What does it mean "if you don’t think about getting sick, the normally empty"?The empty belly, the better your body?

The people take food as the sky. We have to eat every day to provide nutrition for the body and maintain the normal operation of various physiological functions. The impact of diet on health is very great.There is a saying, "If you don’t want to get sick, you always have an ordinary in your belly", what does it mean?Is it really reliable?Maybe many people have understood wrong, let’s understand together.

How much food we eat every day requires the stomach to absorb and digest. If you eat more or less food, it will affect the normal operation of the stomach. Over time, it is easy to cause a series of stomach health problems.It may affect the health of other parts.

If you don’t want to get sick, the belly is always empty, literally means that if you don’t get sick, the belly is empty, but if you only follow the literal meaning, it is incorrect to realize the deep meaning behind it.

This sentence obviously has exaggerated ingredients. If the belly is always empty, how can we absorb nutrients?How to maintain the normal operation of the body?In fact, the ancients of the ancients actually wanted to tell us to match the diet reasonably, and do not eat too full and unrestrained diet.

Eating 7 points per meal is more conducive to health. It can meet the nutritional needs of the body and not eat too much, affecting digestion.It is recommended that you change the speed of eating. In the case of meat and vegetables, eat vegetables first, low calories, and can enhance satiety. It can reduce the amount of meat intake later and control total calories.Chewing slowly, if you eat too fast, you may have eaten 10 points when you feel full; you must concentrate on eating and play less mobile phones.

For three meals a day, in terms of nutritional ratio, breakfast accounts for 30%, lunch accounts for 40%, and dinner accounts for 30%. Each meal should be eaten on time. Although some people may not eat a meal, there is no problem, but over time, it will be right.Health has a certain adverse effect.

Breakfast staple foods can be eaten with coarse grains, and they are paired with appropriate amounts of dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, etc. The types are diverse.

The food at noon should also be diverse. Relatively speaking, you can eat a little bit. It is advisable to be full of 8 points. Try to eat as lightly and digestive at night.

It is worth reminding everyone that the current life of life is fast. Many people may have three meals a day. As everyone knows, most of the takeaway is high oil, high -fat and salt food. It is relatively heavy. It is not conducive to the health of the stomach health.It is unhealthy eating habits, and it is best to eat less.

In addition to eating, it is necessary to move in time, and timely excrete the garbage and toxins in the body, the stomach will "empty". Adhering to moderate exercise can promote digestion and defecation, can also promote the burning of excess fat, prevent garbage from accumulating in the body for a long time, prevent obesity from obesityEssence

And if you are often hungry, you feel that the empty stomach is the healthiest, but it is easy to bring hidden dangers.There is no food in the stomach that can be absorbed and digested, and the function will decrease, which will also affect the secretion of bile. For some women who lose weight by dieting, nutrition is also prone to obstacles, malnutrition, and menstruation will also affect menstruation.The speed of aging will be one step fast.

In fact, there is still a second sentence in this sentence. "If you don’t want to die, there is no shit in your belly", you may understand it better. You should control the appropriate amount in your diet.The one is the most conducive to health.

Generally speaking, if you don’t want to get sick, there is a certain sense in the phrase in the belly, but to some extent, there are also bias. We cannot blindly believe it. We should have a correct judgment. Learn to be scientific and reasonable.Diet, not diet or overeating.

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