Those are not easy during pregnancy

Many people think that having children will be a woman.Especially the mother -in -law and husband in a family.Is it so simple to have children?To this day, there is still a maternal who cannot be rescued today.Those who have seen "Shengmen" can’t say such things.I still remember that when I was at 12 weeks of pregnancy, I went to the provincial three -level hospital to ask for the outpatient doctor if the outpatient doctor was pregnant.The doctor was also pregnant at the time, and it was no seven months at the stomach.The doctor told me not necessarily, such as amniotic fluid embolism.I asked if the amniotic fluid embolism was S. The doctor thought about answering. If you treat it in time, it is likely to save it … Isn’t this the probability that it is probably not the probability?Probably she looked at my face was scary, and comforted me that there would not be amniotic fluid embolism, and she must be relaxed during pregnancy and maintain a good mood.But I didn’t go to the hospital with a good mood!Here I want to tell you about my experience, give the expectant mothers a reference, awaken the prospective dad, and care about the wife who loves you in October.

My menstrual period is particularly accurate, so I can discover it immediately as soon as I get pregnant.It was found that the menstrual period was delayed for three days. One test paper was pregnant.I was so scared to die!Because the old stomach hurts ten days ago, sometimes it hurts to eat, and sometimes it hurts after meals. I went to see the doctor to tell gastroenteritis and took seven days of Chinese medicine to eat.Everyone knows that pregnancy cannot be taken to take medicine randomly, and it is easy to affect the fetus.And not only I took medicine, my husband found that the Helicobacter pylori took four and a half months.It was a trembling district maternal and children’s health hospital, which was the place where the file was built. People said that they had already eaten anyway. You ca n’t do it because you do n’t want children to go home to observe.Now that I think about this statement, it is a bit irresponsible. The aunt found that she had taken medicine during pregnancy. She went to Shijiazhuang Fourth Hospital at the time.No effect, which component effect.Professional things must be found to do professional people.Women and children’s health care are also procedures for the same formalities.Unfortunately, I was too naive at that time. I felt that women and children’s health care was the land of this major. Although it was not a hospital, the people did the inspection, files, and filing. These things must be professional.Later, my friends from the hospital told me that women and children couldn’t do it at all, and many of them went in.What happened at the time of the file also made me doubt about their professionalism.It is generally found that it is more than a month of pregnancy. From the first day of the last menstruation.Blood drawing HCG value and progesterone to determine.Maternal and children let me go to B -ultrasound in six weeks to determine whether it is normal in the palace pregnancy.If abdominal pain suddenly, you must seek medical treatment in time to eliminate ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy).In addition, six weeks of pregnancy may not be seen in fetal heart buds. Some pregnant women do not see that the fetal heart does not mean that the fetus is unhealthy and may develop slowly.If you do n’t worry about this situation, you can see the fetal heart in eight weeks.The HCG value doubles the next day, and it often means that the fetus is not good. If the value is not good, pay attention.High value means pregnancy.I vomited from six weeks to ten weeks.Generally, the peak value is reached from 10 to 12 weeks, and then it will decrease, and the pregnancy will disappear.Most people have severe pregnancy in the morning, and there are severe at night, such as me.I saw it red for six weeks, and a half -box was ate a half box.Didone tablets are safer and more reliable than progesterone, but they are more expensive. It is twice that of progesterone.By 12 weeks, it is basically stable, and you can go to women and children to complete the formalities.When the establishment of the file requires the identity card of both the husband and wife, I committed this error [covering the face] Mr. I took the ID card on a business trip.When the file is established, you can check the results of the maternal and child, or the results of the hospital examination. The results of the hospital’s examination results admit that the maternal and child examination results do not recognize the hospital.Doing B -ultrasound in women and children is one of the most professional B -ultrasounds I have ever seen.The B -ultrasound of 12 weeks is mainly to look at NT. This is a data that determines whether the fetus is abnormal in chromosomes. The critical value is 2.5, which needs to be reviewed.I was lying on the inspection bed for several minutes. At the end of I thought, the B -ultrasound doctor asked me to go to the toilet and then go back to see it.By the way, the B -ultrasound does not need to be urinating at the abdominal B -ultrasound in 12 weeks.When I went back, I heard that Dr. B -ultrasound sighed and thought that he was lying on the way to prevent me. He also heard her told another doctor that the child couldn’t see it clearly at all.After lying for a few minutes, I told me that the child was old, and the machine could not take a screenshot to see NT, but you can tell me a value 2.1.I’m stunned!Since