Was women have given birth to a child, and can I see from these three parts that I can’t hide it.

With the development of the times, today’s young women pay great attention to maintenance. Even the mother who has already given birth to a child can look at a few years old through maintenance.Xiaoqi is a young post -90s mother. Since she is pregnant, she has been concerned about her image management. She said that after pregnancy, there will be many spots on the face of pregnant women, and they will become very fat.

But for Xiaoqi, because of the proper maintenance, her skin is still very smooth, and she usually pays attention to her health, so she does not grow much weight throughout the pregnancy.Every time someone sees Xiaoqi, they will be interesting. They can’t see a pregnant woman from the back, and Xiao Qi is also complacent, thinking that after giving birth to a child, she will not change a lot.

However, after the baby was born, Xiao Qi’s body changed, no matter how he hid, he couldn’t hide it.In the late pregnancy, some of the light stretch marks appeared on Xiao Qi’s belly. Originally, she thought that she would not touch it, and she would gradually improve after giving birth to a baby.

But after giving birth to a child, the color of the stretch marks became deeper, and the whole belly was loose, and it was no longer as delicate as when he was young.

For women, the most important turning point in life is pregnancy and child. In fact, whether women have had children, it can be seen from 3 parts.

1: belly

After pregnancy, because of sufficient nutrition to meet the needs of the fetus, Baoma will continue to supplement nutrition, leading to weight gain, and at the same time, the stomach will accumulate more meat.Coupled with the slow growth of the baby’s monthly age, the uterus will be bigger, and the belly of Baoma will become bigger and bigger.After giving birth to a child, Baoma’s belly will become loose. If there are stretch marks, it will make the mother feel very desperate.

2: hip

As we all know, if you have to give birth to a baby through natural delivery, the mother must go through the process of opening the palace mouth. As the palace mouth opens, the mother’s pelvis will also become larger, resulting in too wide across parts and larger butt.Some people think that only the mother -in -law’s mother will experience all this, but in fact, the mothers of caesarean section will also have this phenomenon.

3: chest

After pregnancy, because of the influence of progesterone, Baoma’s chest will become larger.After the child was born, Bao Ma’s chest would still be kept relatively large because of the relationship of breast milk.Many people think that this is the second development of women, but in fact, as long as the child is weaned, the mother’s chest will shrink, and it will even be smaller than before. Therefore, the mother must pay attention to maintaining the chest.

Because during pregnancy, the mother continues to supplement, and if you do not pay attention to skin care, it will cause your body to go. In addition, the pain brought by the baby will make the mother’s spirit worse and worse.important.

1. Balanced diet

Some elderly people eat a lot of greasy soup for the mother after giving birth to a child, but in fact, it is not appropriate to make up for the week after giving birth.During the whole confinement, Baoma must pay attention to the balanced nutrition and eat fruits, vegetables and meat products appropriately.

2. Appropriate exercise

The maternal exercise should be determined according to her own childbirth. After the confinement, the mother -in -law can slowly start with the sport of walking, and gradually add some other projects.For Bao Ma who has a cesarean section, it is necessary to wait for the wound to heal completely to exercise, and at the same time, the amount of exercise should not be too large.

Third, a happy mood

After Bao Ma after giving birth, if his mood is very bad, it will not only affect breastfeeding, but also not good for the body.Therefore, postpartum mother must maintain a happy mood to avoid conflicts with her family. When they are in poor mood, they must be resolved in time.

It is said that mothers are the greatest people in the world. In order to give birth to a small life, they must accept their physical and psychological changes.For family members, whether in Bao Ma during pregnancy or after giving birth, pay more attention to their physical changes, and also pay attention to the psychological changes of Baoma to give them more understanding and tolerance.

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