Uterine fibroids may cause infertility. Do you have to remove it?After reading these 5 questions, you will know

Uterine fibroids are common gynecological diseases that modern women are common. About 25%to 30%of women have the problem of uterine fibroids. Many of them will worry about whether uterine fibroids will affect the body?Will it cause infertility or premature birth?

Uterine fibroids cause infertility or premature birth?

About 10%of patients with uterine fibroids are infertile. When uterine fibroids grow in the endometrium or more than 4 cm, the embryo may not go smoothly or cannot bed, and the result cannot conceive.The treatment of uterine fibroids will be different according to demand. If you are over 35 years old and have fertility needs, it is recommended to surgery as soon as possible and perform artificial reproductive treatment as soon as possible, while younger patients can consider trying to conceive naturally after surgery.If the long position does not affect the conception, the size is not large, and the patient has no other symptoms, you can choose to observe continuously.

Will uterine fibroids disappear by itself?

The growth of uterine fibroids is related to hormones (estrogen and lutein). Hormones will stimulate the growth of uterine fibroids. After menopause, the manufacturing and secretion of hormones in the body will gradually shrink.Essence

Do uterine fibroids be operated?

Whether an uterine fibroids need to be operated, it is determined according to the symptoms caused by it. Generally speaking, there are three situations that need to be considered:

(1) A large amount of bleeding is merged, causing chronic anemia, and drug treatment cannot be improved.

(2) Symptoms of compression have occurred, such as frequent urination, difficulty in urination, constipation, edema of lower limbs, or lower back pain … and so on.

(3) When the tumor grows up rapidly, or suspects that there is a possibility of malignant uterine sarcoma, it is recommended to remove it and send it to the pathogenic slices to obtain a clear diagnosis.

What are the current ways to choose?

Many girls do not want to leave big scars and tend to use laparoscopic surgery.However, various surgery has its own adaptability. Only when the fibroids are small and the number is small, it is suitable for uterineoscopy surgery with laparoscopy or no wound.

When the muscle fibrus is too large, too many, and the sticky sticky is too serious, it is still necessary to use the traditional abdomen.If this type of patients use laparoscopic surgery, the time will be dragged longer and the amount of bleeding will be more, and there are angle restrictions on laparoscopy, which is easy to have dead ends. The fibroids cannot be removed. The probability of recurrence in the future is also higher.

Can uterine fibroids be malignant fibroids?

When uterine fibroids increase rapidly in a short period of time, or abnormal bleeding, although the probability is only 3-7 thousandths, it is still necessary to doubt the possibility of malignant fibroids.

In the ultrasound and computer tunnel scanning, fibroids or malignant tumors can only see one thing. It is necessary to distinguish whether it is benign or malignant, or a pathological diagnostic section after surgery.Early malignant fibroids are usually mainly removed the whole uterus and bilateral ovarian nests. If the cancer cells diffuse too quickly, they are treated with chemotherapy or radiation.

Although the probability of malignant fibroids is very low, patients should still pay attention to whether there are any changes in their symptoms, including the sudden intensification of symptoms such as pain and bleeding, or suddenly grow new fibroids, a few weeks or months of fibroids increased by one by oneAfter more or even menopause, fibroids that continue to grow after the estrogen are still discontinued, they have to discuss with the maternal cancer sub -specialist to consider whether to do further differential diagnosis.

Small care reminds everyone to eat more vegetables and fruits in the daily life of fibroids, avoid eating fried, barbecue foods, and regular exercise.

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