What are the physical examination items that need to be done during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it belongs to a relatively special period. The body’s immunity is more likely to suffer from disease than when not pregnant. The immunity is relatively low. In order to avoid physical illness and create an inner healthy environment for fetal health, this requires physical examination.Pay attention to physical examination, help early understanding of physical health, and have certain help for preventing diseases. What are the physical examination items that need to be done during pregnancy? The following is a detailed introduction to everyone.

1. urine test

This inspection time generally needs to be checked in 7-10 days after the same room. This test is to determine whether women are pregnant. The cost of this inspection is generally about 10 yuan. The inspection is very simple. Generally speakingAt that time, the results of the inspection were available.If the urine -like examination is positive, then congratulations will be a mother.After the pregnancy, the chorionic gonad hormone will increase and excrete the body through urine. This is the principle of early pregnancy test strips and hospital examination.Its accuracy is more than 90%and can be detected 2 weeks after conception.If you wait until 4 weeks of pregnancy, the test will be more reliable.If you test it at home, it is best to use morning urine, so the accuracy is higher.

2. Perform B -ultrasound

Pregnant women need to actively conduct B -ultrasound after she found that she is pregnant after she is pregnant. This examination is best to do during the twelve weeks of pregnancy. Through B -ultrasound, you can determine the intrauterine pregnancy and eliminate abnormal pregnancy.Within 12 weeks of pregnancy, B -ultrasound is generally not conventional.However, if there is a small amount of bleeding in the vagina after pregnancy, or if there are abdominal pain or the history of natural abortion, the B -ultrasound can clearly diagnose whether the intrauterine pregnancy can be diagnosed and the ectopic pregnancy and hydatidal fetus can be excluded.

The above introduces the physical examination items that need to be done during pregnancy, understand the relevant prevention of pregnancy, and strengthen the health care of the body, so as to improve physical immunity and ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

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