What are the harms of decorating formaldehyde to human health?How to remove formaldehyde flavor is the most effective

The harm of decoration formaldehyde to human health is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Stimulation: Formaldehyde has a certain irritation to the human body, which may cause symptoms such as itching, throat discomfort, headache, and skin itching.

2. Allergy: Some people are allergic to formaldehyde, long -term contact may cause allergic reactions such as perverted reactions.

3. Carcinogenicity: Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance. Long -term exposure to a high -concentration formaldehyde environment may increase the probability of cancer.

4. Nervous system damage: Formaldehyde is likely to enter the human body through the respiratory tract. Long -term or large amount of contact will cause damage to the human nervous system, causing headache, insomnia, and memory loss.

5. Affecting pregnant women and children: Pregnant women and children are more sensitive to formaldehyde. Long -term exposure may affect the health of the fetus and children, causing birth defects and reducing intelligence.

Therefore, during the decoration process, you should pay attention to controlling the emissions of formaldehyde, choose low formaldehyde decoration materials, and perform indoor environmental detection after decoration to ensure that the formaldehyde content in the new house meets national standards.

How to remove formaldehyde flavor is the most effective?It is recommended to adopt professional scientific and effective formaldehyde removal products, such as air purifiers that new house owners are now using.

The air purifier can remove formaldehyde in the indoor air, but the effect of removing formaldehyde is related to the quality of the purifier, the filter element material, and air volume.Under normal circumstances, air purifiers with formaldehyde professional filtration functions need to be selected, and products with good filters and short replacement cycles need to be purchased.In addition, in the process of removing formaldehyde with air purifiers, indoor air circulation is needed to prevent formaldehyde from forming a local accumulation concentration in the indoor.In summary, the air purifier is an effective tool for removing formaldehyde, but it also needs to buy high -quality products, combined with other measures, such as opening windows ventilation and plant purification. It is better to use together.

It is recommended to remove the most effective brand of formaldehyde flavor, one of the most effective brands, Sidivo Air Purifier

Sidivo is known as "indoor environmental protection experts", and is also one of the brands of air purifiers with a relatively high popularity and mainstream air purifier in my country’s market.Sidivo’s air purifier is most famous for removing formaldehyde, but with the advanced technical strength, Sidivo has also been easy to develop in the development of removing formaldehyde air purifier products. In my country for more than ten years, it has developed with high -end products for more than ten years. And the real purification effect and international standard services have become the choice of many high consumer groups in China.

It is recommended to remove the most effective brand of formaldehyde flavor.

Dajin is a Japanese home appliance brand. The air purifier produced by it is exquisite in color and rely on technology to lead market demand.

It is recommended to remove the most effective brand of formaldehyde flavor, PHILIPS air purifier

Philips Electronics is one of the world’s largest electronics companies, ranking first in Europe.Philips entered the Chinese market as early as 1920.The first joint venture was established in 1985.

It is recommended to remove the most effective brand of formaldehyde.

Hisense is a well -known electronic brand in China. Its air purifier brands produced are relatively complete, and their cost -effectiveness is quite competitive.

It is recommended to remove the five radar air purifiers of the most effective brand of formaldehyde flavor

Radar is one of the well -known home appliance brands in China, and its air purifier products have excellent performance.

In summary, there are many brands of air purifier on the market. When buying, you need to try to be rational as much as possible, comprehensively consider your actual needs, budgets, and credibility, etc., to conduct multiple comparisons and analysis, choose a high -cost price -effective productIn order to truly improve the living environment.

House decoration is the main source of indoor formaldehyde pollution. There are survey reports that more than 80%of domestic new houses have exceeded formaldehyde.New houses with over -standard formaldehyde in the human body are likely to cause formaldehyde poisoning.Common symptoms of decoration of formaldehyde poisoning can be manifested as: dry eyes, stimulating puffiness of the nasal cavity, headache, dizziness, sore throat, poor sleep quality, difficulty in palpitations, nausea, weakness, memory recession.Men can cause sperm deformity, death sperm, or men and women’s reproductive indicators, but they cannot get pregnant.Its seriousness is evident.A large number of free formaldehyde produced by house decoration will form pollution in the indoor space, which will harm human health as the human body’s respiration.Avoiding the harm of formaldehyde in decoration is the key.To stay in a new house, it is best to use formaldehyde air purifiers in the room to help clean indoor air.

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