth, the hand of the concubine sister is so soft!

When I reacted, I was already squatting in front of the concubine who was saluting and pulled her little hand touched.

The concubine was not angry, and there was some helplessness in her eyes. I obediently let me eat tofu.

It was a circle of people around him, and it was really hot, such as Mang on the back.

The front page of the palace today is shocked!The queen’s mother -in -law touched the concubine’s little hand, what does it mean?

I touched my nose and stood up guilty.

"Where did the concubine go? Don’t you know the time when you please An?"

Entering the play in a second, who is me

I sat back slowly and looked at the concubine high.

The concubine also kept a salute, and only raised her eyebrows.

"The pace of the court is slow, and the living is far away, so it’s late."

It is not a person who is on the sharp heart. When this confrontation does not change the face, it does not look at it.

I was so victorious that I was stimulated all of a sudden.

"The rules in the palace must not be broken. Since it’s late, just kneel for a while and leave."

I drank tea, waved my hand, and let the other concubine who scared the stupid concubine left first.

Someone will definitely go, and now it is already down, and Lan Eucalyptus will definitely come to give his little wife’s wife.

My name is the little palace lady to get me melon seeds.


The concubine was underneath, and lowered her head and didn’t know what she was thinking.

The beauty is prestigious, which is quite pity.

I watched where the concubine’s sister kneeled, I was uncomfortable, who would be willing to see the beauty suffering?

It’s almost an hour in a blink of an eye.

Why don’t you come to the damn blue eucalyptus?


Sister concubine, you look away !!

This dog man doesn’t really love you at all. He is afraid of the power of the old man, and he dare not deal with me!

The concubine couldn’t help it.

"Xiao Guizi, I don’t hurry up to help the concubine."

Xiao Guizi is the concubine’s personal eunuch, but she is tall and strong.

When I heard me speak, Xiao Guizi quickly went to help her concubine, and her hands were shaking.

"Niangniang can get angry"

When the concubine’s sister got up, her legs and feet were not good, and she asked me gently, and there was a smile on the corner of her mouth.

My sister is so good, I love it so much.

But my mission must not forget!

"It seems that this is the case. The emperor does not necessarily look at the concubine’s sister."

Say I inadvertently touched the phoenix on the top of my head

This is the beautiful jade of the tribute. There is only one piece. The blue eucalyptus was ordered to become a sister -in -law, and the next day, it appeared in my makeup box.

In the past, what was sent to the concubine was sent to me. Now I have come here all of me. I do n’t believe it.

"The mother -in -law is the Queen of the Middle Palace, and the emperor is the husband and wife. These Yingying Yanyan must have no name, and it is even more dreaming. The emperor should only spoil the mother."

The concubine stood there with a smile, her eyes were full of smiles, and there was no anger.

I was stunned.

My dad is only my mother, and the house is clean. I can only learn something about the palace fighting from the words.

In a blink of an eye, the words were over two boxes. The concubine’s sister was not angry at all, but became more and more close to me?

I watched the concubine sitting next to me to peel the litchi, countless times.

If I am the emperor, would I also love the concubine?

Nengwen and martial arts, last time I invited her to enjoy the lotus, my feet slipped into the pool. The concubine’s sister said nothing and jumped down to save me. The warm hands made people feel at ease.

I really want to take a rest and elope with the concubine, whine.

"Open your mouth."

The concubine peeled the litchi, put it on my mouth, and smiled.

Whose Heartba was hit, ah, it turned out to be mine.

After eating lychee, I made a noisy concubine with me.

I considered her to live too much too much trouble, so I didn’t ask her to ask for it. She came to accompany me at noon. If she couldn’t live for a while, she would go back.

Hurrying to hold the fragrant beauty nap is the king.

I pulled the concubine, took off our clothes from three times, five, and two, and went to bed.

The concubine and sister are all fine, but a Ma Pingchuan, a little uncomfortable.

I lay down and hadn’t fell asleep. I was about to call the concubine sister to sing a little song to listen to it. There was a little eunuch.

I still remember him, that was, last month, come to send the Zizi soup.

"Mother, the emperor instructed the soup to give you."

I don’t know what the old man in the Tai Hospital used to avoid Zi Tang. After drinking in January, it saved some trouble.

When I was about to reach out, the concubine knocked my hand off.

Originally gentle eyes, fiercely, cold as frosty.

Then, with a thunderbolt, he reached out and took the soup.

Who must not clap the palm of this wave of operation.

The concubine’s sister seems to be empty and beautiful.

Can this avoid soup can be drunk casually?

I was struggling to tell her, this is not the small stove by the emperor.

"You just don’t want to conceive the dragon?"

The concubine’s sister’s voice can freeze to froze.

I am puzzled again. Isn’t it good to be born?

Anyway, in a palace, if you can sleep to the blue eucalyptus, as far as the two of us, if the concubine’s sister had a dragon one step first, the status was absolutely rising.

"Is my sister angry?"

I pulled the concubine’s hand and didn’t expect to be thrown away.

"There is something to do with Chen Xun, go first."

After speaking, without waiting for my response, I got dressed and left.Leave me messy in bed.


Where did I do it wrong?

This problem until the late emperor’s blue eucalyptus came, I haven’t figured out yet.

Blue looks a little angry today, his nose is not nose, his eyes are not eyes.

I’m too lazy to see his stinky face. I don’t know which door he is going to be crazy, isn’t it better than whom, who speaks who is pigs first.

Anyway, he came to coax me in the end.

It’s almost time, and I was almost asleep on the bed. Lan Eucalyptus still had no intention to talk to me. I was sitting in front of the case and seriously criticized.

The candlelight is warm, the moon is hazy, and it is really the most charming look.

