What are the fetus doing when you stay up late during pregnancy?After reading this "answer", do you dare to stay up late?

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After many pregnant mothers are pregnant, due to the large response in the early pregnancy, the family members are worried that the health of pregnant mothers and fetal baby will allow pregnant mothers to resign at home to raise tires. By the way, prepare some babies who are born to be born.Products.

However, for a day for a day, pregnant mothers will inevitably feel a little boring without work. Boring the pregnant mother will use watching TV series to pass the time, and the TV series is usually a lot of episodes.Mom even stayed up late to chase the drama, or turned upside down day and night.

After my cousin was pregnant, my cousin’s husband was worried that she was too tired to work and let my cousin resign at home to raise a baby. The aunt knew that the cousin would let the cousin go home without going to work. By the way, she could take care of her cousin.You do n’t need to do anything. When you are bored, you will chase the drama. After the episode one episode, I sleep after being tired and tired, so that my cousin sleeps throughout the pregnancy.

Once I took my child home, I took the child in the cousin’s house and took it in for a while. Later, I ate at my aunt’s house at noon. When I ate, my cousin asked a question: I often stay up late, will the baby stay up late?I joked with my cousin and said that the child was a night owl like you in the future, and my cousin couldn’t laugh and laugh.

In fact, the baby is also black in the mother’s belly, and most of the baby’s time is in a state of sleep, but in the middle of pregnancy, the fetus is in the rapid development stage.There will also be a certain perception of the outside environment.

If the outside voice is noisy or bright, it will affect the baby’s sleep, and the baby may wake up for a while.

Therefore, although the baby baby is basically sleeping, it is also when you wake up, and the time to wake up may be the time when the pregnant mother is sleeping, or the time for pregnant mothers to play.

If the pregnant mother often stays up late, the baby can feel it, and even like the pregnant mother, it will start to be excited at night.These influences cannot be underestimated, and you dare to stay up late after reading it.

· The growth and development of the fetus are affected

If the pregnant mother has developed the habit of staying up late, then such a habit will not be changed for a while. It has been up late to stay up late for a long time.Function, then this will also affect the healthy growth and development of the fetus.

· The rules of the post -production schedule of fetus will be affected

During the pregnancy of pregnant mothers, the fetus and mother are a conjoosent of "breathing the same, common destiny". If pregnant mothers always stay up late during pregnancy, then the baby’s schedule in the mother’s belly will also be affected to some extent.Disordinate, after the baby is born, there will be irregular schedules, which is very unfavorable for mothers to bring their baby in the future, and the baby is easy to have anxiety and cry.

· Fetal immunity decreases

Successive sleep is an important standard for ensuring the normal operation of the human body. For normal people, often staying up late, the body’s immunity is easy to decrease, and it is also easy to be invaded by germs.The resistance will also be reduced, and if the pregnant mother is sick during pregnancy, it will also affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, for the baby’s health, the pregnant mother should pay attention to stay up late during pregnancy.

Unexpectedly, pregnant mothers staying up late during pregnancy have so much impact on the fetus. Do you dare to stay up late after reading it?

However, although some pregnant mothers know that staying up late during pregnancy is not good for the healthy development of the fetus, they can’t control themselves. They are always upside down day and night. I want to change it day and night.

· Adjust sleeping position

Presumably many pregnant mothers have heard that they should keep their left sleeping position and sleep during pregnancy. Because of this, many pregnant mothers can’t sleep well at night, but in fact, in the early pregnancy, the sleeping position is not very important. Pregnant mothers can followAfter all, the fetus is not very large in the early pregnancy, so the requirements for sleeping positions are not very high.

However, in the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus grows longer and bigger in the mother’s belly. The use of the left sleeping position will be more comfortable for the pregnant mother’s body, and it is more conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.Essence

· Use a pillow to support the abdomen and back

During pregnancy, the height of the pillow is appropriately increased, and the pillow is used to support the abdomen and back. This is conducive to improving the sleeping status of pregnant mothers, because a pillow can support the sinking back to help sleep.

· Sleep less during the day

Some mothers who do not go to work are more free for a day and are not controlled. I sleep when I want to sleep. I accidentally sleep too much. Sleeping too much during the day will be affected when sleeping at night, so the pregnant motherDuring the day, you can try to find something to do, and reduce some sleep time appropriately, so that it is easier to fall asleep at night.

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