What do you can’t do after pregnancy?What are the things that can be done?

In the eyes of Chinese people, pregnant women are often regarded as patients, and the ancestors also have many taboos about during pregnancy.In fact, pregnant women are normal people, but there is only a small life in the body!

In my personal opinion, you can’t stay up late after pregnancy, you can’t quarrel with your family. You must keep your mood happy in order to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

Today, girls have anxiety, and severe anxiety will also affect the baby’s growth and development.

1. Pregnant women stay up late and affect fetal development

Is the perfect relationship between the development of the fetus with the pregnant mother’s staying up late? Recently, American researchers have found that women’s lack of sleep during pregnancy will increase the risk of lighter weight and other complications.Take a look at the maternal and baby health experts on this view!

This study selected about 170 women who were pregnant for 20 weeks. After 10 weeks of observations, insufficient sleep would cause damage to their immune function and increase the risk of adverse pregnancy.Researchers said that the operation of the human body’s immune process relies on sufficient high -quality sleep.If a woman’s sleep cycle is shortened during pregnancy, it will limit the ability of the human body to resist disease.In addition, lack of sleep can also lead to depression, and depression further disrupts the sleep mode, which has significantly increased the risk of adverse fertility for pregnant women.

Experts believe that staying up late will consume too much energy for pregnant women, and in severe cases, pregnant women will produce anaerobic metabolism, and even toxic substances that are not conducive to fetal growth and development, so pregnant women should try to ensure regular schedules.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women should ensure that they sleep for 8 hours at night, at least 1 hour at noon, and it is best to sleep at about 10 o’clock in the evening, and get up at 6 in the morning.In the case of special reasons affecting the rest of the pregnant woman at night, the time of the lunch break can be extended moderately, and it can also be "replenished" in other times.However, Bujue can only be limited to relieve the fatigue of pregnant women, and cannot make up for the damage caused by staying up late.

What does pregnant women often affect the fetus?You can’t imagine the harm!

Staying up late, baldness seems to be a topic that the younger generation cannot escape. They all know that staying up late will not be good for their health, but there are always many people who can’t change this bad habit.Especially during pregnancy, pregnant mothers who are staying up all night to swipe their mobile phones almost every day and watch TV. However, this will not only affect the mother itself, but also will have a bad impact on the baby in the abdomen. Do n’t believe it?See what a bad impact on the pregnant mother will have a bad impact on the baby!

1: Anemia.

Pregnant women who often stay up late, babies in the abdomen may have anemia.Because the liver hematopoietic time is from 11 pm to three o’clock in the evening. When the mother stays up late, it will affect the liver hematopoietic in the body. In addition, pregnancy is originally a very qi and blood.It will directly affect the baby, which will cause the baby’s anemia. At the same time, the mother’s body will also be affected. If you stay up late for a long time, your mother is also prone to anemia.

2: Slowly development.

If the mother stays up late for a long time, it will also affect the nutritional acquisition in the body.If the nutritional acquisition is not in place, the baby’s growth and development cannot be carried out well. After birth, it is prone to developmental delay and light weight.Moms will have a phenomenon of prone to aging, and staying up late will greatly reduce the life span of various functions of the body.

3: Crying during infants.

Whether the baby is in the mother’s body or after birth, it takes a long time to sleep. The quality of the baby’s sleep directly affects the baby’s development.

However, when the baby is in the mother’s body, if the mother often stays up late, it will affect the baby’s biological clock, and it is also difficult to develop a good schedule after birth.When the baby changes to sleep but can’t sleep, he will be irritable and crying.Not only will it affect the baby’s mood, the baby’s crying will also affect the mood of the mother.

4: It is not easy to take care of after birth.

The previous one said that the pregnant mother who stayed up late will affect the baby’s schedule in the body, and the night is upside down during the day.Every child knows that bringing children is a particularly tired thing.If the baby can’t sleep at night, the mother can’t sleep well if she is crying, and the mother will be sinned at that time.

Some pregnant mothers will ask, not going to stay up late, but when you are pregnant, you can rest at home, and sometimes you ca n’t sleep too much during the day. What should I do?

The first is to get up early, otherwise I sleep until noon, eat a meal and sleep at noon, and I can’t sleep at night.Secondly, it is appropriate to do a little aerobic exercise. The appropriate amount of exercise can greatly improve the sleep quality of pregnant mothers. It is also good for the development of babies in the body. Why not?

Finally, you can eat more protein -rich foods in your diet, which can alleviate the anxiety of pregnant women.Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed can also help sleep.

