Three signals after women are pregnant earlier than menopause. Don’t take it seriously


For many women without pregnancy, most people have been discontinued as the first signal of pregnancy.But in fact, if you want to know if you are pregnant, these three signals will be earlier than menopause.Which three signals are, let’s take a look together!

1. High body temperature

Women’s body temperature is generally high at about 05 ° C during ovulation, and the body temperature will not return to normal until the next period of menstruation.If you have a room in the ovulation period, the possibility of pregnancy is very high. If you find that you are near the menstrual period, but your body temperature still does not decrease, you must consider whether you are pregnant.

2. Breast pain

After the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, the woman’s body will secrete a large amount of hormones. As the hormone continues to increase, this hormone will stimulate the breast, and many women will feel the tenderness of the breast.Therefore, when you feel breast tenderness, it is likely to be a precursor to pregnancy.

3. After the body is exhausted, when the fertilized egg is successful, the woman’s body will also secrete a large amount of lutein. As the substance increases, it will feel tired to the body.Therefore, when you are ovulation a few days after ovulation, even if you do n’t work, you always feel that you have no strength and inexplicable fatigue, it is likely to be pregnant.

Why are these three pregnancy signals earlier than menopause?Because it takes about 7 days from the ovulation period to pregnancy, and it takes about 14 days from the ovulation period to the next menstruation, and these three pregnancy signals are more advanced than the next menstrual period.Therefore, when you want to judge whether you are pregnant, these three signals will be earlier. If these 3 signals and menstruation fails, the possibility of pregnancy will be greater.

Finally, it is not accurate to judge whether you have a pregnancy order based on these points. It is best to go to a regular hospital to check and set up files at the hospital as soon as possible. According to the doctor’s suggestion, it is regularly checked to ensure the health of pregnancy and fetal health during pregnancy.

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