I probably have a problem with my heart recently. My heartbeat is so fast. I quickly lay flat, took a deep breath, and took my breath.

I deliberately put my breathing sound a lot, and the blue eucalyptus must have heard it. I have a loud breath. He doesn’t care about me?

Suddenly a little blocked in my heart.

Dead man, don’t talk about talking, kill you!

I wrapped the quilt in anger and rolled to the innermost, facing the wall, and sulking.

"What are you angry?"

After a while, the quilt wrapped on his body was gently pulled.

The helpless sound sounded in the ear.

I pretended not to hear, and my eyes were closed. The dog men were a little bit more colorful. I was afraid that I was confused by beauty and forgive him.

Seeing that I ignored him, Lan Eucalyptus rushed to the quilt and hugged him in his arms.

"Do you want to coax me?"

I laughed angrily.

"I haven’t provoked you, what are you angry?"

I raised my feet and kicked it. Lan Eucalyptus stretched out my hand slowly and held my feet.

My old face blushed, I wanted to break free, and couldn’t get rid of his hand, I had to look at him angrily.

"Avoiding soup at noon today, why do you drink?"

I heard the words stunned and raised an eyebrow.

"I didn’t drink it, the concubine drank."

I squinted and looked at the blue eucalyptus. Is it because he drank from the soup and came to me to calculate the account?

"If the concubine didn’t drink, would you drink it?"

"Didn’t you ask someone to bring me?"

I rolled my eyes, what kind of brain disability problem is.

"Are you stupid? I would ask you to drink these things?"

Isn’t it sent by blue eucalyptus?

I frowned and thought about it carefully. It seemed that the little fat man had always said one. He didn’t dare to say two. Who else in this palace doesn’t want me to have children?


Impossible, she helped me drink twice …

That is······

"Queen Mother!"

She didn’t want me to be the queen, and she wanted to send it in her mother’s niece.

"You just know."

Blue knocked on my head.

The old woman is poisonous.

Murdered by a knife and played well.

"Will I give you those messy things?"

Lan Eucalyptus saw me squinting my eyes for a long time without talking, and stretched out and rubbed my head.

I opened it.

"What about the concubine and sister?"

Lan Eucalyptus was stiff and speechless for a while.

I skimmed, and it really felt sorry for the concubine.

The beloved woman does not even have two bowls of soup, without snoring, and everyone is distressed.

Thinking of the gentle and small face of the concubine’s sister, I was a little disappointed.

Thinking, I didn’t worry about Blue.

"Tonic the emperor, you sleep yourself, I’m going to see the concubine and sister."

Lan stopped me and pressed it on the bed.

"It’s so late, the concubine must have fallen asleep."

The disparity of men and women may be reflected here.

The next day, Emperor I rubbed her waist resentfully and looked at the blue eucalyptus with a satisfied face.

"Good, noon … see you again at night."

Like a puppy, it’s annoying.

I kicked the back, only greeted the man who smiled and left.

As soon as Lan Eucalyptus left, I ran to find the concubine sister.

I thought it was Blue Eucalyptus to avoid the Zitzi Soup. Everyone had a share. I didn’t expect it to be full.

If this concubine’s sister can’t give birth to Long Yan, I really will feel guilty!

"Achun, go to Tai Hospital, please doctors Li."

The little palace girl had a order and hurried to Tai Hospital.

Li Taiyi is the old man of Yi. He is superb medical skills, and lets him give his concubine and sister.

By the way, it doesn’t seem to be good.

I turned my head and ran to the warehouse.

My small vault is full of blue eucalyptus.

Hetian jade Ruyi, take it, the ginseng that is difficult to find, take it, the messy pearl necklace, take it, the bright gem jade pendant, take it …

Take it!

Unexpectedly, the concubine’s sister not only squeezed me, but was so good to me, she really burst into tears.

Twisted Li Taiyi, rushing all the way.

The place where the concubine lived was too far away. Before going out, she packed up for a long time and waited for the place for most of the morning.

Good, I do n’t have to worry about the concubine and sister to eat with me at noon today. I ’m here!

Yuanyuan saw the blue eucalyptus who had not changed.

It’s time to say, he is a bit handsome on his body.

Wait, blue!

Good boy, I caught my handle, right?

I just like one of me, I haven’t come to see the concubine sister.

Also, my sister is gentle and understandable, and she will peel off the grapes.

Who would refuse?

I was inexplicably irritable. It may be that the weather was too hot. When I turned back, I called Li Taiyi to open some recipes to clear the heat and relieve fire.

Doctor Li Shi felt my gaze and trembled.

I snorted, and moved forward.

"Sister concubine, let me see you!"

Nuo Da’s palace is empty, and there is only a wind that answers me …

Shouldn’t it be hugged before and after, is it extremely luxurious?

"Achun, is this in the palace of the concubine?"

The little palace girl behind me was also a little dumbfounded.

"Back to the mother, the emperor has orders, and the idle people are not allowed to approach the concubine palace, so no one has come."

Achun put away a surprised expression and said respectfully.

After thinking about it, it may be that the concubine’s sister was not very born. Lan Eucalyptus was afraid that someone would hurt her secretly, so she moved the palace far away without leaving outsiders.

The little fat man is quite distressed, haha.

No one came to greet me, so I had to go in.

As for Blue’s ban, who cares?

I pushed open the door of the main hall, and was preparing to catch a cricket in a cricket. I broke the scene of my blue eucalyptus and concubine Qingqing, and then took the machine to play.

The results … probably some unexpected.

Since I want to get angry, the door is too hard, and I put myself on the floor in a way near the five -body investment.

The embarrassment is today’s theme …

The ash on the ground was pushed by me, and I cough straight.

Who wipes the ground?Slack!Dushing Lu!Tongtong!