Reminder: Moms of expectant mothers during pregnancy will have a scientific and reasonable schedule, which will give the fetus double -layer protection. Children will also form a scientific scientific schedule in the day after tomorrow!

2. What can pregnant women eat?What can I not eat?

In terms of diet, pregnant women need to pay attention to the most basic aspect is that they cannot eat cold foods, especially iced foods, iced drinks. Such foods affect the health of pregnant women, and may cause abortion and premature birth of pregnant women.

The healthy diet of pregnant women is to eat basic meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits. There is no need to eat health care products, especially health products such as bird’s nest.

There was a pregnant woman looking for me to see the test sheet. I said that she had malnutrition of protein, and she did not admit it.It is not ridiculous to say that you can’t have malnutrition when you eat bird’s nest every day?Can bird’s nest replace the basic meat eggs and vegetables and fruits?

Pregnant women must supplement iodine

Should pregnant women supplement iodine?What do I use iodine?This is a problem that has always troubled everyone.


When there is no urinary iodine measurement conditions, if you supply the local iodized salt in your life, you need to replenish iodine.


Potassium iodide should be used, but it is not available at present.I have to suggest that you use iodine -containing vitamins.


How to determine the iodine dose?Generally speaking, pregnant women and breastfeeding women should routinely replenish iodine 150 micrograms every day, and 100 micrograms are obtained from food.For those pregnant women with low levels of serum T4 or FT4, 300 micrograms can be supplemented.As long as it does not exceed 800 micrograms, it will not affect the fetus.

at last

Can iodine supplement iodine work?As mentioned earlier, it is impossible for food to supplement iodine with drugs.Pregnant women should continue to produce. If breastfeeding is breastfeeding, iodine supplementation should continue until weaning.

Third, stay away from hair dye, do not dye nails

Pregnant women are best not to dye their hair and not to dye nails. Nail polish can affect the baby’s mental nervous system.Some people believe that nail polish can cause the risk of autism in the future to increase the risk of autism.

Does pregnant women have an impact on the fetus?

Hair -dyeing hair during pregnancy has an impact on the mother and the baby.It is best not to dye your hair during pregnancy. Although there is no direct evidence that hair dyeing and perm causes harm to the baby, for insurance, novice mothers should not perceive hair dyeing in the early stage of pregnancy, because at this stage, baby’s organs development is the most critical to avoid all harmful harmfulness.Material intake, otherwise it will cause fetal malformations.

Most of the hair dye currently contains chemical toxic substances that have negative effects on the mother’s body. Although it does not directly affect the fetus, it has a irritating effect on the skin.The skin of expectant mothers during pregnancy is fragile, which can cause headaches, eyelid swelling, and so on.Perhaps the chemicals contained in these hair dyes will penetrate into the scalp and affect fetal development.

Hair dyeing during pregnancy may cause the baby to grow children’s neuroblastoma. This rare childcare cancer affects children’s nervous system and other body tissues.However, this study has not been proof.In addition, there are also saying that although the hair dye has components that cause defects, this will not occur in non -large doses.

2. Solution

1. Hair dyeing in the middle of pregnancy

In order to minimize the risk of hair dyeing during pregnancy, hair dyeing hair can be selected in the middle of pregnancy.In order to reduce the occurrence of fetus, it is best not to dye your hair in the critical period in the early pregnancy.In the later period, the hair of pregnant women will be more fragile. After childbirth, more hair will fall, and hair dyeing will exacerbate this phenomenon.

TIPS: Do not dye hair during pregnancy, so as not to accumulate drugs and cause body adaptation.

2. Use plant dyeing agent

Compared with the general chemical composition, plant hair dyeing agents have the least damage, such as nail grass, He Shouwu, and so on. This kind of hair dye can reduce the damage.

3. Avoid the development of root dye

Hair dyeing does not have to be colorful, does not start with the root of the hair, and does not contact the scalp. It can reduce the damage of chemical staining agents to the body and avoid the body’s direct contact with harmful chemicals.

4. Wear wigs

Now the wig can be completely fake. The prospective mothers who want to be beautiful but dare not try to dye hair can try the wig, which will not affect the image and will not affect the fetus.


Using curly curly rods, curly hair, etc. There are no stimulating tools to make hair styling as beautiful, simple and not harmful to hair quality.You only need to clamp your hair with your hair and take it off for a while, you can set it as you want.