you can’t see clearly, there are values?It is still so tall.2.5 is a critical value and generally does not exceed 2.After I asked, another doctor first said that it was a reference value. If you have any objections, you can go to a large hospital for re -examination.I was said to have no temper. I contacted the hospital from the hospital to hang her classmate’s number of her classmates, and there was a conversation at the beginning of the article.B -ultrasound did a day [cover your face] The child lying on the B -ultrasound room does not cooperate every time the bed in the bed, the fetus does not see the NT value, and the B -ultrasound told me that the NT value stated in the international B -ultrasound needsThree NT maximum values for reasonable positions.Each time the B -ultrasound room was arranged for 20 minutes to climb the stairs.In the eyes of aunt Cleaning, a total of more than 80 minutes of stairs was climbed in the eyes of neuropathy. In the middle, the people had eaten chocolate and bread. However, they did not measure until they got out of work at 12 o’clock.The inspection was not over until more than 4.40 pm, NT1.7.When I returned to the outpatient clinic, Dr. Liu laughed, and said that the child who had not seen it for three months, and the fetus moved when he was so big in 24 weeks.However, NT is not worrying about high pillows, just the beginning.Pregnancy is like an upgrade to fight monsters, one by one and one level.Due to the stopping of the fetus before, the doctor suggested that after 16 weeks, go reproductive inheritance to do amniotic fluid puncture.At the same time, the free Tang family screening and non -invasive DNA doctors recommend non -invasive.The non -invasive DNA results are low risks, but the deaf gene screening has never been …. After 30 years of life, I knew that I was actually a deaf gene carrier.Amniotic fluid puncture, how terrible words!The operation of piercing the belly piercing amniotic fluid may cause abortion or postoperative infection.Trusting and worrying, but what’s the use?After understanding the success rate of sheep through several major hospitals in this city.Sheep can also check whether the fetus carries deaf genes.After checking the ECG and secretions at 18 weeks, it lost on the body temperature.He also quarreled with her husband. He was on a business trip, and he didn’t know the danger I was facing. He also complained that the hospital would not do it.I was angry and quarreled.A little bit of discomfort may lead to postoperative infection.Amniotic fluid is a sterile environment. There must be risks in intervention operations. The hospital strictly abides by the surgical requirements in order to ensure the success rate.In 19 weeks, he performed this scary operation with his family.In fact, the operation is very simple. Under the B -ultrasound image, use a long needle into the belly to take amniotic fluid, which does not hurt.After I was bed for seven days.The result of the sheep came out for a month, and God knew how I spent the month.Before the results, they also made sugar, large rows and cardiac ultrasound.Surprisingly!The doctor said that he hasn’t seen such a good child for a long time, and see where you stretch.He also said that he started holding his face, and it was best to raise your hand when you looked at the face.I went to the heart color ultrasound room in the doctor’s praise.The B -do Dr. B, who was wondering, was a big doctor, why this is so young.As a result, more than ten minutes later came in a doctor, and the two immediately stood up and shouted. The teacher came to see … But the child has opinions, and it doesn’t cooperate.The doctor came and waited for the child to turn over before entering!I … Who can tell me how do you know that the child turns over across the belly?After 30 weeks of check every two weeks, fetal heart monitoring is performed at each time.And my fetal heart monitoring is done four times a time, so that the doctor warns that I will be hospitalized for you again!Then I walked to a good profit to eat the free tasting of the two people, and felt that the child moved back to do fetal heart monitoring.This routine is almost every time.I was going to cry, and I cheekily taste it for free.It’s not that I can’t bear to buy it, but the child is big. The doctor asked me to control weight and diet.Think of it is a bitter tear.During 38 weeks, the pubic bone pain was suddenly.Many people tell me that pubic pain and contraction pain compare with drizzle.But I am one of the few masters who can not walk and can’t turn over.Sleeping at night, his legs woke up immediately.To get out of bed is torture!When upgrading and fighting monsters, it was difficult to bear when it was quickly rushing to the customs.39 weeks decided to listen to the advice of the old nurse, because severe pubic pain can cause production to be unable to force, and the delivery may also cause the pubic bone to be severely separated.The greatest charm of life is that accidents are everywhere.The day before discussing the goal was broken the day before going to the hospital.For delivery, there are only 15 words in the two words, but the process of 15,000 words in this process cannot describe its pain and suffering.

I have long wanted to write a pregnancy experience to wake up without experienced mothers.More than 200 days and nights with babies no longer belong to myself.It was not until this day.I hope that the mothers who see this article are stronger, and the dads care more about and understanding their wives.

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