"Xiao Huai!"

Before I got up, I was embraced by a clear list.

This familiar taste is only blue eucalyptus!

The incense burner in the temple seemed to just click, exuding the smell of concubine’s sister on weekdays.

It must be when I just got with Lan Eucalyptus Qingqing!

I was still thinking about it, and the concubine hugged me up and put it on the softened collapse.

"Where did you fall? Such a big person, you can fall when you open the door."

The concubine frowned tightly, and looked at my wrists and knees tightly.

Not to mention, the concubine’s sister is quite powerful.

I returned from my thoughts.

There was a burst of pain on his hands and legs.

The dull pain returned in an instant.

That sour …

The concubine’s sister’s movements were already very light, and I still grinned my painful teeth.

The wrist and feet were screaming.

"Sister, lightly."

When the concubine saw my tears, it was almost painful. For a while, her hands were at a loss, and her eyes were all panic.

"Doctor Li, what are you doing, come and see!" Take a look! "

Yes!Doctor Li!

I looked up, Li Taiyi was knelt down respectfully, and his head was almost buried on the ground. It really did it.

Hearing the concubine’s words, this was trembling from the ground.

Li Taiyi deserves to be the judgment of the Tai Hospital. The method is not to say that it is necessary to deal with a quick and quasi -beyond crime.

Good, I like to mention half disabled, and do not take a bath package for five days.

The concubine’s sister looked at me distressedly, and she didn’t forget to count me in her mouth.

"You said you, from childhood to small, because how many times have you fallen? Because how many times I fell without the threshold when I opened the door …"

Alas, wait …

"Sister, how do you know that I fell from childhood to big?

I looked at her suspiciously.

The concubine’s face suddenly stiffened, and she sneered and touched her nose.

"The emperor spoke occasionally."

Lan Eucalyptus, the old lady is not as powerful as you!

I was so covered with you when I was a kid, but now I ’m going to be old?

"By the way, what about blue eucalyptus?"

I just saw him coming in, and the concubine’s sister still had his taste.

I struggled to get up from the emperor and looked around.

Aren’t you afraid of being seen by me and hid?

"Uh, the emperor was temporarily something, and left." Said the concubine’s sister.


Where did I go from?

The emperor also walked the door?

I looked at the concubine suspiciously.

It’s not impossible. When I was a kid, I often sneaked to me, and every time I was afraid of being found, I came in and out of the dog hole in the house.

I nodded from each other.

Suddenly uncomfortable in my heart, I reached out and touched my heart. What’s wrong?

correct!Forget about the right thing.

"Taiyi Li, show the concubine, can the body be stubborn?"

I hurriedly called Li Taiyi, trying to ignore the inexplicable feeling in my heart.

The concubine’s sister raised her eyebrows, as if she remembered something, looking at me funnyly.

Taiyi Li was standing below, and he was at a loss, sweating from the forehead.

With a look of the concubine, Li Taiyi led her mind, pretending to wipe calmly, and stepped forward to the diagnosis.

For a long while.

"If you return to the mother, the concubine is healthy and has no illness."

I was loosened, just fine, otherwise I would feel guilty for a lifetime.

But is the queen mother so kind?

She can’t give birth to a child for a lifetime.

Puzzle, too puzzled.

After eating with the concubine’s sister, I was ready to go back.

"Send you back to you back."

The concubine’s sister held me who was going to jump back.

"No, don’t you have anything to do every afternoon, I can go back by myself."

The concubine’s sister had a lunch every day, and she couldn’t fight back to the palace. She said that she was not good. At that time, she had to return to the palace to make a bath.

I did not expect that today’s concubine was extremely stubborn and had to send me.

Hold me up and walk steadily.

You don’t have to be so strong. Looking at it, why is it a King Kong Barbie?

Taiyi Li was surprised to see this, and almost fell off two teeth on the door frame.

The concubine sweaty, the blue taste of the blue eucalyptus became more and more rich, and I had the illusion of being held by the dog emperor.

They must have been in Qingqing for a long time before they were stained with such a strong taste.

Difficult to breathe, I stroked my chest subconsciously.

When I arrived at the palace, it had been a long time since the concubine took a bath every day. I urged her to go soon. Did n’t the consequences late?

After listening to various precautions that Li Taiyi explained, the concubine’s sister finally returned worriedly.

I was lying boringly on the soft collapse and flipped the words.

I couldn’t help thinking, do I have any terminally ill, and I often have heartache.

I was tired, so I asked Achun Nian to listen to me.

"Again, you are jealous, you can’t see the officials with other women. ‘"

Gu Sheng pulled Su Su, raised his eyebrows, and said evil.

"I’m jealous? Oh, I’m dead, and I don’t eat your vinegar."

Su Su said impatiently, but his heart was still trembling.

When she thought of Gu Sheng’s intimate move with other women, it was like someone rubbed her in her heart, and her breathing was not smooth.

Even though she didn’t want to admit it, she had to recognize the fact that she fell in love with Gu Sheng.

She fell in love with Gu Sheng.

Fall in love …

Love …

I was lying on the soft collapse and almost didn’t be strangled by my saliva.

What the hell?

I took the book in Achun’s hands and saw "Domineering Prime Minister in Love with Me".

The title of this book is not reliable at first glance, what is jealous or love.

Impossible, absolutely impossible, I can never eat the vinegar of Blue Eucalyptus and Concubine, and it is absolutely impossible to fall in love with …

气 晦, obscure!

I am just physical discomfort, and I am definitely not jealous.

I still remember that when Lan Eucalyptus was sealed without asking my wishes, I circled me into the peerless hatred of the harem where the bird did not shit.

I have been hazy until dinner, I haven’t slowed over.

