What are the inspection items that need to be drawn during pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers will feel a lot of projects in the process of checkup. After the entire production inspection, they have contributed a lot of blood.So what are the need to check blood during pregnancy and what are the purpose of checking these inspections?

1. HCG blood test

In order to detect the accuracy of pregnancy, doctors generally recommend that blood HCG early pregnancy examination.Check the HCG value through the blood "quantitative". The HCG value is more sensitive and accurately responds to whether the urine can be more sensitive and accurately. The accuracy rate is more than 99%.In addition, for multiple pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, abnormal development of embryos, hydatidal, and certain endocrine diseases or tumors, the blood HCG value is combined with clinical situation and other examination results, and the correct judgment can be obtained through comprehensive analysis.HCG blood test requires an empty stomach.

It is mainly used to determine whether pregnant mothers have anemia. Mild anemia will not have much effect on pregnant mothers and childbirth, but severe anemia may cause adverse consequences such as premature birth and low weight.

3. Blood type examination

In the early stages of pregnancy, blood types are usually drawn. This is easy to prevent neonatal hemolysis in time.The second is preparing for blood transfusion. Once pregnant women have early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, pre -placenta, premature placental peeling, etc., and vaginal bleeding during childbirth, they may cause pregnant womenEssence

4. TORCH examination

Touch is often said that we often say that the virus is four, mainly including rubella virus, giant cell virus, toxoplasty, and herpes simplex virus.After pregnant women infected these viruses, they can pass through the placenta barrier to the fetus, which may cause severe congenital malformations and even abortion.Therefore, it is best to perform this test when preparing. Normally negative. If the examination is positive, you should be pregnant after treatment.Empty stomach is checked.

5. Liver function examination

This is mainly to check whether expectant mothers have diseases such as hepatitis, because pregnancy will aggravate the burden on the liver. If the liver function of the mother is abnormal, the first is to deal with the decline in the ability of the toxic waste material, causing the mother and fetal poisoning.The second is that the various proteins needed by the body cannot be produced, which affects the function of other organs.Third, due to the production of sufficient coagulation factor, major bleeding occurs at the time of delivery, which endangers mother’s health.In addition, there are many other functions that can be abnormal, leading to the corresponding lesion.Pay attention to the need for an empty stomach.

Tang’s screening is a test of the possibility of a screen detection of a fetus with the possibility of Tang’s syndrome. Generally, the Tang family screening is to extract the blood of two milliliters of pregnant women to detect the serum tire protein, velvetic gonadine, and the semiper gyanolThen, combined with the height, weight, age, and gestational week of pregnant women, the "Tang family" risk index was calculated. The best screening time was 15-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes refers to diabetes that occur during pregnancy without diabetes before pregnancy.Gestational diabetes can directly affect fetal development and increase the risk of huge children.Diabetic diabetes may also increase the chances of abortion, slow intrauterine development, deformity, huge child, low weight, etc., and can also cause multiple neonatal complications, such as biphampiology, respiratory distress syndrome, etc.EssenceTherefore, at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, doctors will recommend gestational diabetes screening.It is best to eat lightly the day before making sugar sieves. Do not eat after 8 pm, let alone eat fruits and drinks with high sugar content, so as not to affect the test results.

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