Three months of pregnancy must be surgery. Can you guess it is just a common disease?Intersection

The medical case is released: Zhu Zhu, who has a history of appendicitis, has been pregnant for 3 months. Early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting have just eased, and the stomach is inexplicably painful. He is afraid that she will have a miscarriage in the hospital.After examination, everything is good for the fetus, that is, the appendicitis seizures, and the doctor said that it must be treated with surgery.

Zhu Zhu was frightened. How can the baby in his belly be so petite, how can he bear the risk of surgery?What should I do if the surgery stimulates the palace?Can you take medicine first?

October in October, it is actually 280 days. In this long 280 days, only a few pregnant women will not be troubled by the disease and have not taken medicine.Compared with normal people, pregnant women are more likely to be invaded by pathogenic bacteria. It is also understandable that minor disease resistance is not wrong, but if appendicitis is obtained, and even acute appendicitis?Can you take some medicine to resist?

[What is the appendix?Where?.

The appendix is located in the right wreck of the right lower abdomen. The shape is earthworm -like, with a length of 2 ~ 20cm. Generally, it is 6 ~ 8cm, with a diameter of 0.5 ~ 0.7cm.Its body surface projection is about 1/3 of the junction of the umbilical umbilical and right anterior upper spine, and is called Mai’s dot.

[What is the use of appendix?.

Anyone who exists is reasonable. As a member of the human organs, the appendix is a lymph organs. Participating in the production and maturity of B lymphocytes has certain immune function and has a certain effect on preventing virus infections.

[Since the appendix is to prevent virus infection, how can you be infected?.

The appendix is prone to inflammation due to its own anatomy characteristics, because the appendix is a slender blind tube, which is rich in microorganisms in the cavity, and has abundant lymphatic tissue in the intestinal wall, so it is prone to infection.

If the appendix is congenital, such as the appendix is too long, the excessive distortion, the small official cavity, and the poor blood transport are the cause of appendicitis.

[Acute appendicitis is the most common surgical complication of the digestive system during pregnancy]

Acute appendicitis is the surgical complication of the most common digestive system during pregnancy, which can occur during all stages of pregnancy, and it is rare for childbirth and postpartum.Although pregnancy does not increase the incidence, perforation and peritonitis are 2-3 times higher than non -pregnancy due to failure diagnosis or surgery.

[Features of appendicitis during pregnancy]

1. Nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite during pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of appendicitis.

2. With the increase in the uterus of pregnancy, the appendix position changes.

3. The enlarged uterus pushes the oments upwards to the abdomen, so it is not easy to wrap and limit after the appendix perforation, and it is easy to spread and develop into peritonitis.

4. Increased corticosteroid secretion during pregnancy, promoting the progress of inflammation, and appendic inflammation stimulated uterine contraction.

[What are the performance?.

1. Abdominal pain: The typical symptom of acute appendicitis is to metastasize pain in the right abdomen. Patients often feel blurred in pain, which is unclear.By the stage of pregnancy, the pain site can be moved slightly, but most of them are still on the right lower abdomen, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

2. Body temperature: Most of the body temperature is less than 38 ° C, and the body temperature of 25%has not changed.

3. Tenderness of the right lower abdomen: There are obvious tenderness in the right lower abdomen Mai’s dot or a little higher in the early pregnancy.Due to the increased uterus to displace the appendix due to an increased uterus, the tenderness point is often high.

4. White blood cell counting: White blood cells during normal pregnancy will also have a physiological elevation. Therefore, white blood cell counting will not help the diagnosis.

5. There is often a history of chronic appendicitis.


1. In addition to checking, ultrasonic examination can be used as the first choice for imaging testing.

2. When clinical highly suspected appendicitis and imaging has no support evidence, laparoscopic examination can improve the accuracy of diagnosis.


1. Once diagnosed, surgery should be immediately.

Many pregnant women can’t accept surgery, because they are afraid that surgery will affect the baby in the stomach.However, in view of the diagnosis of acute appendicitis during pregnancy, it will be significantly increased by perforation and peritonitis if it is misdiagnosed or failed to surgery in time.Therefore, no matter in each pregnancy period, the surgical indication should be relaxed when it is highly suspected of appendicitis.

2. Continue anti -infection treatment for broad -spectrum antibiotics after surgery. For pregnant women who are far away from the expected period, drugs are given drug preservation. When choosing a contracted agentThe use of this drug in the state can cause pulmonary edema.

Understanding the characteristics of appendicitis during pregnancy, and knowing the necessity of surgery, Zhu Zhu obeyed the doctor’s arrangement and performed appendic resection.Drug prevention of fetal protection treatment. One week after surgery, Zhu Zhu Ru was discharged from the hospital.

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