It really scares to death.

For a long while, the vegetables were almost finished, and the blue eucalyptus hadn’t come yet.

Inexplicably lost.

"The queen mother, the emperor said that the political affairs were busy tonight, so don’t wait for him."

Gong Chen came to pass the words.

I still say that political affairs are busy, I think he is going to accompany the concubine sister, huh, scumbag!

The entire palace is his person. He must know that I fell a dog to eat shit and was injured. They didn’t come to comfort me, care about me, dead scum, no heart!

I eat alone, and I am always unaccustomed. My favorite chicken legs are tasteless.

After eating two sips, I was full, and I went to bed with scrubbing.

Boring, so boring.

I stared at the bed curtain in a daze, and I couldn’t raise my interest. What are you doing now?

Are you really busy, or …


You don’t like him, why do you do?

I did n’t open the window today, I did n’t see the moonlight. The room was dark. I only heard the heartbeat, for a while, as if saying: Yi Shihuai, you are a little liar.

I fell asleep confused, and in the middle of the night, I was put into a slightly cool embrace, with a familiar taste, hot and peaceful, and I subconsciously shrinks to the heat source.

It seemed that someone laughed lightly, hugging me tighter, and kissed gently on her lips.

In the morning, when Achun came to get up, there was only me on the bed. I was a little blindfolded. It was just an illusion last night, or did he really come back?

"Achun, did you come to come last night?"

"Back to the mother -in -law, I came in the middle of the night, only took a while, and went to the face."

Achun gently combed me and answered respectfully.

Thinking of the warm kiss, I unconsciously touched my lips, and my ears were red.

Wake up again, Yi Shihuai!

Speaking of the good flowers, the leaves are not stained with the leaves?

At noon, the concubine came.

I really like the concubine’s sister, but it seems that I really like the dead man of the blue eucalyptus. When I see the concubine’s sister, I unconsciously imagine that the two of them hug.

Will he kiss the concubine sister like kissing me?

Will he hug the concubine sister like holding me?

Mind is chaotic, hey, do I have to eat love this damn bitterness in the end?

"Xiao Huai, what’s wrong? Is the wound hurt?"

I had a meal in the bowl, and the concubine sister asked me worriedly.

The wound has not hurt for a long time. After a night, it was almost scabbing. It was not much mouthful, and the rare concubine and sister cared about me so much.

After a while, the concubine’s sister hurried to turn my sleeve, wanted to see the wound, and asked Achun to ask the doctor.

"It’s okay, don’t worry, but today’s appetite is not good."

I hurriedly stopped Achun and explained to the concubine’s sister.

Such a good concubine can’t find the lantern. I also eat the vinegar of the concubine and sister.

"Sister, do you like the emperor?"

The concubine didn’t seem to expect that I would ask this question, raised her eyebrows, and looked at me in doubt.

"Well, maybe love?"

The concubine’s sister said uncertainly, while observing my look carefully, for fear of saying wrong.

"Then, the emperor comes to me every day, will you be sad?"

I continued to ask, since the concubine sister likes blue eucalyptus, but when he came to me every day, when he went to find the concubine, he was sneaky, for fear of being hit by me.What dissatisfaction showed in front of me was so good to me.

How to solve jealous emotions?

The concubine paused, his eyes flashed with a smile I couldn’t understand.

"It’s not important to be difficult to be difficult, and the emperor must be very happy."

Ah, I realized that the concubine’s sister was so generous because of great love.

What really said in the words, love someone wants him to be happy.

Does the concubine’s sister think that the emperor likes me, so she is ready to be all of us. As for me, is they all love houses and Wu?

The pattern of my sister opened it at once."My sister thinks, the emperor is happy with me?"

I asked curiously, where did I give the concubine’s sister’s illusion? Did Blue have not told her that marrying me is just a measure of power. The purpose is to stabilize the old man, so as to use the rights of the Yi family to consolidate the status?

I do n’t know what the blue eucalyptus was brainwashed for the old man. The old man actually staged a cry at home, crying, two troubles. I had to marry me. Maybe he was too loyal.I really thank you.

"Can’t you see Xiao Huai?"

If the concubine was split, he looked at me with a look of confused.

"I? Should I see it?"

"The emperor is sent to Fengqi Palace for the first time, and the folding child accumulates like a mountain, but he will still come to accompany you to eat. All the rules will be ashamed for you …I was afraid of falling in my palm, and I had no conscience. "

In a familiar tone, Lan Eucalyptus always thought about it, saying that I had no conscience.

After listening to the concubine, there were only a few big words left in my mind: "My silly sister."

Before I entered the palace, the old man Yi found all the concubines.

The concubine is a folk woman. In the past few years, the blue eucalyptus had not stable, and the ministers of all walks of life went crazy to the palace. He was busy with government affairs and never ignored the beauty.

Later, the minister became more and more excessive, and he shouted the queen, and he suddenly sealed a concubine, saying that it was a concubine from a folklore. It was his true love. Unfortunately, the queen was very difficult.Take a scoop and drink, and in the past few years, I have married me.

Originally, I thought that the concubine was a small masterpiece. How did I look a little stupid now?

"Sister, do you say that there is a possibility? I am just the emperor who was sealed only in order to live. The person really likes you?"

"The emperor is not stupid, why is he asking for a cold person who doesn’t like it?"

The concubine hated iron and said.

"For the right of the Yi family."

I blurted out and covered her mouth subconsciously. The concubine’s sister gave people a very secure feeling. I really had no defense. I dared to say anything. If this was passed, it was the crime of being trapped in the king.


"Yi Shihuai, do you have less brains? I forget it."

The concubine’s sister ignored the etiquette and looked at me angrily.

"Do you think the emperor is still missing power now? Above the court, who dares to say a word?"

