What happened to the female student at the university unexpected pregnancy: I interviewed a few girls who experienced experience

I chatted with my sophomore cousin a while ago, and she talked to me about it.

A girl in the bedroom was pregnant.

Because I have a good relationship with her, I want my cousin to accompany her to the hospital, and her so -called boyfriend does not care at all, and letting her love how to deal with it. Don’t bother him.

The cousin is a very soft -hearted person, and she has always taken care of her since the time she just finished playing.

The girl said that because of this incident, she was afraid of love and even a man, and she would never give herself to a man easily in the future.

So what happened to those college students who were pregnant?

This time, the studio also interviewed several girls with similar experiences. Let’s see what they all say- ——

26 -year -old Japanese translation coordinates Shanghai

What about me is the kind of person who will moths when he falls in love, so a woman like me is also easy to hurt.

When I was in college, I especially liked a boy, I was chasing him.

At that time, I felt that it didn’t matter who took the initiative and who was passive as long as I liked it.

Then I chased him, and he agreed, and we were together for two years. It was not until that time I was pregnant and made me see him clearly.

When I told him this matter, he told me and took the child, and then played me to disappear and dodge me intentionally. We broke up like this.

I went to the hospital alone to remove the child, and the taste was really uncomfortable, like pulling off my meat like it was hard.

After I came out of work, I fell in love again. I met a man who wanted to live a lifetime, and I was thinking about a question. Do you want to tell him?

I thought for a long time, and I felt that love should still be more frank with each other, so I just told him by myself.

As a result, he couldn’t accept breaking up with me.

In fact, I don’t blame him at all, after all, I am doing myself.

Anonymous 27 -year -old confidential coordinate Shenzhen

In fact, all the intersections with him were naked accidents, of course, including pregnancy.

That year, my sophomore was a girl who longed for love, and then my fate made me meet him.

He is a university near me, only one session.

When I came into contact, I found that we could talk about it. I always had a feeling of seeing each other and hate, and slowly fell in love with him.

There was a classmate meal afterwards. He drank a little drunk. He took me to the hotel that day, and we did it without preparation.

I found that when my aunt was postponed for a week, I felt wrong. After buying a few pregnancy test sticks, I was pregnant.

Tell him in person.

He said that we were just ordinary friends, and he was drunk and remember that night.

Then, he was a friend -like expression, letting me go to the hospital alone.

Since I flowed my children, I no longer want to talk about love and not to mention marriage. If I encounter this kind of man again, I guess I will really never want to get married in my life.

Muzi 29 -year -old elementary school teacher coordinates Hangzhou

My husband was so older than me. When he was about to graduate, he found that he was pregnant unexpectedly.

So I asked him what to do?I have already made the worst plans.

At the beginning, he had been blaming himself that he had not taken safety measures at the time, and made me frightened; then he simply told me that he got married and gave birth to the child.

I also comforted me. It was not because the child decided to marry me, but because the child decided to get married early. Anyway, the marriage was ended sooner or later, but I wanted to have a better living conditions.

In fact, from the process of telling him that I was pregnant until he proposed and married me, it also made me know more about him and love him, because he did not push his responsibility.

At that time, I was still thinking that if a man shirk his responsibility at this time, then I would choose to break up with him directly. Fortunately, he was not like that.

Although my life is ordinary now, I am very satisfied and happy.

Anonymous 22 -year -old senior coordinate Hunan

He is married, and I am his secret lover, as long as he serves him … he will give me a sum of money every month.

In fact, at the beginning, I did just take him as a shortcut to make money, but I did not expect that I would slowly like him.

Once, he said that it was not very comfortable to wear a suit every time. At that time, I also wanted to do it anyway, and it would not be so easy to recruit.

As a result, I didn’t think, and I got pregnant just this time.

When I told him this matter, I still thought about it stupidly:

Will he consider divorcing his wife because of this child and with me.

But the reality gave a slap in fiercely. He just turned a sum of money and let me go to the hospital to solve it.

On the day I went to the hospital, it was the birthday of his son. His family had to accompany his son at home to celebrate his birthday. At that time, he suddenly felt a little sad.

From my pregnancy to abortion, he never came to see me, and later sent a WeChat over, saying that his wife stared tightly and he didn’t want to play, let us get together.

Later, I talked about a boyfriend. I don’t know where he learned. I used to be the mistress and abortion of others. He said that he could accept the abortion but he could not accept it …

Jojo 25 -year -old garden coordinates Guangzhou

Because I really wanted to go with him, I used to get rid of the child accidentally, and I kept hiding him without telling him.

Later, he knew it.

He quarreled with me, saying that I didn’t expect me to look so pure, and would do such a shameless disgusting thing.

What else did he say, he would never be with a woman who was dead in his stomach, and would rather die, because such women are very cheap.

I admit that I didn’t tell him that I did something wrong, and I did it because I was afraid.

Even if I want to break up, I don’t complain about him, but I really did not expect that he would insult me so viciously and talked to him for several years. I thought he would understand.

At that time, when we got married, the relationship was about to enter the relationship before the marriage, and it became the most familiar stranger.

At present, I am really mixed and painful in my heart. I feel that I will not have love and marriage in the future.

Anonymous age confidential interior design coordinates Wuhan

In the year when he first came out, he met an irresponsible man, because he flowed off his child and lost his job.

Because of this, I also used it for a long time to repair myself.

Later, I met my current husband, but at first I was a little inferior in my heart and felt that I was not worthy of him.

I have never told him about this, but it was even more uneasy to hide from him like this, and it was very unfair to him.

After talking about half a year, I gathered the courage to tell him. I thought he would be angry and scolded me to break up. Let me scold me and don’t talk about it who made me wrong.

But he didn’t just hold me, I’m sorry, I didn’t let you meet me early, and let you be wronged. In the future, this kind of thing will not happen.

When I heard him say this, tears really couldn’t stop flowing down, happy and wronged.

Now we also have our own children, and my life is quite happy. I really thank him for your understanding and tolerance of me!

Not a summary summary

A mother once said such a sentence:

"I have been reminding my daughter to protect myself, but those parents who have a son can spend some time to educate their son, don’t just hurt a girl?"

Yeah, if most men know how to respect and protect each other, the chance of accidental pregnancy will definitely be greatly reduced when the safety measures are achieved.

However, there are still many men. At that time, I only knew how to enjoy myself, and there was only their own desires in my eyes. Naturally, I did n’t pay much attention to and pay attention to each other ’s feelings.ah?

Even if you temporarily bear some physical and mental suffering, don’t spend too much time on a person who is not worth it. Those men who are not responsible at the beginning should not expect them to be responsible in the future.

Because, it is often the best person to see one person when accidents occur!

"Remember, you have to love yourself before you are more worthy of being loved."

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