What are the causes of foot swelling during pregnancy?

With the release of the second child policy, after dinner, the pregnant mothers who walked in the garden also became more. When we encountered one of the treasure moms two days ago, we talked about some of the experiences of raising children.She complained to me that when she was Huai Dabao, she did not have swelling. I didn’t know what was going on this time. As soon as she was pregnant for more than eight months, her feet began to swell.

A neighbor next to him said, "Congratulations, you are pregnant with girls." After listening, the pregnant Baoma was quite happy.EssenceIn fact, I have heard of various versions of the way to speculate the sex of the baby, but the theory of swelling is the theory of girls who did not know much before. In this way, I checked a lot of information.First of all, let’s take a look, why do foot swelling during pregnancy?

1. After pregnancy, the blood capacity of pregnant mothers has risen from six weeks of pregnancy, and it will reach a peak in about 34 weeks of pregnancy. This phenomenon will be maintained until two weeks after giving birth.Increasing also increases the interstitial liquid.

2. After the blood increases, the increase in blood volume is more than the increase in blood cells, and the blood component will be diluted. At this time, the relative concentration of plasma albumin is lower than that of no pregnancy, and plasma albumin maintains plasmaThe osmotic pressure is very important.The penetration of plasma during pregnancy is lower than that when not pregnant, so the moisture in the blood flow penetrates into the tissue intercourse, so it will cause edema.

So, in fact, the edema of the legs is really not necessarily connected with the sex of the baby. What can we do in the face of edema?

1. Keep a sufficient rest

In particular, some Baoma who still adhere to work after pregnancy, and work for a long -standing or sedentary work, will exacerbate edema. It is best to rest for ten to fifteen minutes after one hour.

2. Leg -up exercise

Before going to bed every day, you can raise your legs and practice. This can help blood flow back, reduce intravenous pressure, and help pregnant mothers to relieve edema.

3. With the help of the belt

The pressure of pregnant belly will also bring a lot of inconvenience. Baoma can use the support force of the belt to reduce the oppression of the legs.

4. Keep the left side lying on the left side

During the pregnancy, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, maintaining the left side of the left side can avoid the oppression of the lower limb vein and help reduce the resistance of blood return.

5. Diet should also be less salt

After pregnancy, the body’s adjustment of salt and moisture has decreased, so we need to pay attention to the diet and control the intake of salt.

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