Seeing the roar of me, the concubine had a softened tone with some unknown distress.

I reacted, quickly closed the window, and ran out again. I was sure that all the palace people were doing something. No one was relieved to get a sigh of relief.

"Don’t say it, the harem must not be in politics. If we are known, both of us will not guarantee."

When the concubine saw me panicked, she smiled and bent her eyes.

"The emperor is distressed that you are too late, why are you willing to kill you?"

In the words, the concubine’s soft lips touched my palm, and itchy.

The two of us leaned were very close, my breathing was entangled, my ears were hot, my ears were hot, and I threw my hands and sat back.

The concubine sister is really confused like blue eucalyptus.

Tonight, blue eucalyptus didn’t come.

The reason is that the government is busy.

I want to see how busy the law is.

The concubine’s sister also said that she likes me during the day, huh, a woman’s mouth is also a deceiving ghost.

Outside the royal study, Chen Gonggong was aside, as well as the personal guard of the blue eucalyptus, Mao Li.

"Blue is inside?"

I walked over and asked.

When Gong Gong came to see me, he was a respectful salute, and carefully said, "Mother, the emperor is discussed with the ministers and go back later."

I did hear the talked of the ears with fine ears inside.

Okay, if you are dealing with things, forgive him not to accompany me for dinner.

It’s better to go to the concubine and sister to eat.

"Achun, go to the concubine palace."

I just finished speaking, Mao Li’s feet slipped and hit a stun.

Can you fall when you stand in a flat bottom?

"Mother, the emperor should be finished, it’s better to go back to the palace for a while …"

Mao Li opened carefully and laughed.

Chen Gonggong’s sharp eyes passed in an instant. This is the most noble queen mother of Dasong.

At that time, the emperor blame him, but don’t affect him.

I didn’t feel offending, I just felt that Mao Li was a bit weird.

"It’s a dark road, thinking about the safety of the mother, it is better to tomorrow …"

"Mao Guard!"

Gong Chen couldn’t listen anymore, and drank it.

I raised an eyebrow, Mao Li looked like I didn’t want me to find the concubine.

Is there any secret?

"Okay, then the palace goes back to wait for the emperor."

Perfunction is the theme tonight.

Mao Li met the blue eucalyptus teenager, and the intimacy was several steps higher than Chen Gonggong.

If you don’t want me to go, there must be a demon if you are abnormal!

At night, the concubine palace, how many ghosts, Nuo Da’s palace was empty, dark.

When I touch the horizontal column, I am all gray, I really thank you.

Do you all take the palace girl?

However, except for the tall maid, the concubine seemed to have never seen other palaces.

I continued to walk in, and there was still no one who opened the door of the main hall.

There were no lights, and the dark paint was painted.

There is a sense of vision of a fierce house adventure.

I shook the goosebumps on my arms.

"Sister concubine! Sister concubine!"

I called twice, my palace was all my echo, but no one answered.

When passing through the hall, when the door is opened.

The wood carved door made a harsh squeak.

"Squeak ~" sounded the entire palace.

The concubine and sister live in such a horrible place, will the body and mind really healthy?

There is no one on the bed, and even a layer of gray!IntersectionIntersection

I scared two steps back and hit Achun to stabilize.

"Achun, look at the cabinet …"

Achun swallowed and trembled and opened the door of the cabinet.

"Mother … what, nothing …"

Achun’s voice was so shocking.I cried too.

What ghost!

In the evening, the concubine was not in the palace, and the room was full of dust, and she still looked like no one lived.

"Mother, let’s go back!"

A Chunqiang stood calmly in front of me, and his tears were almost scared.

Suddenly, there was a rapid footsteps from outside. The door that had just opened the door was irrigated in a large cold wind, and the back of the people was cold, and Achun was brought out of Achun’s hand.

"Ah! Ghost !!!"

Achun yelled and passed out.

Although I was still alive, my legs were really trembling.

The footsteps are getting closer and closer, and in fear, I have an amazing speed.

He dragged Achun and hid under the bed, and did not forget to bring the lights.

Help, I still want to sleep a few times, I don’t want to die!

"Did the queen go back?"

Is this the sound of blue eucalyptus?

I can only see two pairs of feet in my position.

Bright yellow dragon boots!

There is also a pair of black short boots.

"Go back, the subordinates saw the mother -in -law go to Fengqi Palace."

This is Mao Li’s voice.

"That’s good, do it well."

"When do you plan to tell your mother?"

"It’s not the time yet."

As Lan Eucalyptus spoke, he took off his clothes, and Mao Li turned the decoration next to him, exposed a dark grid, and took out two bottles of medicine.

I am blindfolded, what do you follow?tell me what?

Curious as a kitten, scratching my heart itching.

"Emperor, recently, the frequency you use is too high, and you are using it almost every day. This medicine is only the last two."

Mao Li frowned.

"The queen is too sticky, and I am in a hurry to find."

Lan Eucalyptus sighed the medicine.

What is the situation over Jiang Qi?

He swallowed one and continued to ask.


Wuya?Wuya tribe!A mysterious tribe, it is rumored that they have the magic that can make people make a face.

The concubine’s flat breasts, the same taste as the blue eucalyptus, and familiar tone …

Something flashed quickly in my mind.

"It is the fastest thing to say, and it has to be made in March to make new medicines."

Mao Li poured out one of the other bottle and answered.

"Why don’t you tell your mother the truth as soon as possible? Originally, it was also to make a concubine in order to keep the posture for the mother -in -law, dragging the minister, and now you have a great power to hold …"

"No, there is the mother -in -law of the queen mother’s mother, the concubine must continue to exist, and continue to be favored. With this target, the queen is safe and cough.

