Under what circumstances do I need to do a B -ultrasound?Doctor: A article tells you the answer!

The B -ultrasound is a way in the ultrasonic examination. It has the characteristics of painlessness, no damage, no radioactivity, and can be rest assured that the inspection can be accepted.

The time to do B can clearly display the performance of the organ and surrounding organs, and the application is widely used. In addition to routine gynecological examinations, when the liver and kidney are problems, they can also understand the situation of the organs through B -ultrasound.

However, many people in life have less mastery of B -ultrasound to check knowledge, so they do not know when they need to do B -ultrasound. The doctor said that it mainly includes the 4 categories mentioned in the following.

1. Women during pregnancy

Women during pregnancy should regularly go to the hospital for examination, including B -ultrasound, because the amount of amniotic fluid can accurately measure the amount of amniotic fluid through B -ultrasound, and the amount of amniotic fluid is related to the growth and development of the fetus.

In addition, B -ultrasound can closely pay attention to the growth of the fetus, such as measuring the length of the fetal buttocks, the size of the fetal head, and the abdomen head circumference. The data can more intuitively judge the development of the fetus.

In addition, the most important point is that the B -ultrasound can understand whether the fetus is malformed in time, especially when the pregnancy is around 18 ~ 20 weeks, and the B -ultrasound can screen whether the fetus is disease or abnormalities, such as small head deformity, brain brain, brain brainHistory water, intestinal atresia, etc.

2. There may be women with gynecological diseases

For women with symptoms such as irregular menstruation and abdominal pain in recent periods of time, they should go to the hospital for gynecological examination as soon as possible. One of the gynecological examinations includes vaginal B -ultrasound.In order to find the cause and targeted treatment.

Of course, there are some requirements for vaginal B -ultrasound. First of all, you cannot choose a regular hospital, because the vaginal B -ultrasound needs to extend the instrument into the woman’s body. If the instrument is not in place, it is easy to increase the risk of infection.

3. When there is a problem with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems

The results can be used accurately, so it can be applied to multiple aspects, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Check the pattern displayed and dynamically show the condition of the heart and cerebral blood flow. If there are problems such as structural abnormalities or blockage, it can be checked in detail.Especially the color B -ultrasound can know the condition of the blood vessels through colorful blood flow images.

4. Urinary system B ultrasound examination

The clinical survey data shows that the incidence of urinary system diseases is also relatively high, such as urinary stones, kidney stones, etc., and do B -ultrasound examination under the premise of having these diseases, which can clearly show the specific location of the stones and the specific location of the stones and the specific location of the stones, andquantity.

All in all, B -ultrasound is one of the clinically common examination methods, and its application is widely used, such as the 4 categories mentioned above, and can understand the specific situation of the organ by doing B -ultrasound.

Especially female friends, if there is a health problem, you need to do gynecological B -ultrasound, and gynecological B -ultrasound is divided into abdominal B -ultrasound and vaginal B -ultrasound. Only by consulting the doctor in advance can you get more accurate results.

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