Turtle can eat the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry clearly included it in aquatic animal management

Chinese turtles and turtles will be managed according to aquatic species.This means that the question of whether the turtle can be eaten in the society’s wide attention has a clear answer: it can be eaten.

The official WeChat signal "China Aquatic Products", head of the China Aquatic Magazine Agency, in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said on the evening of the 4th that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry issued the "Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee on the National People’s Congress on the same time,"Decision of bad habits and effectively guaranteeing the health and safety of the people "to further strengthen the notice of the protection and management of aquatic wildlife (Agricultural and Fishelessfa [2020] No. 3).

The notice is clear that the relationship between the relevant list must be coordinated, the scope of the aquatic wildlife must be clarified, and it is included in the national key protection of the aquatic wildlife list, the "approved of the aquatic animal species as the national key protection wildlife list" and "artificial breeding national key protection of the country’s key protectionThe species in the aquatic wildlife list shall be managed strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Decision.

The notice clearly states that "Chinese crickets, turtles, etc. are included in amphibious reptiles listed in the above aquatic animals related lists, and are managed according to aquatic animals."

The notice requires that the competent authorities of agricultural and rural (fishery) at all levels must carefully sort out the administrative licenses of the aquatic wild animal that are responsible for, formulate and improve work norms and work guidelines, and strictly approval and manage in accordance with the requirements of the Decision.Those who do not meet the criteria and requirements of the approval are resolutely not approved.To strengthen the management of aquatic wildlife identification, within the scope of the identification management, the relevant provisions of the identification management must be strictly enforced.

Turtle, the scientific name is called a cricket, is a common breeding turtle species.There are also some species of turtles. Among them, the most famous in the Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake Basin, which are native to the Yangtze River Water. This is the Chinese turtle.

The explanation of the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Regulations on the Regulations on Edible Wildlife (Draft for Consultation)" announced recently that the artificial breeding and breeding of turtles, turtles, snakes, birds, insects and other wild animals that are more concerned about society are not available.The risk of small epidemic transmission cannot guarantee the safety of consumption. To this end, the above animals are excluded from the scope of edible animals.

This statement in Shenzhen once caused worries about the turtle breeding industry.

Multi -places to submit opinions to relevant departments of the National People’s Congress, local governments, and the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress in many places.Essence

According to incomplete statistics, the annual output of commercial turtles in the country is about 350,000 tons, and the annual output value is 50 to 60 billion yuan. In addition, the upstream and downstream industrial chains such as seedlings, sales circulation, deep processing, and feed are over 100 billion yuan.There are millions of people.

Chen Xiaoshi, the former chairman of the Guangdong Turtle Breeding Industry Association, who has been struggling for 40 years in the Chinese turtle breeding industry for 40 years, told the First Financial reporter, "For so many years, the Chinese turtle has been managed as aquatic animal products.Economic non -protective aquatic products. "

The feedback from the Hangzhou Turtle Industry Association reflects that there are many national consumers recognized turtle brands and turtle deep processing enterprises in Zhejiang, and listed companies associated with turtles and turtle turtles are also a large part of Zhejiang’s rich industry and survival of the rich industry and survival.industry.

On February 28th, the Danshui Fish Group leader of the Danshui Fish Group of the Aquaculture and Treatment of Aquaculture Diseases of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the chief scientist in the field of aquatic diseases in the Chinese Academy of Aquatic Sciences, Zeng Lingbing publicly wrote in the WeChat public account "China Aquatic Products", saying that the turtle and other specialized aquatic products The aquaculture industry has become an important part of my country’s aquaculture industry. It is an important starting point for rural economic and social development and accurate poverty alleviation in farmers. Numerous farmers rely on specialty aquaculture to get rid of poverty on poverty.

Author: Zhang Ye

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