What are the signs of pregnancy?The doctor tells you: 10 common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy!

Congratulations on you are pregnant!But there are often many discomfort symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. How should I relieve it?Is abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy?Can I exercise in the early stages of pregnancy?When is the pregnancy test?When will the fetal heart sound appear?Do you want to make up?This article details common questions in the early stages of pregnancy, and ask the doctor to answer them.

What are the signs of early pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to hormones, the common signs and symptoms are described below (but not every pregnant woman will have these changes, which vary from personal constitution):

Nausea and vomiting: The hormonal concentration is increased due to pregnancy and embryo bed, which not only slows down gastrointestinal motility, but also easily leads to nausea and vomiting.Many people often call pregnancy vomiting. In fact, they may not only want to vomit in the morning. The time point is not necessarily, and it may happen at any time.Generally, the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting at 8 or 9 weeks of pregnancy are the most obvious. Therefore, the hormonal concentration reaches its peak. After 12 weeks, the hormone concentration tends to stabilize, and most people’s pregnancy symptoms will disappear at 12 weeks.But some people will last until 20 weeks, and the symptoms of pregnancy will disappear.If the symptoms of pregnancy are not improved as the number of pregnancy weeks progresses, the medical examination should be checked whether there are problems with liver or thyroid.

If you feel disgusting and want to vomit, a small amount can be meals to slow down the symptoms.According to some studies, ginger can stop vomiting, and you can try to enter the food as detailed; doctors may also prescribe vitamin B6 to slow down the symptoms of pregnancy.

The preference for diet has changed: After pregnancy, the food they like to eat may change, and the taste changes of each person may not be the same.Taste and smell preferences often change.It is recommended to try different taste changes under the premise of balanced diet and health, but not too greasy.

Emotional changes are great: because of pregnancy affected by hormones, causing ups and downs of emotional fluctuations.If you can’t control your emotions and even have a tendency to self -disabled, you should seek medical treatment and seek the assistance of husband and family.

Abdominal distension: Gastrointestinal peristalsis becomes slow, it is easy to nausea, vomit, and at the same time, it can easily bloate, which may be constipated.Should maintain good bowel habits as much as possible, eat more vegetables and drink plenty of water; do not hold back when there is a intention, you should defecate as soon as possible.If the feces stay in the intestine for too long, water will be absorbed and easier to stool.

Beltic mucosal congestion: Due to hormonal changes can also cause mucosal congestion, nasal congestion and nosebleeds may be caused.You can take a little pressure to stop bleeding with toilet paper, and minimize the nostrils as little as possible.However, if you often have bleeding or even blood flow for no reason, it is recommended to ask a doctor for examination.

Frequent urination and urgency: Due to the increase in pelvic blood flow, the bladder can be stimulated, resulting in the early stages of pregnancy easily frequent urination and urgency.It is recommended not to urinate, so as to avoid bacteria infection along the ureter and increase the possibility of premature birth.In addition, drink water in moderation. Don’t be afraid to drink more water.

Increased secretion: Although the increase in secretions is normal physiological phenomenon, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the secretion is yellow -green or odor, and check whether there is infection.Generally, you can observe; if you want to use a pad, you must change the pads to reduce the chance of infection.

The breasts begin to change: the breasts may start to become larger, the nipples may begin to become sensitive, and a small amount of colostrum may also slowly appear. These symptoms will be more obvious until the late pregnancy.It is recommended not to wear too tight bras, you can switch to pregnancy.

A small amount of bleeding: If it is a small amount of brown secretions and no abdominal pain, most of them are normal, and may not have a miscarriage, because the embryo may bleed a small amount during bed.However, it is generally recommended that as long as there is bleeding, it is best to seek medical treatment for the doctor to avoid judging errors by themselves.Doctors will determine whether it is normal based on the amount of blood, color, cervical length and changes.

In case it is a large amount of bleeding (for example: as many menstrual flows), bright red, or abdominal pain, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.If there is a blood clot on the edge of the placenta in the ultrasound, it may be a threatened abortion, and the doctor will open the lutein to the fetus; but if the placenta is fine but bleeds, the doctor may also consider whether it is cervical polyps or even cervical cancer.

In addition, the cervical rejuvenation caused by pregnancy may also cause a small amount of bleeding, but it is just a normal pregnancy phenomenon, so don’t worry too much.

Tired, drowsiness: In the early days of pregnancy, many pregnant women would feel tired and want to sleep, and should rest more.

Do you still have menstruation after pregnancy?

It is impossible to have menstruation after pregnancy.If you are pregnant, but have a blood -like blood, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.If it is a threatened abortion, common symptoms include abdominal pain, bleeding, falling in the belly, and backache.

Is abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy?

Not necessarily, it may also be the cause of uterine pregnancy, bad stomach and stomach pain.However, it is recommended that doubts should be medical treatment. Do not judge by yourself. After the doctor eliminates the possible causes, it will be attributed to the pain caused by the ligament pull. If it is the pain caused by the ligament pull, it is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Do you accidentally eat diarrhea if you accidentally eat?

If the diarrhea is too severe in the early stages of pregnancy, the lack of water may cause uterine contraction, but it rarely has a miscarriage because of this. Most of the symptoms can be improved as long as the medical treatment and supplementation of water supplementation can be improved.

Can I exercise in the early stages of pregnancy?

