Volunteal water can easily cause fetal stops, which is not to scare you

Xiao Wang has no children for more than 2 years, and her husband’s semen examination is normal, and her own menstruation is also regular.Monitor ovulation for several months, and the follicles can be mature and can be discharged normally.

Where is the problem?

The doctor suggested that she do a tubal angiography. At the beginning, the girl was not willing to take a radiography. Later, she remembered that she would get pregnant when she was married, because she was not in a hurry to have a painless abortion. Is there a problem with the fallopian tube?

So listening to the doctor’s words, I went to the hospital on the 5th day after menstruation.The result of the angiography came out, and the double -sided fallopian tube accumulated water, and there was a problem with the pipeline.But in the film, there are still some contrast agents flowing to the pelvic cavity. The little Wang girl asked what caused the fallopian tubal water?Will it impact pragnancy?

The main cause of the fluid water accumulation is caused by long -term inflammatory stimulation. After inflammation stimulation, the septum edema, thickness, and congestion of the membrane in the fallopian tube causes the effusion.The umbrella end of the fallopian tube is tied with inflammation, and the leakage liquid in the lumen and the exudate liquid gradually accumulate to form a fallopian tube accumulation.

The formation of stagnant water may cause the narrow or adhesion of the lumen.It will cause sperm and eggs to meet disorders, and cannot form infertility in fertilized eggs.Unilateral fallopian tube accumulation may be pregnant, and water accumulation on both sides is difficult to get pregnant.

Even if the sperm and eggs can combine within the fallopian tube to form fertilized eggs, because the fallopian tube accumulates, it will affect the function of the fallopian tube. The fallopian tube is difficult to normalize the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity. Therefore, the probability of ectopic pregnancy is higher than that of ordinary women.

Due to the stagnation of inflammation from the inflammation, the water accumulation may enter the uterine cavity along the falling vesom vessels, leading to an environment in intrauterine cavity and affecting the growth of the embryo, which causes the embryo to stop developing.Therefore, even if pregnancy has a "toxic" effect on embryos and endometrium, it will cause fertilized eggs to not bed or abortion.

Generally speaking, different treatment methods are selected according to the severity of water accumulation.Often it is necessary to check and diagnose in the laparoscopic. If the stagnation is not very serious, you can perform the windows of the fallopian tube umbrella. If the stagnation is severe, you may need to perform a tubal ligation or resection.Wallopian tube accumulation is not treated well, which will also cause embryo to stop developing.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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