What happened after giving birth?How to prevent postpartum back pain?

Low back pain after giving birth is a common phenomenon. Postpartum back pain is generally caused by childbirth.So what causes back pain after giving birth?How should the new mother prevent and relieve it?

What happened after giving birth?

1. The hormone level in the body changes greatly

During the entire pregnancy and production period, pregnant women have undergone a "roller coaster" state.During pregnancy, hormone levels can reach more than three times that of normal levels. After delivery, hormone levels have decreased, and the amount of hormones in the body tissue is very large.Many of the rheumatoid arthritis that appear are closely related to the changes in this endocrine.

2. Part of the physiological changes in postpartum are not restored

Due to the relaxation of the ligament of the spine and bone joints during pregnancy, the bone muscles are loose, stretched, and the elasticity decreases. After delivery, the tissue in the pelvic cavity will not quickly recover to the state of pregnancy, and the uterus will not completely reset.Inside, the ligament connected to the pelvis is relaxed, and the abdominal muscles become weak and weak. The pain in these parts reflects the waist and may cause waist pain.

3. De shortness of calcium during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the mother provides nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients for the development of the fetus. Most of the calcium mobilizes from the mother bone tissue. If calcium deficiency during pregnancy is not promptly corrected, the mother after childbirth will consume a lot of calcium calciumIn addition, insisting on breastfeeding after giving birth, the calcium loss in the mother’s body increases, and the new mother’s postpartum bone tissue is in a calcium deficiency state, which can easily cause joint pain.

4. Excessive energy consumption

The postpartum mother needs to nurture the baby and work day and night. If the postpartum does not pay attention to rest, it will be over -fatigue, and often bend over and take care of the baby, such as bathing, dressing, diapers, etc., can cause lumbar muscle strain and induce low back pain.

How to prevent postpartum back pain?

1. Pay attention to postpartum hygiene

During the afterbath of maternity, we must pay attention to postpartum hygiene, especially the perineal hygiene. During the puzzle, the maternal dew is discharged from the vagina every day.Therefore, it is necessary to clean the perineum frequently and keep the perineum dry, so as to prevent bacteria from rising through the vagina to pelvic cavity, cavity infection occurs with low back pain. Avoid unclean sexual life and pay attention to contraception to avoid unnecessary abortion due to accidental pregnancy.

2. Make sure postpartum rest

The very important one in the recuperation of mothers is postpartum rest. Due to the large belly and sleep quality during pregnancy, pregnant women are affected. In addition, the maternal consumption is very large.Babies, therefore, maternals can be very fatigue, ensure sufficient rest time after childbirth, help the mother’s physical and energy recovery, and improve their resistance to disease.

3. Appropriate postpartum labor

Putting up early after childbirth for appropriate activities, which is conducive to the excretion of lochia, the recovery of the uterus and the recovery of various system functions of the body, but it does not advocate premature physical activity, especially the weight -bearing physical activity, because the postpartum uterine recovery processThe uterine ligament and joint ligaments are relatively loose, and premature weight can cause uterine prolapse and cause postpartum back pain.

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