A moderate amount of exercise can improve health.Depending on the exercise of the pregnant woman itself before pregnancy.If you have a long -term maintenance habits, you can still maintain the types and habits of exercise before pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy, but you must focus on the degree of physical load (if you have a doctor or discomfort, you must also reduce the amount of exercise).

Basically, exercise is beneficial, but it is not advisable to increase a lot of exercise after pregnancy.Pregnant women who do not have exercise habits can start three 15 minutes of continuous exercise every week, and then slowly increase to 3 to 4 minutes a week. You can take a walk and aerobic exercise, but you still take the body’s subjective comfort as the body.Lord should not change too much.

If there are no special conditions, discomforts, or medical orders in the early stages of pregnancy, you can maintain normal life and rest without lying on the bed.

When is pregnancy testing more Huai?

About 8 to 10 days after sexual behavior, if there is pregnancy, the female body may have begun to change hormonal, but at this time, the concentration of hormones is still too low, and the pregnancy test stick is usually not verified.

If the menstruation should not come, the pregnancy test is not high enough at this time.If you want to have the results of a more precise pregnancy test, it is recommended that you can test it in a week when menstruation should not come. At this time, most of the pregnancy test sticks should be able to show the correct pregnancy test results.

Why do the color of one of the lines appear in the two lines of the pregnancy test stick?

This is usually due to the earlier pregnancy test and the hormonal concentration is not high enough.When two lines are verified, even if one of them is very light, most of them still indicate that they are pregnant.At this time, you can directly ask the obstetrician and gynecologist to confirm, or check the trial of pregnancy in a week.

If you are pregnant with twins, is the method of pregnancy testing?

The concentration and pregnancy index of the twins hormone usually increased faster, but it is still possible to test pregnancy according to the general pregnancy test method.

If you confirm that you are pregnant with twins, you may be more uncomfortable during pregnancy and have to rest. You must also determine whether it is a placenta or two placenta. If there is only one placenta, you may be careful about twin blood transfusion syndrome.Discussion with a doctor.

When will I go to see the obstetrics and gynecology?

If you do n’t have menstruation and you are pregnant, you can go to the obstetrics and gynecology examination. Ultrasonic confirming whether the position of the embryo sac is in the uterus.If you are not in the uterus, you cannot be considered normal pregnancy, which may be an ectopic pregnancy; if the embryo is in the uterus, and the fetal heart sounds are measured, and after getting a pregnant woman manual, the first birth checkup can be started in about 9 to 12 weeks.

When will the fetal heart sound appear?

The fetal heart sound is the heartbeat of the fetus, and the fetus must have a heartbeat to continue to grow.The fetal heart sounds usually appear at 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it may not be able to see it so quickly because of personal conditions or the instruments used by the medical institution; but the slowest in 9-12 weeksYou must see the fetal heart sound, otherwise it is not a successful pregnancy.

What are the normal pregnancy?


Porttal fetus is a type of pregnancy -oriented cell disease. It is caused by abnormal chromosomes and looks like grapes. It is divided into completeness and incompleteness.Surgery must be scraped out of the fifty tires and tracking changes.

Empty bomb (atrophic egg)

Although the embryo sac will continue to grow, the embryo cannot grow, or the embryo will die.Most of this situation will flow naturally.If the ultrasound judgment is not discharged by yourself, you need to help abortion by surgery or medicine.

Ectopic pregnancy

The embryonic sac is in bed (often in the fallopian tubes) outside the uterus. The symptoms of foreign pregnancy in fallopian tubes include abdominal pain and bleeding. In order to avoid major bleeding caused by fallopian tube rupture, it is recommended to surgery as soon as possible.Pelvic inflammation, smokers, and fallopian tube surgery are more prone to ectopic pregnancy.

Do you want to supplement in the early stages of pregnancy?

Generally, as long as folic acid is supplemented, it is enough to maintain a normal and balanced diet. In fact, there is no need to supplement.Eating too much may cause too much gain in the early stages of pregnancy, and the chance of getting gestational diabetes in the later stages of pregnancy will also increase.You do not need to deliberately increase your weight in the early stages of pregnancy. Unless you are an exception of pregnant women who are too light or have a special doctor, you can ask your doctor.In addition, it is recommended to try not to eat raw food, because pregnant women have poor immunity, and the chance of eating raw meals is higher.

Can I take medicine in the early stages of pregnancy?

Some people do n’t have to worry too much when they do n’t know that they are pregnant. In fact, they do n’t have to worry too much.However, if you have a fever, it is best to ask a doctor to evaluate and take antipyretics to avoid the temperature of the fetus too high.

Fetal changes in early pregnancy?

The prototype of the shot will start in about 5 weeks. At about 6 weeks, the heart and limbs will be obvious. At about 7 weeks, you can see the appearance of the fetus. The organs have taken shape in about 9 to 13 weeks.

What should I pay attention to?

As long as there is no bleeding, abdominal pain, or special doctor’s advice in the early stages of pregnancy, it can be sexual behavior.It is recommended to reduce ejaculation in the body, because semen is alkaline, which may affect the pH value in the vagina, and the semen with bacteria, which may make the vagina easily infected.Although the cervical mucus in the early stages of pregnancy will begin to thicken, formation of mucus bolt to seal the cervical mouth, and reduce the probability of foreign objects infection. However, ejaculation in the body may still cause infection. ThereforeThe possibility of infection is actually different from person to person.

If you are infected during pregnancy, try not to have sexual behavior during the infection. After the treatment is completed, the doctor’s evaluation is fine, and then you start sexual behavior.

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