What about pregnant women’s hemorrhoids?Teach you a few good ways to effectively alleviate the hemorrhoids and constipation of pregnant women!

After women grow up, as the fetus grows grows, the uterus, which grows up with her mother, will slowly affect the return of venous blood in the pelvic cavity, causing the venous plexus around the anus of the pregnant mother to cause congestion and protrusion, thereby forming hemorrhoids.

Many expectant mothers are troubled by hemorrhoids during pregnancy, but most of them are caused by constipation. As long as the problem of constipation is solved, hemorrhoids will generally be relieved or eliminated.If the constipation cannot be cured for a long time, the return of the intestinal toxin of the pregnant mother will not only affect her own health, but also endangers the fetus.

1. Eat more fresh vegetables rich in cellulose.For example, celery, various kinds of vegetables, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and potatoes contain high foods with high vitamins and dietary fiber, which increases the volume of stool, which is beneficial to the stool to excrete the body.Try to eat less or not irritating condiments and fried foods: such as pepper, pepper and various types of fried potato chips, instant noodles, and so on.

2. In the usual diet, eat some fish, meat, beans, eggs, milk, etc. to supplement protein. The bowel movement of the lack of protein is not good, so constipation is formed.It can be seen that protein intake is important to every pregnant woman.

3. Pay more attention to drinking water. After getting up in the morning, drink a cup of 500ml warm water or light saline, which will help help the body detoxify and defecate.We need to develop a good habit of timely defecation every day. It is best to take a bath with warm water after defecation to promote local blood circulation in the anus.

4. Don’t sit for a long time, especially don’t sit on the sofa for a long time, because the texture of the sofa is soft, sedentary will exacerbate the degree of congestion, resulting in difficulty in blood flow, and aggravating the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

5. Properly increase the frequency of anus-lifting exercise, and consciously do 3-5 groups of anal racking consciously during your spare time, 30 times in each group.The specific steps are as follows: concentrate on ideology, close the thighs together, shrink the anus sphincter when inhaling, and relax the anus when exhaling.

6. If the hemorrhoids are serious, you can use VE (preferably natural wheat germ oil capsules to pierce and enter the anus.) This will continue for a few days. Pregnant mothers with hemorrhoids may wish to try it.I wish everyone a good pregnancy!

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