What "traps" should be far away from pregnancy?Remember to eat seven or not

A large number of obstetric statistics and survey data show that a large part of the abnormal abnormalities (abortion, premature birth, difficulty, etc.) during pregnancy and childbirth was caused by pregnant women who ignore their own care.In a sense, it is the "mistake" they make.So, what are the most errors for expectant mothers during pregnancy?

1. Suspicious pregnancy is not checked in time

Many pregnant women disagreed when they started some early pregnancy reactions. They did not tell their loved ones in time, nor did they take the initiative to go to the hospital for examination. One or two months was dragged.

In this way, most of the pregnancy is more than three months of pregnancy, and it has fainted in a dangerous period that causes abnormalities and easily cause abortion. It ignores early pregnancy health care, which is extremely unfavorable to mother and child health, and can even lead to serious consequences.

2. Determine after pregnancy, do not conduct prenatal examinations on time

At present, a considerable part of (more rural) pregnant women are not performed or performed on time due to shy or troublesomeness. This cannot be found in time.one of the reasons.

3. Drug abuse during pregnancy

During pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy stage, it is an important factor in the abuse of medicines, especially some antibiotics, hormones, painkillers and sedative sleeping pills, especially some antibiotics, hormones, painkillers and sedative sleeping pills.

4. Do not need medicine, afraid to affect the fetus

Do not abuse medicines during pregnancy, but it is not a non -medicine. Most medicines are still safe to the fetus. Therefore, the sickness should be used correctly under the guidance of a doctor during pregnancy. Do not "avoid medicine."

5. Do not pay attention

Rubella, hepatitis, and giant cell virus can seriously damage embryo tissue, cause abnormality and abortion.Therefore, pregnant women should not ignore the above -mentioned virus infection and should be actively prevent. Once they are found to have rubber, viral hepatitis, etc., they should seek medical treatment immediately and treat them seriously.The rubella virus is the number one killer that causes terators.

6. Contact with harmful substances, do B -ultrasound multiple times

During pregnancy, especially early pregnancy, it is a critical period for the differentiation and formation of the fetus. It should be paid attention to avoiding and preventing toxic and harmful substances, such as chemical pesticides, heavy metal lead, cadmium and methyl mercury, and radioactive substances.Therefore, pregnant women should strengthen prevention in the above substances.And do not conduct B -ultrasound or X -ray check many times to avoid harming the fetus.

7. Smolarly, alcohol

Pregnant women can smoke or alcohol, which can cause teratogenic.Therefore, smoking and alcohol should be quit during pregnancy.

8. Improper dieting

Some pregnant women are worried that they will get fat after childbirth and lose their "body beauty". They dare not eat more or not eat more nutrients such as meat and eggs during pregnancy, and some even eat less than usual.This cannot meet the needs of the rapid growth and development of the fetus, and it will also cause incredible damage to the fetus the day after tomorrow.

9. Nutrition "Excessive"

There are also some pregnant women who think that the better, the richer nutrition, and the more beneficial it is for the fetus.Therefore, the attitude of "a lot of goodness" and "eating good" on diet during pregnancy. As a result, the weight gain is too fast, which can easily cause "huge fetuses", which not only causes difficulties to childbirth, but also one of the reasons for postpartum weight gain.

10. Excessive dependence on her husband or demanding husbands

A small number of pregnant women can’t know the pregnancy, afraid of the word, and do nothing. The housework completely allows her husband to do it, and she demands her husbands and her husband.This excessive dependence has greatly reduced the amount of activity of pregnant women, and is also psychologically negative and passive. It is harmful to health, which can easily lead to physical and mental fragility, and even become an important factor in dystocia.

11. Full ascetic, leave your husband too much

A small number of pregnant women mistakenly believe that they cannot have sex throughout pregnancy, so abstinence, the sexual requirements of her husband are rejected, so they have left a husband, and it will inevitably damage the relationship between the husband and wife.Sexual life should be controlled during early pregnancy, and sexual life should be prohibited in the third trimester.Even when the sex life should not be lived, the husband put forward sexual requirements, and should not be cold and evil, and adopt an indifferent attitude. Instead, he patiently persuades the husband and adopt non -sexual intercourse to get close to the husband.

12. Unsupply sex life

In the early and advanced pregnancy, non -controlling sexual life is often the cause of abortion, premature birth, and in -palace infection.

