Turtle, can you eat or not?This is a big problem

Recently, many people are being clapped by the passage of "Decision on Compliance with illegal wildlife transactions, eliminating bad habits of wildlife in wild animal animals, and effectively guaranteeing the health and safety of the people" (hereinafter referred to as "Decision")."A major progress in China."

However, the following "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Banning for Wildlife Regulations (Draft Draft for Draft Consultation)" made some people murmur: Will even common breeding foods such as turtles be eaten in the future?

Can turtles eat?The argument is very arrogant

The "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone’s Regulations on Edible Wild Animals (Draft Draft for Consultation)" issued by the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress on the 25th is not huge., Pigeon poultry, livestock, livestock, etc. can be edible "white list", and also lists the "blacklist" that prohibit edible, including artificial breeding animals such as cats, dogs and snakes, turtles, turtles, birds, insects, etc., and propose to eat wild animalsStarting from 1,000 yuan per person.

In the statement of the draft for the draft of the Regulations, Shenzhen made it clear that: Wildlife such as turtles, turtles, snakes, birds, insects, etc., which is more concerned about the society.Safety, for this reason, the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" excludes the above animals from the scope of edible animals.

People have praised and supported the protection of wildlife in Shenzhen, but the controversy of all parties in the sidelines such as fastening turtles and other common artificial breeding animals in the solicitation of the comments draft is quite fierce.



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Can the turtle be guaranteed to be safe?

Turtle, scientific name, is a common breeding turtle species in China. The large -scale artificial breeding has reached more than 40 years. It has a wide range of breeding areas. It is distributed in more than 20 provinces and cities such as Lianghuang, Lakes, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

However, recently, Wu Jianguo’s research team of Jinan University and Liu Long, a affiliated to Hubei Medical College, published a paper on the journal Medical Virology stating that turtles (western turtles, green turtles, and Chinese crickets) are also potential new crown viruses.Worries of turtles such as turtles.

Subsequently, many experts refuted this, saying that there was no evidence that the turtle would spread the new crown virus.

Shao Qingjun, a professor at the School of Animal Sciences at Zhejiang University, said that the aforementioned article "From the ASN501 in the RBD domain with ACE2 receptors 41 and 353, the conclusions of turtles and pangolins seem to be closer to humans".Bats are breastfeeding. How can turtles be closer to humans?The results of this study violated the basic principles and common sense of animal classification.

Zeng Lingbing, the leader of the Danshui Fish Group of the Aquaculture and Treatment of Aquaculture Diseases of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, publicly wrote that the turtle must not be the middle host of the new crown virus.He said that so far, he has not found and reported that mermaids have contagious diseases, because the aquatic animals that change the aquatic animals and the constant temperature mammals live in a completely different environment. Aquatic animal virus cannot infect mammals, mammalia virusIt is also impossible to proliferate in aquatic animals.Including turtles, turtles, etc., aquaculture animals are healthy, and edible aquatic products are safe.

Professor Lu Yishan, a professor at Guangdong Ocean University, said that there is no evidence, no reports, no precedents, and turtle virus can infect people.Any kind of animal has its specific pathogenic system, so the hat that buckle the "virus library" to any kind of animal is arbitrary, let alone breeding animals that are related to millions of practitioners and 100 billion economic benefits.Even more cautious.

The turtle breeding industry opposes the number of people affecting millions of practitioners

Zhang Li, a professor at Beijing Normal University, said that the current feeding of Chinese turtles has a large scale and reliable technology, and fasting will directly affect the corresponding aquatic industry.

According to incomplete statistics, China’s annual turtle yield is about 350,000 tons, with an annual output value of 50 to 60 billion yuan. In addition, the upstream and downstream industrial chain, with the annual output value exceeding 100 billion yuan, and there are millions of industrial practitioners.In addition, in Guangdong Province where Shenzhen is located, the amount of seedlings in China in 2019 reached 110 million, with an annual output of about 63,000 tons of Chinese turtles. There are more than 200 Chinese stuff operating enterprises, about 1,300 professional farmers, and more than more than related employees.11,000 people, an annual output value of more than 3.6 billion yuan.

Shanxi young farmers formed the turtle breeding cooperatives to get rich Liu Baocheng Photo

As soon as the draft of Shenzhen’s soliciting opinions was introduced, there were many turtle industry associations and breeding enterprises submitted opinions, and they had spoiled feedback.

The Guangdong Provincial Turtle Breeding Industry Association stated that Guangdong Province is a large breeding province and a strong province of turtles. Its fasting decision is involved in many practitioners."I urge the government to think twice, do not include turtles in the ranks of fasting, and give tens of millions of practitioners a way!"

The Hangzhou Turtle Industry Association said that the people of my country have been raising and consumption of turtles for thousands of years.There are many national consumers who like and recognize turtle brands and turtle deep -processing product companies in Zhejiang.There are listed companies related to turtles and turtles, which are the wealthy industries and survival industries of some farmers in Zhejiang.At present, there are turtles breeding in more than 20 provinces across the country. It is an important part of my country’s freshwater fisheries and has become one of the special breeding industries for rural farmers in rural farmers in my country.It is recommended that your departments should be treated differently and do not exclude artificial breeding turtles outside the scope of edible animals.

In addition, there are feedback from the Foshan Shunde District Turtle Breeding Association, Hunan Turtle Industry Association, Huizhou Fisheries Association, Guangdong Green Card Industry Co., Ltd. and other institutions.

Will the turtles be fast?

In accordance with the "Decision" reviewed and approved by the 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, those who have clearly prohibited wild animals from the Wildlife Protection Law and other relevant laws must be strictly prohibited."Social value of terrestrial wildlife" and other terrestrial wild animals, including artificial breeding and artificially raising terrestrial wild animals.It can be seen that the aquatic wildlife is not within the fasting range of the country.

Yang Heqing, deputy director of the Economic Law of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, recently said that natural fishery resources such as fishing fish are an important agricultural production method and an international practice.Regulations, according to the unanimous opinions of various aspects, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the decision, aquatic wild animals such as fish are not included in the fasting range.

Experts said that Shenzhen lists turtles in the scope of fasting. For species that do not fast at some countries, different provinces must comprehensively consider the situation, needs, and cultural factors of species resources, and then regulations.

At present, the relevant national departments have not announced the desperate for fasting wildlife on the "Decision".Han Xu, deputy director of the Fisheries and Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said at the press conference of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism on the 27th that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is currently negotiating with the National Forestry Bureau to adjust and improve the relevant catalog andThe supporting provisions are further clarified the scope of fasting.

Source: China News Network

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