Those things about fetal heart are all here !!

At the moment of confirmation of pregnancy, the long 40 -week long birth checkup is about to start. In this process of expecting and worrying, he can hear the heartbeat of the little guy as soon as possible.It should be the biggest encouragement, so what kind of fetal heart is normal? Xiaobian will take you today to understand the things about fetal heart!

Q: How long can I find fetal heart buds after pregnancy?

A: B-ultrasound can be passed between 5-8 weeks of pregnancy and you can see the original heart fight and fetal buds.Generally, I saw the yolk sac, and then found the original heart tube beating, and finally saw the fetal buds.But this time period is not absolute, there are early and late.Moreover, the vaginal ultrasonic diagnosis can be advanced one week before the abdominal ultrasound diagnosis.

Q: What should I do if my fetal heart is weak for 53 days of pregnancy?

A: In the early pregnancy, when the fetal heart just appeared, it may be weaker.Pay more attention to rest, diet nutrition, dynamically observe blood HCG and progesterone, and regularly review B -ultrasound.Please see the doctor immediately with symptoms such as lower abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding.

Q: Doctor, I have the last menstrual period of 9.28, 10.15 with my husband, when will there be fetal heart buds?

A: For normal intrauterine pregnancy, when the B -ultrasound is discontinued for 42 days, you can clearly see the fetal buds in the palace and beating the fetal heart tube.Some menstrual cycles are irregular, or women who have a late ovulation, and fertilized eggs in bed late. The fetal buds appear in the palace, and the time of fetal heart tube beating will be relatively delayed, but it will not exceed 49 days.No later than 56 days, if it exceeded 56 days, no tire buds in the palace and the fighting of the fetal heart should be diagnosed as embryo.

Q: 10.12, there is no yolk sac and fetal heart, 10.23.With brown secretions, the doctor did not find out why, HCG was only more than 3,000.Do you have a chance to wait for the fetal heart?

A: If the menstruation is special regular, the current situation may be that the child is not developing well, so you need to do it for about a week, to do the B -ultrasound, or you can take a blood to see the situation where HCG doublesIf HCG is well turned, it may be a living tire. If it is not doubled, it may be tires.

Q: After more than 4 months of pregnancy, the fetal heart is only 113 times, is it normal? What should I do!

A: Film Heart: You can use a stethoscope to hear the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman at 18-20W of pregnancy.Normally 120 times/min-160 times/minute, and there are books 110 times/min-160 times/min.In the early stage of fetal heart formation, the fetal heart rate is often slow, about 65 times/min-75bpm, 125 times/min at 8 weeks of pregnancy, and 175bpm in 11 weekends.The above standards are the above standards.It is recommended to observe dynamically, and you pay more attention to exclude the possibility of distress and deformity in the fetus, and there is no big problem.

Q: At 18 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal heart was not heard of the guardian of the fetal heart.What is the reason? The doctor said that it might be hypoxic. Is such a small hypoxia? How to improve it?

A: At 18 weeks of pregnancy, you should use Dopler to hear the fetal heart. If you can’t hear, it may be the back of the fetus, which is deeper, or may not find a good part.The fetal heart rate of B -ultrasound is 120/minute, which is normal.Look at it again.Pay more attention to rest and balance diet.

Q: Is it normal for 32+2 fetal heart to be pregnant? Do you want to absorb oxygen?

A: The normal range of fetal heart is 120-160 times/min.If outside of this range, consider whether there is a fetal internal distress.It is recommended to suck oxygen, lying on the left side, and review regularly.

The heart of the fetus is the earliest functional organs in the whole body.The fetal heart sound can directly reflect the condition of the fetus.If there are abnormal conditions, you need to check in time.

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