This kind of food is a good helper for immunity

Although taro looks "rustic", the nutritional effect is very good.

So what are the specific benefits of eating taro?What do you need to pay attention to?Let’s take a look together!

Eating taro can help lower blood pressure

Still the "porter" of cholesterol

We know that potato is rich in potassium ions, and potassium ions help the body to discharge sodium, which can help regulate blood pressure.

The taro is compared to other potato, such as sweet potatoes and yam, and the potassium ion content is higher, which is the best in controlling blood pressure in potato.

Taro is also a "cholesterol porter". It is rich in soluble dietary fiber, which can help us discharge excess fat and cholesterol in the body, delay the absorption of energy in the human body, and make the human body from gaining weight quickly in the short term.

Big taro is suitable for stewed meat

Little taro is suitable for steaming and eating

Taro is particularly suitable for combining with meat.Because the taro is rich in structures that can absorb oil, and there are some viscous substances, such as mucin, and the cooking process with meat mixing with meat can adsorb oil through these substances.Therefore, the taro is also called "stewed partner".

There are big taro and small taro on the market. Big taro is generally Lipu taro, and small taro is generally taro.

What kind of taro oil absorption effect is good?Let’s speak through oil -absorbing experiments.

Cut the equal amount of large taro and small taro into pieces of the same size, put them in the same amount of oil, and simulate the stewing process of the taro in the oil pan.

It was found that the amount of fuel absorbed by the big taro was more.

In other words, stewing with big taro and meat can have a better oil absorption effect.

If you stew the taro and meat together, if you eat taro, you must consider that the oil intake may exceed the standard.Therefore, friends can decide whether the taro should be eaten and how much to eat after stewing the meat according to the actual situation of their bodies.

Therefore, small taro is more suitable for steaming, and big taro is suitable for stew together.

Although taro is good, it is a staple food

Not recommended to eat

Taro should be attributed to the category of staple foods. Dietary guidelines recommend that general adults take 50-100 grams of potato daily, and they are heavy.When eating potatoes, pay attention to reducing the intake of other staple foods accordingly.

This is because taro starch content is high. If taro is eaten as vegetables, it is easy to cause energy intake to exceed the standard and more likely to fertilize.

In fact, it is very recommended that you use potato foods such as taro during the epidemic to replace some staple foods. Potatoes contain sticky protein that promote immune activity, which is very helpful to maintain resistance.Text/Yukang (Professor of Clinical Nutrition Department of Beijing Union Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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