What are the possible factor in menstruation?Do you all know?

What are the possible factor in menstruation?Do you all know?Praise the collection and forward it to the sisters around you.

Let me give you a look today, because the menstruation every month is a symbol of a woman, and it also represents this piece of our women’s reproductive system.What happens?

What are the possible factor in menstruation?Do you all know?

Let me tell you.

The first is pregnancy. Women who are pregnant are not menstruation. Of course, women with breastfeeding may not have menstruation.

The second point is to use some diseases for drug treatment. For example, you have endometriosis, adenomy muscle disease, or fibroids under the mucosa, and even polyps. After you do the surgeryFor a needle, such as GNRHA’s drug -promoting gonad hormone, this drug, takes one needle a month, also causes menstruation. If you use this ring of Man Yuele, you will be in the palace cavity in the palace cavityIt may also cause you not to come to menstruation, which is caused by some drugs used.

The third point is because of the function of the ovaries itself. For example, if you do not ovulate, then you may not have menstruation. Some even some ovaries suddenly have problems, failure, and no function. It does not come to menstruation.A manifestation.

The fourth reason is that the endometrium damage is too deep. For example, because of early pregnancy, you do the curettage, or for other reasons, you do the uterine endometrial surgeryToo powerful, even leading to the uterine cavity adhesion. In this way, the menstrual flow will decrease and even do not have menstruation.

In the fifth point, some diseases will cause us to not menstruation. For example, your severe anemia, malnutrition, polycystic ovary syndrome, and abnormal thyroid function, it will also cause us not to come to menstruation.

The sixth point is some other factors, such as the spiritual stress response, the mental pressure is too great, the work pressure is too great, or it is a stressful college entrance examination.The reduction is too fast, which will also cause us to be amenorrhea, so if women should come to menstruation, if she does not come, remove the exclusion of pregnancy, we must slowly find the reason.

I am Joe Linjing, a Chinese medicine gynecological department. If you also have a female health problem, I will help you solve it!

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