Blue calmly said that the face of the beauty of the gods brought a cold smell in the darkness.

"The emperor’s dragon body is important, but you want to do medical treatment?"

Mao Li said anxiously.

"No, it may be that the discount was cold last night."

Blue Eucalyptus waves.

"The queen was injured yesterday, you sent her back to the palace, and the time of the batch of discounts was misused.

In the end, he grew up with the emperor. In addition to the monarchs, there is also friendship. Occasionally, he has no harm.

"The old man is a fault, and there are many things."

The tip of the blue eucalyptus ears slightly red, facing Mao Li’s eyes,

Talking also scattered the coldness of the emperor, with a lively spirit.

Mao Li took out two sets of palaces from a humble alley.

The voice of the two also turned into a palace girl in the concubine and her side, soft and gentle.

"Let’s go, it’s time to go to the queen mother’s mother again to play a drama of the sanctuary."

The concubine packed up and dresses, and he hugged her hair bun.

The two farther away.

I was torny under the bed.

Can a big changeable person be okay?

When I heard that the secret of Wuya was heard, I also felt that Mr. Shushu was so God.

Now I can see it, I just want to clap their hands and call it, and I have not punished myself for three cups.

Blue, you are still you.

I took a lot of miracles to wake Achun and go back to the palace.

"Mother, did you see what the ghost was like?"

When he was about to reach Fengqi Palace, Achun finally slowed down, and he was brave, and asked curiously.

I glanced at her bright eyes, and said helplessly, "The shemale looks." ""

"What is the shemale?"

Achun continued to ask.

"Probably, but men and women."

I support the amount.

When I was lying on the bed, I was finally clean.

When I was under bed, I had been shocked, and now I started to accept it. It turned out that I liked the concubine I liked, and I was a little tempted.

Life is impermanent, and the large intestine is covered with small intestines.

However, it was relieved that Lan Eucalyptus said that the concubine was to block the mouths of the ministers. The core task was to leave the position of the queen for me.

Hey, a little sweet in my heart.

In this way, wouldn’t he have a long time to me!

I sat up from the bed.

Why didn’t you find it before?

Good boy, hiding is very deep.And my father, isn’t the old man all the alliance?

Listening to Mao Li’s meaning, except for the mother of the queen mother, blue eucalyptus has long been in control, that is, he does not need to rely on my father to solidify rights, and even my father may have been loyal to him.

I feel more like being pitted into the palace.Thinking about it, I fell asleep again.

A few times in the middle of the night woke me up again.

In the darkness, I opened my wise eyes.

A familiar taste behind him came.I was waiting for Lan Eucalyptus as usual, hugging me into my arms, and I waited for a long time.

A pair of warm hands reached into the quilt and held my hand.

Change the tricks today?

Don’t you hold your hand?

Hehehe, it’s not impossible, although I prefer to sleep.

Lan Eucalyptus kept coughing beside me, suppressing my voice, for fear of awakening me.

In the middle of the night, holding my hand is extremely hot, I was directly awakened.

Isn’t it a fever?

I reached out and touched the temperature of his forehead, and the hot man trembled.

I lifted the quilt to get out of bed.

He pulled my hand to die tightly. I wanted to shake it away. Instead, he held tighter, and he kept thinking about it, Xiao Huai … Xiao Huai … It should be said that he was sweet.

I had to sit beside the bed and yell, "Achun! Achun!"

Achun stayed outside, heard the sound, and soon came in.

"Please be a doctor."

I quickly said.

The Fengqi Palace became lively, and the lights were bright.

After the treatment of blue eucalyptus, Xu Taiyi prescribed medicine and called Achun to cook.

I was lying on the bed, holding one hand tightly by blue, and holding a Paizi with one hand to wipe him sweat.

Don’t burn stupid.

Blue opened his eyes confused and pulled my hand.

"Little Huai, uncomfortable."

Still a child.

I felt a little funny from the state of worrying.

Can’t help but twisted his face.

Ferry and uncomfortable little expression, oh, cute to me."Good, it’s not uncomfortable after drinking medicine for a while."

Coaxed him softly, a softened heart.

"You must kiss your kiss to be good."

Lan Eucalyptus was completely disappearing, and it seemed to be decisive, as if he was always like a child, let me, coax me, and rely on me.

I saw the cunning in his eyes, and the more he wanted to laugh.It turned out to be installed.

Forget it, the sickness is poor.He is preparing to kiss him.

A slender finger, press my lips.

"I was infected with wind and cold, and I gave you again in a while.

The original pitiful appearance was disappeared, and it was the usual evil charm.

The temperature between the lips was hot, and I blushed, and my heart trembled.

The temperature in the room rose, and the blue eucalyptus looked at me instantly.

I really couldn’t stop, and I swallowed subconsciously.

He was surprised for a moment, and his eyes were full of satisfaction.

"Like it?"

He stood up, his bedtime declined, half exposing his strong chest, and the tight abdominal muscles, seductive and asked.

My eyes blinked and looked at him without blinking, the nasal cavity was hot.

"Mother, the medicine is so good!

Achun’s loud voice rang, breaking a room.

I quickly moved my eyes, my face was hot.The rich Chinese medicine flavor is full of the entire palace.

Lan Eucalyptus ended the medicine bowl, and his brows were all dry without frowning.

I have no other words except Lao Tie.

I remembered that he was drinking from Zizi Decoction, and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

The early dynasty was right, and even if it was sick, it could not be delayed.

In the past, Chen Gonggong served Blue Eucalyptus.

Today, I took the stacked dragon robe in the wooden plate and shook away and stood by the bed.

"Get up quickly."

Lan Eucalyptus looked at me, stood up for a while, and said softly.

I have never worn clothes for others, and I always wait for me to dress me. The dragon robes are complicated.

