What are the characteristics of the concubines in the palace in ancient history?

Today, let’s talk about the things in the palace. If a concubine in the palace is pregnant, will they have any special treatment?When we saw that the concubine was pregnant in the Qing Palace drama, she must be the highest in the entire palace. Everyone would surround her. Those who had bullied her before, she could say a word casually and let her die without death.There is no way to bury the place of burial. In addition to governing the world, the most important responsibility of Huangdi is to take over the royal family.Therefore, once the woman in the harem is enthusiastic, it is a great thing in the entire palace. From knowing pregnancy to delivery, 10 months of them may be the happiest and happiest moment of this woman’s life.What kind of special treatment is given to her in the palace?

Next, take a look at this, the first one will give you a big house to live in, and take Cixi in the past.In, when we saw that Cixi was pregnant with Chun, her husband Xianfeng gave her a low preferential treatment, and gave her Chu Xiu Palace, which was told to give her a separate park, so that she lived to allow her to raise a good child.Two preferential trees will deliver a lot of nanny.

Therefore, the second special preferential treatment of the palace maids, eunuchs, and crickets, and the best in the palace, you can choose.In the archives, when Cixi was pregnant, nearly 30 people served her. The next preferential treatment, there must be a doctor to take professional care.Daily medicated foods are presented to the emperor. Don’t ask the editor. Do the emperor really know medical care, do not understand that he can ask, and you can let the experienced doctors consult together to draw conclusions.

In this preferential treatment, I think it should be the favorite of the concubines. Mother can enter the palace to accompany. For pregnant concubines, there are special relative visits in the palace. Among them, the most important biological mothers can enter the palace to accompany them for about 20 days., But the longest is not more than one month. Think of those show girls once they entered the royal family, it is equivalent to breaking the relationship with the outside family.It is impossible for such a plot to go home and save pro -pro., But only when you are pregnant.Only her biological mother can enter the palace to accompany, but at most it is one month, but Cixi has set a record. Her old mother has accompanied her for more than 3 months. It can be seen that the Emperor Xianfeng was extra favor to herEssence

Of course, there is also the most special treatment. The emperor’s is extra favor. When the concubine is pregnant, the emperor will care and take care of it. In addition to asking for warmth every day, the diet is made by the emperor himself. I want to wantThink about it, the palace is full of power. Whoever takes care of the emperor is sure that the best things in the palace will flow.

In the end, Xiaobian also wanted to say an error in a film and television drama.Let’s watch the palace drama again. Once each concubine is pregnant, the other concubines will think about ways to make her abortion. What kind of food is put in the food in the diet, and the abortion medicine is placed in musk and medicine.In fact, in the real harem, these tricks are almost impossible.You look at the most special treatment listed above. Medical diets are cleared together with the emperor and multiple imperial doctors. How can it make abortion drugs appear.

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