Those health products you are obsessed with may be sneaking into your liver

And listen to experts to teach you to raise liver science

Now some elderly people prefer health products, but they are not clear about the ingredients of some health products, and they do not know that long -term health care products may cause drug liver damage.There is nothing wrong with pursuing health, but because of lack of scientific health knowledge, some elderly people have even caused tragedy.

On April 15th, at the establishment of the Liaoning Institute of Immunium and Immunization Branch in Liaoning Province, Shenyang Evening News and Shen Bao all media reporters learned that a 60 -year -old woman bought some Sanqi Fan home when traveling in the scenic area.After eating, I found that there was a problem with the body after half a year. Through various tests, the doctor suspected that the Sanqi powder he had eaten might be fake, which led to a drug -based liver damage.On the same day, the reporter interviewed the Director of the Immunus Society of the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Immunus Society on the problems of "the impact of low immunity on the liver of the elderly", "the relationship between the liver and immunity", "the misunderstanding of daily maintenance of the liver", "how to scientifically nourish the liver throughout the year" and "How to scientifically nourish the liver throughout the year."Shan Fengping, a professor of immunology at China Medical University, and Professor Lu Bingjiu, an expert at liver disease expert at the Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


To develop a healthy way

In an interview with reporters, Shanfengping said: "An important aspect of aging in the elderly is immune aging. The immune organs in the body mainly include bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, appendix, upper respiratory mucosa tissue.The immune -related organs have the functions of metabolism and drug detoxification. They can secrete immune substances. There are many immune cell gathering in the liver. The aging of the liver will directly affect people’s life and health. "

Single wind said that the liver is particularly existed with an immune cell -macrophage. It is very important. It is an important cell of the natural immune system in the body, which plays an important role in the body’s anti -infection and preventing tumor.Due to the weakened diet and the deficiency of nutrients such as protein, it is easy to cause slower cell renewal and aging cells. In this case, it is easy to cause low immune function.

Single Fengping said that the maintenance of the liver is very important for people of all ages. To nourish the liver, we must first develop a healthy lifestyle, including the health diet and the health of mental emotions.Secondly, nourishing liver must ensure the smooth flow of blood circulation in the body, and to ensure that the liver microcirculation flows smoothly, which is the blood circulation and blood stasis in Chinese medicine.Finally, to ensure sufficient nutritional ingredients and balance every day, and maintain proper exercise, take half an hour to expose the sun every day.


Blind health products or drug -induced liver damage

Lu Bingjiu has been engaged in liver disease treatment for 42 years. In an interview with reporters, he said: "Many elderly people now, especially after retirement, attach great importance to food and treatment. Pursuing health is not wrong, but because of lack of scientific health knowledge,Many tragedies have been caused. Many elderly people prefer health care products, but they are unclear about some health products, and they do not know that long -term health products may cause drug liver damage. "

The 60 -year -old female patient mentioned at the beginning was diagnosed by Lu Bingjiu.Lu Bingjiu said that Sanqi Fan itself has no problem and has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, but the Sanqi powder bought by the old man is likely to be fake. For the recognition of Chinese medicinal materials, only professional pharmacists can do it.To go to an authoritative hospital, the medication is guided by the Chinese medicine practitioner.

Expert support

Liver to raise like this

Lu Bingjiu said that scientific nourishing liver is a systematic project and needs to do it in many ways. He summarized several ways to nourish the liver:

1. Four seasons to nourish the liver

To nourish the liver in spring, you need to rub the liver, you need to increase sweetness and reduce acid, eat more sweet food, and eat less acidic food.In summer, you must suppress the liver and spleen. You can properly use Bai Zhi, Angelica, and Chenpi, amomum, and Gan Song (all three have the effect of waking the spleen).It is more important to nourish the liver in autumn. In autumn, autumn wind is small and all things are withered. Some drugs that nourish yin and lungs, such as lily, ground yellow, Ophiopogon, sand ginseng, etc. The yin medicine will affect the spleen and stomach.wait.To nourish the liver in winter, pay attention to nourishing the kidneys, and nourishing the kidney is to nourish the liver.

2. Beauty nourishing the liver

After retiring, the elderly will feel lonely and boring and worthless.Some people like to sleep, play mahjong, and borrow wine to dispel sorrow.It is recommended that the elderly should keep their minds after retirement and do more valuable things, such as reading elderly universities and volunteers.The elderly need to open their hearts, integrate into the society, and nourish the liver through behavior.

3. Action to nourish the liver

It is recommended that the elderly practice eight paragraphs every day to condition the viscera and mobilize internal qi.Many of the actions of Ba Duan Jin are gentle and can play a role in nourishing the liver.


Stay away from nourishing liver misunderstanding to avoid the more injured the more injured

1. Eat liver nourishing liver and liver in shape?

Chinese medicine believes that conditioning the body must have the overall concept, the body is a whole, and the five internal organs affect each other.Treatment of traditional Chinese medicine varies from person to person. Some people have liver depression and spleen deficiency, and they need to relieve liver and spleen.For patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis, eating animal liver may not be good."It is not necessarily good for the liver to nourish the liver and nourish the liver, but it is just that the liver is open to the eyes and has certain benefits to the eyes.

2. Do you need to knock on the liver and gallbladder?

The meridians of the body are like a river. Do not interfere without blocking.If there is no liver and gallbladder disease, you do not need to hit the hepatobiliary meridian, or you can tap lightly. If you really have liver and gallbladder disease, you can increase your strength slightly when knocking.

3. Being liver is to eat liver preservation medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "medication is like poison."Drugs are biased. TCM treats diseases, that is, the use of drugs to correct the imbalance of yin and yang in the body.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the medication should stop and take medicine.There are many ways to nourish the liver. Sports, rational schedules, emotional mediation, tea replacement, etc. are a good choice.

4. Drink Astragalus water when nourishing qi?

The effect of astragalus supplementing qi is very good, but when applied, astragalus is rarely used alone, and most of them are used, because few people have only one symptom.If you have both qi deficiency and liver fire and stomach fire, you can add gardenia and Coptis chinensis; if there are yin deficiency, you can add Ophiopogon and Yuzhu.If you have both qi deficiency and insufficient spleen and stomach, you can add Bai Zhi, Guizhi, Ginger, Jujube, Licorice, etc. (Astragalus Jianzhong Decoction).If there is a performance of liver fire and spleen deficiency, you can add Chaihu, Baiji, Atractylodes, Poria, etc. (Xiaoyao San).

Shenyang Evening News, Shen Bao’s senior media reporter Wu Qiang

Source: Shenyang Evening News

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