Gong Chen was waiting for something to say something. Lan Eucalyptus waved and stopped, only looking at me gently, and I still made me messy clothes.

A large group of people looked at it, my embarrassing toes hurried.

"I won’t."

His head was in his arms, my face burned, and whispered.

The low smile sounded in your ears.

"I teach you."

After speaking, Blue pulled my hand, carefully solved the mistakes, and found the right position.

Liming is slightly cool, and the room is quiet. Only my heartbeat sounds with his breathing sound.

Lan Eucalyptus went up, and I was lying on the soft collapse alone, doing nothing.

It turned out that the concubine’s sister said that she had to go back to the medicine bath after lunch every day.

As a result, I was injured. The harmful blue eucalyptus was only staying up late to see the folding, and it was cold.

At noon, my concubine and sister came.

I looked at it with my time, and secretly sighed that Wuya’s medicine was really amazing, and I couldn’t see a little flaw at all. Well, except for chest.

At noon, I looked at the concubine for a moment, and looked at her hair.

"Xiao Huai, tomorrow I will go to the National Temple to pray for blessings. I will go for three months.

The concubine said softly.

I mean it was unknown, I stretched the tone, and looked at the concubine with a smile.

I just look at you.

The concubine was watched by me, and she left after eating.

I guess I might go to the queen mother to continue performing.

It’s not easy to get a few positions.

In the evening, blue eucalyptus was like a permanent motivation, so I wanted to slap him to death.

In the end, there was no trace of energy in his arms.

He kissed my forehead and asked softly: "If the concubine is gone, will Xiao Huai be sad?" "

I can’t do it, I just want to sleep, isn’t the concubine just blue?

"No, you’re going."

The hot chest behind him was stiff for a moment, and he tightened again, as if to put me into my body.

"It turns out that Xiao Huai likes me so much."

With a smile, the exhaled air blew into my ear, itching and annoying. I hid and fell asleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, Lan Eucalyptus had gone up.

I didn’t see anyone all day, and in the afternoon, news came from the palace.

The concubine assassinated and died on the spot.My hand shook.


what’s the situation.

He asked me last night in his head.

Also in the concubine palace that day, he said that the existence of concubine was to protect me, because there were hidden dangers in one party.

Now this is, what are the preparations?

Lan Eucalyptus didn’t come overnight, it just made people talk, saying that it was something.

Three days later, in the court, the ministers who inspected the assassination of the concubine were fully evident and said that the assassin was related to the three ministers of the two.

The rules are clear and the evidence is conclusive. By the way, they find out that they have corruption and the iron syndrome.

Lan Eucalyptus was furious, and the nation knew that the concubine was the flesh of the emperor. What kind of thought of assassination of the concubine, and intervening up the emperor’s family affairs, would you like to be the Lord of the Emperor or the Lord of the world?

Corruption and corruption, grasshopper life, and even a crime!

Finally, the three ministers asked with the crime of rebellion.

The queen queen mother came to find Lan Eucalyptus, saying that the concubine was framed, and she had a misjudgment.

The blue eucalyptus was for the age of the queen queen, regardless of right and wrong, and let people send her to the palace to calm down.

I think the assassination may be the planning of blue eucalyptus, but corruption is not fake. I heard that the son of a minister looked at the good family and robbed it. The girl’s father hit the door of the government.No result.

Really deserved, doing evil."Mother, the emperor arrived.

Achun came in to spread.I heard the words, but I still didn’t want to move in the Emperor of the Cole Emperor.

"Little lazy worm, don’t come down to eat yet."

Blue came over and pinched my face.

I tilted my head and looked at him, stretched out my hand lazily, and directed him to hug me.

Chen Gonggong and Achun have been used to me without saluting, and they have commanded blue everywhere, not as shocked as before.

Lan Eucty rubbed the corner of his eyebrows and gently hugged me.

When I approached the table, I smelled a taste. It was my favorite pork elbow. Today I smell it disgusting and wants to vomit.


I quickly turned my head and lying on the blue eucalyptus.

"What’s wrong?"

I was so scared that Lan Eucalyptus quickly hugged me to my chest, put it on her leg, and asked panic.

"It’s unpleasant, walk away …"

"Chen Xiang, remove all the dishes!"

Lan Eucalyptus frowned, and the chills on his face gradually became even better. When he turned his head and faced me, he dissipated and patted my back gently.

"Achun, the people of the Tai Hospital rolled over to me! And there are people who cook today!"

For the first time, I saw such a big fire in the blue eucalyptus, and the cold voice was frozen to death. The eyes were full of sorbous, and the coercion of the superior was undoubtedly revealed.

The people in the house were kneeling on the ground, sticking to the ground with their heads, and no dare to breathe.

Achun and Chen Gonggong were scared that their legs were shaking, and the sound of retrospective was not a tone. When they went out, they were tripped down by the door frame.

I vomited endlessly, all the sour water was vomiting, my face was white, and I leaned in his arms.

"Good, just for a while."

Lan Eucalyptus looked at me distressed, panicked and helpless, and could only hold me tightly, kissing my forehead.

Doctor Xu was led by Mao Li, and those who did not get on the ground came.

The room was silent, and the blue eucalyptus’s face was ugly, standing on the side.

The kitchen of the Royal Dianfang kneeling kneeling and shaking.

Gong Chen also had a face with a white face and kept swallowing.For a long while, Master Xu had a manner again.

Suddenly sighing and kneeling on the ground.

The old voice trembled with a little excitement.

"Congratulations to the emperor, congratulations, the emperor, the queen mother, there is joy !!"


The low pressure in the hall was dispersed for a moment, and the house was congratulations to the emperor and the emperor.

