What are the signs of pregnancy?When these 6 signals appear in the body, congratulations on your pregnancy

Some women are preparing for half a year, but they do n’t know when they are really pregnant. Hu eats the sea, but she accidentally ate food that is harmful to the baby.

Some sisters obviously do not want to get pregnant, but because of the improper contraceptive measures, the accident is "recruiting" and failed to deal with it in time. The belly is getting bigger and bigger.


Whenever the situation, we warn us that it is necessary to understand the signs of pregnancy in advance.

Once women are pregnant, the level of physical hormones will change significantly.Therefore, there will be some typical symptoms that allow us to "predict" the information of pregnancy.

1. Breast change

The changes in breasts are the first obvious signs of pregnancy.Even before your breasts have been positive, your breasts may start to feel pain and swelling, and usually feel heavy or plump.Your nipples may also become bigger and more sensitive, and areola may be darker.

2. Menstruation stop

The influence of women’s monthly undergoing various factors, high pressure, physical fatigue, and many health problems, which can cause menopause.

For women with menstruation, if your "big aunt" does not visit on time, it can consider the possibility of pregnancy for more than 10 days.

3. Increase weight

In the first few months of pregnancy, you may increase your weight by 0.4 kilograms to 1.8 kg.At the beginning of pregnancy, the weight gain will become more obvious.

If you find that your weight is "rapidly advanced", you are either fat or pregnant.

4. Bleeding

Some women may have mild bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.

This situation usually occurs one to two weeks after fertilization, bleeding caused by sperm bed.Of course, sometimes infection or external stimulation may also cause early pregnancy bleeding.

Therefore, once there is bleeding, it may indicate severe pregnancy complications, such as abortion, ectopic pregnancy or front placenta, and must seek medical treatment in time.

5. Headache

Many women have headaches in the early stage of menstruation and early pregnancy.This is caused by the change in hormone in women and the increase in blood capacity.

6. Vomiting

Vomiting is an integral part of "morning vomiting". This is a common symptom that usually appears in the first four months.Morning vomiting is usually the first sign of your pregnancy.Increase in early pregnancy hormones is the main reason.

1. pregnancy test stick

The pregnancy test stick is the most convenient way to self -test. Ordinary pharmacies and major e -commerce platforms can be bought.The method of using the pregnancy test stick here is popular.

1) The time to use the pregnancy test stick

Try to choose the first urine in the morning to detect it. During this period, hormone levels are the easiest to detect.

If conditions are not allowed, urine can be tested after 4 hours of staying in the bladder. The result is more accurate. In addition, there are no other time for detecting urine.

It is best to prevail the above two time periods, at least to ensure the accuracy of the inspection.

2) How to use the pregnancy test stick

First of all, after opening the packaging box of the pregnancy test stick, bring the disposable plastic film gloves that are included in the box, pinch the section of the pregnancy test stick with the thumb and index finger, and put the urine -absorbing end obliquely.Fight up.

After contacting the urine, pay attention to maintaining the time for about two seconds. Do not let the urine come into contact with the observation window, otherwise it will directly affect the effect. After the steps are done, it will be read in about one minute. The result is the most accurate.

3) Precautions for the pregnancy test stick

Before using the pregnancy test stick, pay attention to read the instructions carefully in advance, and then follow the steps above the instructions.

Do not drink a lot of water over excessive water because of the preparation of the pregnancy test stick to increase the amount of urine. This will cause hormones to be diluted and the use of drugs will also affect the use of drugs.

Do not take other drugs before testing to avoid affecting the accuracy of the inspection.

2. Hospital examination

In addition to self -testing such as pregnancy test sticks and pregnancy test strips, the most reliable is to go to the hospital for pregnancy testing.

Go to the hospital for testing, mainly urine examination, blood drawing, gynecological examination, B -ultrasound examination, etc., usually the results can be produced on the day.

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