13. Self -closure, not going out

Some pregnant women think that the butterfly spots or big belly after pregnancy, become ugly, become stupid, and do not want to let others see the image of themselves; there are also some pregnant women who misunderstand that going outside to move more will affect the fetus in the body.No, self -closed.

This approach is not only harmful to the physical and mental health of the pregnant woman, but also to obstruct the fetus and is not conducive to eugenics.

14. Participate in strenuous exercise or dry work

A few pregnant women still participate in severe sports competitions during pregnancy, or they are dangerous and can easily cause miscarriage or premature birth.

15. Lazy

Some pregnant women have a long understanding of the rest of the pregnancy. The better, the less movement, the life is loose and regular. This not only is not good for the development of the fetus, but also causes trouble to normal childbirth, extend the output process, and increase the stagnation.

16. Do not pay attention to mental hygiene

Many pregnant women do not pay attention to mental health during pregnancy.As everyone knows, the harsh emotions not only directly affect the diet and sleep of pregnant women, hinders health, but also have a harmful impact on the fetus, which is not conducive to eugenics.

17. Forgot or remember the wrong due date

Some pregnant women do not pay attention to the due date, thinking that it is a trivial matter, but small things often cause big trouble.Due to the unclear due date, the preparation preparations are affected, and it is the main reason why it is abroad or during the journey.It is very unfavorable to mother and child’s health.

18. Do it mainly for the main property

At present, many pregnant women are afraid of "suffering" during childbirth, or their children who misunderstand the cesarean section are smart. They can have a normal delivery, but they are urgently requested to do cesarean section.This approach has more disadvantages.Because compared with normal natural delivery, cesarean section not only has a greater and more risk, but also is not good for newborns, and the prevalence after birth increases.Therefore, pregnant women should not ask for cesarean production by themselves. For those pregnant women who cannot give birth naturally, doctors will choose cesarean section.

Pregnancy Moms during pregnancy should not eat seven diets:

1. It is not advisable to drink too much tea: Pregnant women should not drink too much tea or too thick, because the tea alkali (caffeine) in tea has an exciting effect, which will increase fetal movement and even endanger fetal growth and development.

2. Drink drinks should not be excessive: Since some drinks contain 2.4%-2.6%caffeine, cola Ning and other alkaloids, pregnant women will experience poisoning symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, and accelerated heartbeat, which will affect the fetal brain, heart and liver.The normal development of important organs causes congenital diseases after birth.

3. It is not advisable to eat more vinegar: too much vinegar and acidic foods are one of the culprits that lead to terators: especially about half a month of pregnancy, a large amount of acidic food can reduce the alkali in the body, which can cause fatigue and weakness to be weak and weak.EssenceThe long -term acidic constitution not only causes the mother to suffer from certain diseases, the most important thing is to affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and even cause fetal malformation.

4. It is not advisable to eat more hawthorn: Modern medical research confirms that hawthorn has a shrinking effect on women’s uterus. If pregnant women eat a large number of hawthorn and their products, it will stimulate uterine contraction, which can cause abortion seriously.

5. It is not advisable to eat hot seasoning: hot spices such as cumin, fennel, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, spiced powder and other hot spices after pregnancy, as well as hot foods such as fried and fried, easy to consume intestinal water, make the gastrointestinal glands, make the gastrointestinal glandsThe body secretion is reduced, causing constipation.After the constipation occurs, the pregnant woman’s bowel movement is increased, which increases the abdominal pressure, compress the fetus in the uterus, and can easily cause adverse consequences such as fetal movement, fetal development, premature amniotic fluid break, natural abortion, and premature birth.

6, should not eat too much fritters: The fritters contain a certain amount of alum, and the alum is an aluminum -containing organic matter.Aluminum can invade the fetus’s brain through the placenta, causing it to form brain disorders and increase the chance of dementia.

7. Should not be excessively exposed to detergent: Chemical ingredients and other chemical components such as linear alkyl iodine, alcohol, etc. in the detergent can destroy and cause degeneration and necrosis of fertilized eggs.Especially in the early days of newlyweds and conception, if various detergents (washing powder, shampoo, detergent, etc.) are contacted too much, those chemical composition will be absorbed by the skin and savings in the body, so that the outer cell cells degenerate in the outer layer of the fertilized eggs will degenerate., Lead to abortion.Text/Yu Mei

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