Through the narrative of this article, we can know that pregnant women have a very serious impact on the fetus in the abdomen, especially the impact on the fetus in early pregnancy.As a pregnant woman, she must try not to dye her hair for the health of the baby. Even if she needs to dye hair, she must get a doctor’s permission, or use other methods to dress up her hair to meet the needs of their hair dyeing.Essence

At present, no matter what color hair dye, whether it is domestic or imported, there are a certain amount of harmful metal elements, but the content is only different.The inferior hair dye contains very high lead, and the harm to the human body is more serious.

The impact of hair dye on human health can be divided into two types: urgency and chronic.Acute effects are more common in allergies, such as contact dermatitis, asthma, urticaria, etc.This acute effect can easily attract people’s attention and often get timely treatment.It is worthwhile that the chronic effect of hair dyes in the human body often quietly devour the health of the human body.Among them, the hair dye and lead -containing hair dyes with oxide -dyed dyes are most harmful to the human body.

Oxidized hair dye contains more than 20 chemical ingredients, of which more than 10 of which can cause cell mutations and cause cancer.Some inferior hair dyes also contain a derivative of benzene, which can cause hemolytic, leukemia, toxic hepatitis and kidney damage for long -term use.In addition to lead in hair dye, it will also contain a variety of harmful metal elements such as cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, crickets, tadpoles, arsenic, and arsenic. Long -term use can also produce accumulation poisoning.

Therefore, for health and safety, people are better not to dye their hair or less hair.If you have to dye, you are best to consult a doctor before dyeing your hair.Those who have hypertension, heart disease and allergies, and women who are pregnant and lactating are not dyeing.In addition, the purchase of hair dye should go to a regular store to buy products with intact packaging and clear identification.Before using hair dye, you should read the instruction manual carefully, understand the precautions, and follow the rules.

4. You can have the same room during pregnancy, but pay attention to safety

Can I not have the same room during pregnancy?The answer is the same room.

Because abortion and premature birth are not caused by the same room at all, it is the problem of the body of the pregnant woman, and the same room is just a cause.Therefore, it is necessary for those who have a history of abortion and premature birth.But you ca n’t say that you ca n’t do it once, you can still do the same room in the middle of pregnancy.It’s just that the movement must be light, the time should be short, and the fetus should be closely observed.

Sexual Sexual Safety Code during pregnancy

We all know that sexual life is not taboo during pregnancy.However, if you fail to arrange sexual life during pregnancy, it is likely to bring greater damage and even cause miscarriage or premature birth.So how should we arrange sexual life reasonably during pregnancy? What guidelines should we comply with sexual life during pregnancy?

There are more sexual life during pregnancy.Pregnant women and her husband must exhaust urine, clean the vulva and male germ in the sexual intercourse, and choose to do not compress the sexual intercourse posture of pregnant women.Generally, the movement is soft and non -rude, the insertion should not be too deep, the frequency should not be too fast, each sexual time is not more than 10 minutes.Pregnant women should immediately urinate and wash the vulva immediately after sex to prevent the uplifting urinary system infection and intrauterine infection.

What should I do if my husband is too strong during pregnancy?

1. Let my husband masturbate or help your partner masturbation.

Blindly depression is useless. Masturbation can meet your needs without hurting yourself and others. Why not?

If the demand for sexual partners is solemn, help the masturbation of sexual partners, which can not only meet the needs, but also increase the fun of sexual life. It is worth trying.

2. Reduce the temptation of stimuli.

The cool and eye -catching pornographic websites, adult magazines, and films, etc. For people with easy impulsive impulse, it is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire, which can avoid it.

3. Dynamic attention.

Those who use sex to kill time if you have anything to do, you may wish to engage in some leisure activities that need to be physical, such as going to the gym, playing, outing, rolling wheels, climbing, etc. In short, sweating and venting energy.

Sexual Sexual Safety Code during pregnancy

1. The first 3 months of pregnancy and the last 2 months of pregnancy can have sex, but if there is a threatened person who is safe for the baby, it is best not to live.

2. There are obstetrics such as front placenta, and the doctor will also inform the doctor that you need to be cautious in the same room.

3. Remember not to insert too deep or sprint too much, so as not to cause cervical injury and bleeding.

4. When the male is upper position, the prospective father must support his body with his arm, especially after 30 weeks of pregnancy.

5. If there is abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding after sex, there is a miscarriage or premature birth, and you should seek medical treatment in time.

6. Pregnant women who have multiple abortion or premature history should pay attention to minimize sex to avoid abortion or premature birth again.

Sexual life can be carried out during pregnancy, as long as reasonable arrangements will not affect the health of the fetus.Also remind everyone that it is best to bring condoms during pregnancy, and semen is best not to enter the vagina.

Those who love the love return, blessing and blessing.

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