Two pregnancy was regrettable, but the cup of women’s breasts from B to F to Q

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Two years, two pregnancy failed in both pregnancy, but the cup of women’s breasts "surged away", from B to F to amazing Q.

Ms. Wang (pseudonym) from Maoming, Guangdong is 29 years old, with a height of 1.56 meters.

Two years ago, her first 55 kg of her breasts suddenly swollen after her first pregnancy, accompanied by interrupted pain, and the breast cup changed rapidly from B to F in just 3 months, but the fetus did not keep it.With the fluke, after her pregnancy this year, the breast cup has grown from F to the present Q, which has increased by nearly 30 pounds.

"After two times of pregnancy and induction of labor, I noticed that my chest was getting bigger and bigger, and it was abnormal. Excessive breasts had seriously affected my daily life.For personal mental state, I am troubled by my mental state. I dare not go out because I am afraid of being joked, and I dare not go to the kindergarten to face the children … "Ms. Wang choked and said.

The patient’s chest enhancement CT before (left) after surgery (pictured right) comparison chart, of which the size of the before surgery is about: 267mm × 100mm × 293mm (left), 125mm × 270mm × 340mm (right) (right) (right)

The doctor preliminarily diagnosed Ms. Wang as a multi -sided bilateral nodule, breast hypertrophy (big breasts). The breast volume increased significantly, the drooping was severe, and the breast gland structure disorders were accompanied by hyperplasia.Breast tissue is very affected by endocrine systems. With the secretion of female hormones during pregnancy, breasts grow with it.But such obvious changes like Ms. Wang are really rare.

The doctor performed surgery for Ms. Wang. The whole process lasted for nearly 9 hours. The excess breast tissue was removed during the operation of 26 catties.

At present: Ms. Wang has recovered well.

Doctors remind

Breasts are composed of breast tissue and fat, and the size of the breast is determined by them.The reason why the chest grows is because with the adolescence of girls, estrogen began to secrete a lot, promoting breast development, and breasts began to increase until they were about 18 years old.

However, in special periods such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts may occur temporarily.If the breasts are still growing rapidly after giving birth, it will be paid attention to, which may be a problem with the breast.Doctors remind: For fast -growing breasts, the diagnosis should be clearly diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid increasing the burden on patients and the difficulty of treatment.

Big breast hypertrophy is also known as breast hypertrophy, big breasts or giant breasts. It refers to the excessive development of women’s breasts. The glands and fat connective tissues are over -hyperplasia, the volume is extraordinary, and the body is obviously disordered.This disease is more common in adolescent girls or young women, causing bustle disease is that the breast and fat connective tissue are extremely sensitive to estrogen.

Doctors said that breast narrowing plastic surgery has the dual significance of treatment and beauty.Many patients with busting diseases will lose confidence, avoid social networking, and easily reject social activities and breed pathological psychology.If there is any trouble in this regard, it is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and decide whether to surgery according to the advice of a professional doctor.

In addition, some patients with breast milk can still breastfeed normally after surgery.

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