I was frightened in my dying disease, and the clown was myself.

I’m still so young, I’m going to have a baby?If it is split by a thunder.

Lan Eucalyptus hasn’t reacted yet.

Gong Chen wiped the sweat on his head, relieved, and his eyes were full of joy.

"Emperor, the mother is pregnant."

Seeing that Blue did not respond for a long time, Mao Li reminded him with a smile."Xiao Huai …"

Lan Eucalyptus reacted, hugged me into my arms, and hit me for being breathless.

The sound was hoarse and choked with unknown.

Hey, I felt a fierce and crispy feeling in my heart.

Seeing that he still looks good, then I would be difficult to allow their children to inherit his face.

It’s helpless.


The queen mother had children, and the emperor was amnesty in the world. It is said that the little prince was born and was sealed.

"Blue !!"

"What’s wrong."

Hearing the voices of Yi Shihuai’s anger, the noble emperor, quickly put down the memorial in his hand, pushed the door of the royal study room, and went out to welcome the person in his heart.

Gong Gong Chen was used to it. The emperor was outside, ruthless, and decisively killed, and no one dared to talk to him.

It is the queen that allows such a strong person to let go of her body and coax softly, for fear that there will be no way for her wife.

"I don’t want to stay in the palace."

Yi Shi was looking at his frown, his expression was stinky.

The weather in summer is very hot, and the whole person is annoying. She has been in the palace for many years. She really can’t stand it. Will it be EMO?

"Okay, will you go tomorrow, okay, I’ll accompany you."

Lan Eucalyptus carefully led Yi Shihuai, and if no one kissed her sweaty face, it was very gentle.

The emperor really wanted the mother to give the moon without giving the moon. What the mother -in -law said was, it seemed that it was unreasonable. He was a big event here.

Gong Chen heard the words and shook his feet.

Walk?Where do you go?

"I want to go to Jiangnan and I want to go to Mobei. In short, I don’t want to stay in the palace. I’m going to be stuffy, and I will never come back again."

Yi Shihuai pulled blue’s hand and made trouble unreasonably.

"Okay, wait for me to arrange it, okay, okay, how about going the day after tomorrow?"

Blue laughed, and the pets in his eyes were almost overflowing.

When he was young, he watched his affection and warmth. The only light was the little girl with her teeth and claws. At that time, he thought that this unreliable life was as long as she was returning.

He wanted to give her the best things in the world, and wanted her to be more than 10,000 people. The chanting was ruthless, the power of power, and wanted to come to danger. He didn’t want her to have a slightest mistake.

The young and turbulent emotions, countless dreams, and persistent love, buried in my heart, after many years.

Fortunately, heaven cares for him.

On the next day, when the blue eucalyptus went to the dynasty, he deliberately lighted his voice and signaled that Gong Chen would go outside to prepare for clothes and wash, and he was afraid to wake up Yi Shihuai.

But before he left, he couldn’t help but kissed her little face. In this moment, he woke up.

Yi Shi is impatient: "It’s annoying."

Stretch out a white little foot and kick the blue eucalyptus.

As soon as he was grasped in his palm, he rubbed it, and gently put it back in the thin quilt.

Taking the back of Yi Shihuai, he kept a gentle whisper until the person fell asleep again.

In the court, the ministers had waited for a while, but they were accustomed to it, and the emperor always went to coax the mother.

After some play, Lan Eucalyptus said faintly: "I have recently owed the dragon body to peace, and it seems that I can no longer ignore the government.

For a while, the exclamation of the exclamation below gradually rose.

The fifteen -year -old prince was stunned.

He didn’t want to, when he was a young age, he was exhausted!

Wang Shangshu and General Li were calm. Last night, the emperor had been secretly that the two of them went into the palace to discuss the matter.

The prince is a good seed. Although he is young, he is engraved with the coercion of Chu Jun as a model of blue eucalyptus. He has a good understanding of political affairs since he was young.


Gong Chen drank Gao.

On the surface, he didn’t have much reaction, but his heart was stormy.

Unexpectedly, the emperor really did not intend to come back again, and he passed directly.

The queen mother is in the heart of the emperor, but she can’t even compare the Jiangshan community.

The prince did not leave at the Fengqi Palace at night.

"Mother, you have a ruthless heart, you have to leave me to go out to visit the mountains!"

The prince trembled and looked at Yi Shihuai poorly.

He didn’t even dare to make a sound too loud. If his father knew that he spoke loudly to his mother, he would definitely mess up with his palace.

"Anyway, you have to be the emperor sooner or later, what’s the matter."

Yi Shihuai squeezed his son’s face and said with a smile.

It is worthy of her son, so handsome, just look at the mood.

(Lan Eucalyptus cried, he was 10,000 times handsome than that stinky boy. Why is he fierce?

Yi Shihuai: Because you are old.Cure

Don’t go to see the memorial?

After the blue eucalyptus handled the transaction, seeing his son was still disturbing him and Yi Shihuai’s two -person world, frowning and starting to catch people

The Prince Committee pulled his mother and queen grievically, and was reluctant to leave.

"Good, we will definitely come back to see you, and then bring you delicious fun."

Yi Shihuai touched his son’s handsome face, and repeatedly guaranteed it.

The prince pursed his mouth, and he went to the royal study to take a folding.

Wang Shangshu, General Li, and Lord Taifu, have been waiting.

The next day, Lan Eucalyptus took Yi Shi Huai, Gong Chen became a housekeeper. Achun was still a little girl. Mao Li became a driver, and the group went south.

"Well, is your real throne?"

Yi Shihuai poked the blue waist and asked curiously.

Lan Eucalyptus smiled and kissed the forehead of the baby in his arms.

"Mountains and rivers, I can’t bear it, only you."

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